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Monday, 31 May 2010

Wardrobe Oganization

Il be the first to admit that my closets and cupboards were not properly organized until the end of last year, i had winter stuff mixed with summer stuff and an array of clothing that i didnt wear mixed in between.

The idea of it now is a nightmare to me, but to be fair, i very rare went anywhere to wear my clothes and spent most of my time in night or leisure wear, so it never really matterd too much to me at the time, that was until i decided it was time for a new me and a new out look on life :).

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, i now take pride in the fact that i know where everything is, all my clothes are colour co-ordinated and sectioned off into leisure, casual smart and going out / dress.

I started by emptying out my entire wardrobe, i decided to be very strict about what i kept and what had to go so i bore that in mind as i sectioned my clothes off into their catagories.

Once i had my clothes sorted into catagories i decided it would be even easier if i colour cordinated them, making it easier to pair things up and create new looks, so i started with black tops, then purples, pinks, blues, greens, browns ect ect.
Instead of sectioning my pants seperately, i simply added the right colour pants to the right colour tops, i didnt go over the top by seperating blouses from t.shirts ect as i just dont feel the need.

What i did do is section my wardrobe into three parts, the first part is for light weight cardigans and jackets, the middle section is for all my spring summer clothes including t.shirts, blouses, skirts and pants, leggings and 3/4 pants, then the end part is for dress, going out and dressing up, special occasions ect.

Any winter stuff that i kept went into space bags and was put into my loft until they are needed again, anything i didnt keep either went to charity or the bin.

I have my shoes in plastic containers beneath my clothes, but most of my bags and other accessories have been moved into the boudoir now.

I am so pleased that i took the time to do this, now when i put my clothes away i know exactly where to find them and ive even began to mix and match outfits i wear that i didnt realise went together before.

I did do my hubbies and my daughters but unfortunately they just dont get the organization part of it and it didnt stay that way for long, but i went along and did my mams and shes over the moon with it, cant win em all i suppose :) x

Five minute clean up - between commercials

I read a great tip the other day, i forget where now (sorry), but it was about doing small chores between adverts on your favourite program or a film your watching.
I know that may seem a little OTT to some, but when time is short and relaxation is a must, then its a great way to get a few quick chores done, for e.g ...

there is between two and five minutes between commercials which would give us enough time to
fold the laundry, or sort out the sock basket
clear away and tidy the area around you
wash a few dishes
get your bag ready for work
make a packed lunch
make a list of things to do or things to sort out
make a shopping list.

The list is endless really, but if we did something every adverts then we will reap the bennefits and notice the difference immidiately :) x

10 minute cleaning - dusting quick clean

Starting from the top ,grab your duster or tickling stick i call it and dust your way down, move around the room until its compleate, be sure to include furniture pictures, mirrors, ornaments ect ect.

Remember this is just a quick fix to keep dust at bay, but your home would benefit from a regular cloth and polish cleaning a couple of times a week to keep it fresh and spakling .

10 minute clean - kitchen quick clean

Clear and wipe all surfaces,cupboard and machine fronts, windowsill.
remember to keep a box or basket handy to throw things into that are laying around incase you dont have enough time to put them away there and then, it can always be put behind closed doors until you get to it (wink)
sweep the floor, if there are any spills or marks on the floor just put a damp cloth over your broom and rub it clean.
Drop the cloth in the washer or in a bucket to soak and your good to go x

10 minute clean - bathroom quick clean

Wipe over your basin and taps, around the bath, any fixtures and fittings such as units and cabinets ,your toillet and window sill for a quick but refreshing clean.
Tidy or add clean towels to give it a crisp look.

Leave your deep clean for toillet and tiles until you have more time, allow around 20/30 mins for a deep clean. x

Five minute clean up - toys

If you have sml children you will most likely have some kind of toy box or basket in your lounge or kitchen area where your kids can play under your supervision whilst you still potter on with your chores.

Most of us know how tierd we can get at the end of the day after we get the kids settled into bed, the last thing we really want to do is start cleaning up, we really could use some "ME" time and just spend some time relaxing and unwinding.

However, trying to relax in a war zone of toys can be quite a feat, so here are two simple solutions to this problem.

