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It's All About You !
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Monday, 15 March 2010

What make up colours best suit your blue eyes ?

Before we can make any reccomendations, we must first take into consideration the other factors that surround our eyes, for e.g, skin type/tone, hair colour ,what your wearing ect ect.

For me, im a middle aged women with blonde hair, delicate skin, dark circles and fair/ yellowy type colouring.

It took me long time , but im no longer afraid to experiment with colour and i wear makeup almost every day.

To even out my skin colour i use liquid foundation, although i still havent found the perfect shade for my skin so i mix my foundations together or with high lighter to achieve a natural and flawless look to my skin, so far it works well but im still looking for the right one.

As for eye colours,
for everyday looks i like to keep my make up quite simple or at least quite pastil in colour, i take into consideration what im wearing and try to contrast or compliment my clothing and accessories.

I have been much more adventerous with my colour scheme in my clothing, hence the being brave with eye colour and lots of fun experimenting.

I love browns and greens just now in my clothing, ive just discoverd green as it was never my colour of choice, but its so accessable that i fell in love with it.
I like to contrast my eye make up with the colours so for e.g ...

If i had a fawn and brown top on, i wouldnt be afraid to wear a jade coloured eye liner,top and bottom with no eye shadow on the lids although i do use concealer reguardless.
Id keep the skin pretty natural, but add blusher with orange or peach tones to bring a lil warmth to the face and frame your lips with a nude or peach lipstick and a pale lip gloss.

As with your clothing, you can colour cordinate your makeup, you can go to your local painter and decorator store and ask for a colour wheel that they use for paint, the same colours apply in make up.
(Il explain more about this in another post.)

colour cordination e.g...

brown, green ,peach



blues,lilac, pink

blue, silver, white

black, purple,gold,all rich colours

Im sure il think of more later on but il add to this as i go along, and perhaps add a few pictures here and there x

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