Whilst the kids are babes in arms and cant yet help you to tidy away, its always handy to have a box or a basket behind the settee or somewhere close to just grab and fill.
It will take you literally five minutes to collect the toys into that basket and even if for whatever reason the toys dont get taken from that basket to their toy box, at least the room is reletively clear and tidy and it can be compleated in 1 minute the following morning.

As the kids start toddling, encourage them to put their toys back into their toy box, or at least the tidy basket after play time ,they will see it as a game and become accustumed to tidying up after themselves :) x

Spring cleaning - Freshen Up your Upholstery

Now is the time to give your furniture a good going over, where possible strip off your loose covers and any fittings to be washed, dusted or wiped over.

Whilst it is stripped and easier to manuvre, take the hose from your hoover and get into all the nooks and crannies, if possible get the hose inside too :).

Hoover the arms, backs and any outer caseings, and if neccessary rub over with a damp cloth and a light solution of mild soap, blot off any eccess water to help drying.

For leather you will find that a mild baby soap is ideal for cleaning without causing any harm, again use a slight damp cloth and be gentle when rubbing.

Either hoover or wash your soft furnishings such as cushions ect to help freshen up the finnished look once everything is put back together.

Spring Cleaning - Dusting

Always start your dusting at the highest point and chase the dust downward, for example if you have a mirror on your fire breast, dust the mantle, then the fire surround, the fire itself , down to the skirting.
(include all pictures and ornaments on your way down )

If an area or object has become encrusted or thick of dust, use a slightly damp cloth with a light soap and give it a wipe, this will clean it but also stop the dust from flying up around the room.

Spring cleaning your home- ceilings and walls

One thing that tends to get overlooked a lot of the time when cleaning our home is the ceiling and walls, i must admit im guilty of this too now that my kids are up and grown as im no longer chaseing muck or dust left behind by them.

However, a quick flick with a feather duster or your hoover around the ceiling and tops of your walls will brush away those lowely cobwebs left behind by our winter friends.
If you find any spots that are marked for any reason, simply wipe away with a slightly damp cloth in a very mild cleaning solution such as a light dish soap, that usually does the trip.

Continue down to your skirting boards and youl be suprised at how quickly the room will feel fresher and cleaner, dont be put off by the size of your room, if you can only manage one wall at a time, so be it, or simply start with a smaller room to get you motivated first.

Happy cleaning x

Declutter your bathroom

Go through all your goodies such as shampoos, conditioners, bath and shower wash and soak or bubbles and get rid of any that are out of date, turned nasty or that may not agree with your skin.

Also if you keep any cosmetics or body sprays, deoderants ect, go through and do the same with those.

Remember, if you are getting rid of an item because it doesnt appeal to you or it doesnt suit your skin, remember you friends or your local charity shop before throwing things away.

If you have half bottles or bits of products that you dont want to throw away yet you dont use them very often, get yourself some storage containers and pour the product into those, labeling them carefully for future use.
(travel size containers are ideal for most things ).

Sunday, 30 May 2010

Asda George Jewellry

Here is some of my collection from George at asda, everything shown was either six pounds or less and some included earrings which arnt shown here.
I love asda's selection of costume/junk jewellry, it has something for every occasion and i always feel like a kid in a sweet shop every time i go, i just want everything lol.

Granted it is costume, so it only lasts as well as you treat it, also on a few pieces the chains have tarnished or discoloured due to the use of perfume or body sprays, so the secret is to put on your jewellry at the last minute , after you have applied everything else.

Take a look and let me know what you think, also if you have any pieces you'd like to share, id love to see them :) x

These are actually golds, creams and ambers

These are blues, aqua, greens and pinks

These are silver, blacks and reds

jewellry stands and organization

A metre long necklace and earring hanger

Earring holder

Jewellry organiser - pockets to hang up

Friday, 28 May 2010

Organizer Usage Ideas

From time to time i will be adding pictures as suggestions for home/ makeup ect organization.
Most of the items you will be able to look up and purchase either from ebay or your local shops and stores.

If you come across an item here that you think may have other or multiple uses other than the one shown, please feel free to share your ideas with me, im always looking for new and exciting ways to help with storage.

Also if you would like to share your own pictures and ideas please feel free :) x

Thursday, 27 May 2010

More Storage Ideas

ASCOT Over Door Silver Wire CD DVD VHS Storage MS0035x2

I have one of these that was originally bought as a cd rack to hang from the bottom end of my daughters high rise bed, now i use it in my boudoir to store all my
creams, body sprays, deoderants ect on, its ideal.

(ok so it needs sorting :) )

Over Door Hanger, Chrome, 10 hooks, easy storage,

i have this and use it for hanging my hair bands on , but it can be used for just about anything, coats, dressing gowns, bags ect ect

Over door storage and more organization tools.

If space is tight but you would like to stay as organised as possible, here are a few items that might help.
All the items below can be stored over your doors, cupboard doors, on a hook in the wall or pinned inside your closets and cupboards.

Ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, hallways and more

These would be ideal for so many things, but bags spring to my mind :) but toilletries or even babies nappies could go in this.


i use these to hang my clothes on when they come out of my tumbler dryer so they air before ironing, i simply put the clothes on hangers and hook them over the ridges, but they would be ideal for hanging up your ironing before putting it away

Handbag Organizers- just an idea

Although im a women of 43 yrs young , i have never really been into bags other than evening handbags and clutches, however my latest obsession is Big bags such as shoppers, totes, beach bags ect ect.

I have purchased a couple of bags so far that i would call medium size and there for pretty user friendly, but i can imagine a lot of bigger bags would be a nightmare to find anything in as most dont have pockets or dividers in.

So i went on a hunt for handbag organisers on ebay, lordy they can be pretty pricey even on there, but i did manage to come up with some ideas from looking through them.

I am currently waiting on an item being deliverd that is meant to be a "New Multifunction Folding Makeup Storage Box Cosmetics", from china, see here...

Now i cant help but wonder if this little organiser wouldnt do to use in a bag ?,
i do intend to try this so il let you know if it works and what size bag it might be usefull for, its around 7" wide x 4.1 length" x 3.9 height which is pretty sml, but maybe we can find something similar for our bigger bags if it works.

Other than that you can remove the lining from old and beaten up bags and use those as liners in your new bags, also you can purchase plastic zip bags ect to hold all your paperwork, utility bills, passport, cards ect ect.

If your new bag is a bit of a big bottomed babe, then why not see if one of your smaller bags might fit inside of it to help with organization,
if you can come up with any other ideas or a cheaper solution for this problem, please let me know .

Wednesday, 26 May 2010



Thank goodness there's a name for this disorder.
Somehow I feel better, even though I have it!!

Recently, I was diagnosed with A.A.A.D.D. -

Age Activated Attention Deficit Disorder.

This is how it manifests itself:

I decide to water my garden.

As I turn on the hose in the driveway, I look over at my car and decide it needs washing.

As I head towards the garage, I notice post on the porch table that I picked up from the postman earlier.

I decide to go through it before I wash the car.

I put my car keys on the table, put the junk mail in the recycling box under the table, and notice that the recycling box is full.

So, I decide to put the bills back on the table and take out the recycling first.

But then I think, since I'm going to be near the postbox when I take out the recycling paper anyway, I may as well pay the bills first.

I take my cheque book off the table and notice that there is only one cheque left.

My extra cheques are in the desk in my study,
so I go into the house to my desk where
I find the cup of coffee I'd been drinking.

I'm going to look for my cheques but first I need to push the coffee aside so that I don't accidentally knock it over.

The coffee is getting cold, and I decide to make another cup..

As I head toward the kitchen with the cold coffee, a vase of flowers on the worktop catches my eye - the flowers need water.

I put the coffee on the worktop and discover my reading glasses that I've been searching for all morning.

I decide I better put them back on my desk, but first I'm going to water the flowers..

I put the glasses back down on the worktop, fill a container with water and suddenly spot the TV remote control. Someone left it on the kitchen table.

I realise that tonight when we go to watch TV,I'll be looking for the remote, but I won't remember that it's on the kitchen table, so I decide to put it back where it belongs, but first I'll water the flowers.

I pour some water in the flowers, but quite a bit of it spills on the floor.

So, I put the remote back on the table, get some towels and wipe up the spill.

Then, I head down the hall trying to remember what I was planning to do.

At the end of the day:

The car isn't washed

The bills aren't paid

There is a cold cup of coffee sitting on the kitchen work-surface

The flowers don't have enough water,

There is still only 1 cheque in my cheque book,

I can't find the remote,

I can't find my glasses,

And I don't remember what I did with the car keys.

Then, when I try to figure out why nothing got done today, I'm really baffled because I know I was busy all bloody day and I'm really tired.

I realise this is a serious problem, and I'll try to get some help for it, but first I'll check my e-mail.....

Do me a favour. Forward this message to everyone you know, Because I can't remember who the hell I've sent it to.

Don't laugh - if this isn't you yet, your day is coming!!

Friday, 21 May 2010

The Lorry Driver

My next experience was when I decided to look in to all this psychic stuff on the web,I knew there had to be something going on, but knew nothing about how it worked and why.
So I searched for sites with people with paranormal and psychic interests and happened on a place called mystic gardens.
At the time it was my saviour, ordinary everyday people like me, with questions and answers on all aspects of the paranormal.

There were message boards to read and answer, and that’s how I found my way into their world. I quickly became aquainted with some wonderful people and they never questioned me, but allowed me to plague them with questions, until I felt I had enough knowledge to start answering the boards myself.

I found within a matter of weeks, I had emails asking if I was psychic and did I do readings, i always answerd by saying no im sorry im not, im here to learn like many others here.

They always got back in touch for some strange reason and so my story unfolds.

I don’t remember the very first time I picked anything up or what it indeed was about, but a short time after, I had a man email me, saying if you are so good ,tell me about myself.
I asked him to i.m me so that I could explain that I wasn’t infact a psychic,which he did without hesitation.
I explained as best I could , but he started jibing at me, you shouldn’t be on the boards if your a fake.

Then for some unknown reason, I got this image in my head.
It was a man, around about middle 20,s (never been spot on with age for some reason )he had a tattoo on both his for-arms and one on his thigh.
He had short shaven hair and was wearing a blue boiler suit type thing, and of course he was driving a truck or a lorry.
I realated this all back to him as it unfolded, and with each step he kept saying, who are you? Do you know me ? I laughed and said, you contacted me, I know nothing about you.
He was totally freaked out and shut off on me lol.


I had been living at this house for about a year, unfortunately still with the same abusive partner when strange things started happening in my home, I had gone in the bath one night whilst my partner was waiting on his brother to arrive,just as I settled into the water, I heard him screaming and running up the stairs.

At first I took no notice as he was a terrible prankster, thus I kept the bathroom door locked and ignored his cries, until I looked up and saw his petrified face at the window above the bathroom door, he was so desperate for me to open the door , he climbed up on the banister to bang on the glass so that I could see he wasn’t jokeing.

I jumped out of the bath and quickly un locked the door, he was white and shakeing and could hardly get the words out of his mouth.
I grabbed him and took him to the bedroom where I sat him down and asked him to tell me what had gone on.

He told me he had just been sitting watching the t.v when two ornaments my mam had just bought me that week, up and flew across the room off the sideboard,behind the couch.
Well my first instict was that he had thrown them and broke them and was now concocting a story to cover his deed, but I couldn’t take away from him the sight of his face at that window and was puzzled as to what to think.

Later that night his brother arrived and he began telling him about what had took place, he was still shakeing just talking about it. So naturally we spent the rest of the night talking about spooks ect,to the point that his brother asked to spend the night.

Eventually we went to bed, we were lying talking when the brother came rushing into our room and literally dived into our bed and under the covers,we laughed at him and just said hed been spooked by the stories we been telling, but he wasn’t having any of it.
He insisted that he had heard banging in the loft, but we had heard nothing, we lay quietly for a bit and there it was…..
Bang bang bang
It sounded as if someone was banging on the ceiling with a high heeled shoe, this happened a couple of times within about a ten minute period.

Naturally nobody was brave enough or willing to go and investigate, so the 3 of us just stayed huddled together all night like frightened children lol .



I had only been home from the hospital 2 weeks after the birth of my first child , when my partner became abusive, both physically and mentally.

We had gone to bed this one night after a terrible fight and I had fallen heavily in to an exhausted sleep ,when I started to feel quite unsettled, tossing and turning I became aware of the feeling of someone standing over me, just stareing.

The air felt quite heavy and it was as if I could feel the breath on my skin that made me realize I was not dreaming.
The next thing I remember , my partner was shakeing me violently,begging me to wake up, he was petrified. He asked me who I was talking to, and then I realized what had took place.

In what I thought at first was a dream, after feeling these sensations I had opened my eyes to find my nan stareing down at me in my bed, I remember feeling very scared, although in hindsight I knew she would never hurt me, so I told her I loved her very much but that she was scareing me by being here, and would she please leave.

With that all I remember is my partner wakeing me in a state of panick, telling me I had been having a conversation with my nan and that he was terrified and couldn’t wake me.

There are two things that spring to mind when I think about this visit, my first thought is that she had come to let me know she was still there for me and that she just wanted to acknowledge the birth of her second great grand child,
the second thought as funny as it may seem, may simply be to ward off my abusive partner by scareing the willies out of him, after all, we were sleeping in what used to be her bed .

Tarot Reading Cont- Micheals Entrance

The story I was told the following morning was horrible enough, apparently he and his wife were up most of the night trying to free the spirit of a young boy who had been trapped and left for dead.

My heart ached for this child, even though I must admit even I was skeptical at this point, but couldn’t wait to get on to ann and tell her the events that had taken place.

As I was excitedly babbling on,  again i got the image of a young boy in my mind, it was so strong I wasn’t sure if it was just this horrific story that was playing on my mind, or if I was actually seeing him for ann.

So I preceeded to tell ann she had infact 3 sons and went on to describe them, I started with the eldest and worked my way to the youngest.
I had been correct until the youngest son, I described a boy of about 4 or 5 yrs old, with dark scruffy hair, big brown eyes and olive skin.

Her son was infact 7 yrs old at the time , blonde haired, blue eyes.
I couldn’t make sense of it, I knew what I was seeing, and I had a mental picture of this child wrapped around anns legs as if being coy.
I asked if anyone in the family had lost a child of this description, but he just didn’t fit.
Well it played on my mind most of the evening until I fell asleep. The next day ann imed me to see if I had seen any more of the little boy, I hadn’t but as we chatted the most amazing thing took place.

I got this image in my mind of the same young boy, only this time I was with him, he had hold of my hand and he was walking me through some abandoned land and brush.
It was like watching thru the lens of a video recorder in my head and was it recording  as we walked.
It wasn’t long until we happened apon a derelict building, with no doors or glass in the windows, i knew instinctively which direction to turn when I reached the door way and walked into a room on the right handside.

What I saw, shook me to my knees, lying curled up in a ball was a child, I got on my knees to lift him when he stirred and sat up,he said with a sweet smile, "I KNEW YOU WOULD COME".

When I looked over him I noticed that his leg was actually shackled to the wall, I just broke down in floods of tears. He told me , "DON’T CRY FOR ME, IT DOESN’T HURT ANYMORE OH AND BY THE WAY, MY NAME IS MICHEAL".

He went on to show me that he had been a victim of a kid napping yrs earlier, unfortunately his family were poor and never found him, after some time, the kidnappers realized it was hopeless and left him there to die.
It was soul destroying, he was just a slip of a little thing, wearing short pants and a jacket, almost like the dress of the old chimney sweep boys, he had the scruffy dark hair, the big brown eyes and the almond skin
I discovered a lot of things that day that changed my life.:)

Tarot Card Reading

Around 7 yrs or more ago I met ann , shes very dear to me bless her.
We got chatting, liked each others company and decided to stay in touch.
After a few chats, she told me about her youngest boy having an imaginary friend at the bottom of the garden, that he would talk to and play with for hours under the holly bush.
As she talked another image formed in my head of a young boy, I was convinced for reasons unknown to me that this imaginary friend, was infact not imaginary at all, but spirit.
Not long after that I was talking with a male friend of mine, who read tarot cards and his wife was a medium.
He was a very gentle man and would listen to me chatter on excitedly for hours at a time.
There were many sml instances where I picked up different things from different people I met on line, even through photos they sent me.

Thru him and reading up, I discovered something called remote viewing, and was thrilled when I realized that this was what was happening to me, at last I had some insight to what I had been experiencing.
Anyway, as time went on, this lovely man offered to read my cards for me, I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the following night to arrive.

As it happened my husband bill had become so enthralled with what was happening to me, he hung around for most chats waiting to see what would happen next.
The night in question, my nephew arrived, unfortunately he was very skeptical at the time , but promised to sit quiet and without judgement as he knew how important it was to me.
So there we were , and so he began.
Every card he turned, related to a young boy , who had dental problems and was of ill health ect. I simply could not place him.

I guess he was as frustrated as I was as he said he wanted to discuss the cards with his wife and get back to me as he was adament this young boy was for me.
Feeling very deflated, I lost hope and faith in the cards and decided not to retry .
as promised, he got back to me the following day, with an incredible story.
This is where my sweet micheal came into my life.
the story continues ....

Astral Travel ? - Personal experience

Have you ever been in that state of concience where your just starting to sink into sleep, your body is totally relaxed but your mind is still very aware of whats going on around you?

Well this is the only way i can describe what happened to me.
unfortunately my experiences were not self induced and i felt i had no control what so ever, i had never practiced astral travel and certainly didnt know how to at the time.

I hadnt been in bed that long but i was totally exhausted so it didnt take long for me to reach that state of almost nausious dizziness that i wrestled with to find sleep, but it was the awareness of feeling nausious that kept my senses about me.

As if in a dream like state i felt my feet lift up from the bed, then my legs and eventually the rest of my body lifted and evened itself out in the air above my bed, it was as if i was being pulled up on invisible strings.
I floated up to the ceiling above my bed and was just sort of floating about up there with my back to the ceiling, i dont mind sharing with you that this scared the crap out of me, i could see my husband below sleeping and tried several times to call out to him but no words came out.

I was up there for about ten minutes in total when i began to float back down again , i got to around 4 inches from the bed when i just dropped and hit the matress.

It was only then that my body was free from its sort of numb paralysis and i could move again, so i shook my hubby violently and told him thru deep sobs what had just taken place, i scolded him for not hearing me call out for help and asked him to wrap his arms and legs around me for the rest of the night so that i couldnt be taken again.

Well this happened 3 times in the space of around 2 or 3 months, totally out of my control, but the fourth and final time was the worst.
this time i went up the same way as i had before only i felt like i was being wrenched up with some force, once i was up there and just floating it felt as though two hands took hold of my side and pushed me quite violently into the corner of the ceiling, i was thrown into each corner in turn, i was petrified i tell ya.

Then it went quiet and i eventually floated back down to my drop point again, i woke my hubby and told him all about it in a hysterical state, we still dont know to this day what caused this or why it even began, but fortunately it hasnt happened again since (touch wood)

I have felt myself starting to lift since this time, but for some strange reason i have become aware of when its going to happen and have asked my hubby to keep tight a hold of me and to not let go, so far its worked.
sound crazy? maybe, but its certainly true my friends

Meet Lil Marie Jefferson

In september 2006 i finally got what id been waiting for for so many yrs, actual photographic evidence that spirits exist.
my family and i are used to ghostly visitors in our home and its certainly not un commen for them to hang around for a while before they get their bearings and move on again, especially children.
We had just such a spirit stay with us during september that yr, she was with us for 3 whole weeks, her name was marie jefferson. she was around 4 or 5 yrs old and unfortunately had drowned many yrs before, but being a child she was still lost and didnt understand what had happened to her.
I had invited my paranormal investigator friend down from scotland and had planned on trying to help her cross over via means of a seance, unfortunately the night in question, lil marie was a no show, although others were (but thats another story )lol.
Two nights later, my eldest daughter, stevie and i went for a walk around the cemetary at the back of my house just for a nosey, it was around 10.45 pm when we went round and we spent a good hour in the old part before comeing to the new part nearest my house.
On occasion id sense that we wernt alone but never said anything, yet stevie picked up on it and started taking random shots in the dark just incase anything turned up.
Whilst we saw nothing or no-one with the naked eye during our visit, we were blown away by what we found when we put the pics on the pc to view.
Check out lil marie, bold as brass, just the way i had described her to my friend over the pc the first time she got my attention in my home.
She appears to be dressed in victorian type clothing, her head is hung to the ground and her long hair is matted in a wet tail in front of her face and shes barefoot.

The pic has not been adjusted other than to circle her where abouts for ease of viewing, the white cloudy images are actually damp and wet, it was very misty and damp that night, but it wasnt actually raining.

My belief is that marie gave us this evidence as a way of saying thankyou for giving her a safe haven and for allowing her to find her feet (so to speak)
From the time i first saw this pic , all my worries about proveing myself in the paranormal sense left me, i had all the proof id ever need and i simply learned a great lesson.
It matters not who believes my wonderful experiences, or if im shunned for them, they are my experiences and nobody can prove i didnt have them, touch'e lol.

Here she is :)

Catherine's Story

this is quite a long story, but try to bare with it.


This is quite hard to explain so please bare with me guys.

Around six yrs ago i was helping run a paranormal group over on aol, i met many wonderful people who chose to share their stories and experiences with me, some on the group and some in private.

One day this lady IMed me and asked if i could pick anything up for her to which i replied, i dont work that way, if they have anything to show me or say they will come forward as we speak, she was fine with my reply.

However it wasnt long before i sensed a very deep feeling of concern for this lady and had a scene roll out in front of me full of abuse and neglect.
I asked a few very personal questions that explained why i was seeing what i was seeing.

Like i have said before, what i see comes in the form of like being at the end of a video camera , watching a film unfold and it often comes to me twice in one sitting, firstly as the viewer and then again by actually being there (as in remote viewing).
what i saw il never forget and actually caused me to step back from all of this for quite some time.

The first images i got was of the most beautiful young woman running bare foot through a field, she had strawberry blonde hair and was wearing a white broidry englais dress, her complexion was very pale and freckly, the type of natural beauty people would pay thousands for.

As i relayed this back to this woman she got all excited saying "thats her, thats my strawberry sister"
She explained that she had the spirit of a young woman around her for around 3 yrs now and had shown herself to her only once but my discription fit her perfectly, so i asked why she called her her strawberry sister when i knew she was in fact no relation to her at all, she said she chose the name because of the colour of her hair and because she had been a comfort to her through her bad times.

As the vision/ film continued , she was on a dirt path that run along a main rd, she kept walking and came to a sml lemon orchard, it was a beautiful sunny day and everything seemed wonderful and serene until she came in view of an old run down shack that had been painted blue but was peeling through neglect and time.

I instinctively knew this was her home and could sense her rigidity and fear as she neared it, then just before she came to the first window she ducked down and snook across the front of the shack and then took off running.
she came to a sml wood of trees that i didnt recognise, (they were blonde wood (almost white) and had all the growth on the top but they wernt palm trees or anything that i recognised)
There was a sml river running through the middle of the trees and then she just came to a sudden stop at the tree line, there was a sml mound of dirt coverd in leaves at her feet.

It was as if someone had stopped to rewind the film , only this time i was there with her holding her hand, i could feel the sun on my skin, smell the air and hear all the regular everyday sounds around me.
The dirt path was very dry mud and the area itself although beside a main road was pretty quiet and remote, thats when i realised i wasnt in britain any more, i was infact in america (dont ask me how i knew as i have never been before in my life but just instictively knew that i was there) it was kinda like a hill billy existance.

I could smell the lemons on the trees , it was very strong and just in front of us i could see the shack with its peeling paint and an old tin bath hanging on the wall outside.
The next thing i knew is was being pulled down to a crouching position and was being dragged along the front of the shack, as we passed the door i could hear plain as day a mans voice shouting obsenities "you better get you axx in here you lil (lady of the night),i know your out there you bxxxh".
With that she took off, my heart was pounding out of my cheast when i heard the door crash open and the man (her father) gave chase.
we were heading for the sml wood with the weird looking trees when he stopped to pick up a tree branch that was on the ground then continued the chase.

I remember the wood not being very thick, you could see between the trees the grass that she had been playing on when she first came to me.
As we headed towards the river i could hear him shouting more filth and in her desperation and fright she stumbled and fell, i was left standing, just watching, as he approached and took the branch and beat her about the head until she was dead.

He sat for a moment to catch his breath and then very calmly went back to the shack and returned with a lrg sheet of plastic , a rope and a spade.
He folded her body into a kind of parcel shape (in on itself) then wrapped her in the plastic and tied it with the rope.
He carried her body to the tree line and began to dig a shallow grave and placed her body in it.

Well you can imagine ,i was totally in shock and the poor woman i was relaying this too was dumb struck, i told her that i needed to take a break and would talk to her another time.

That night i got in touch with a paranormal investigator whom id been helping from time to time in the u.s and told him what had happened, he was very excited and asked if i would try to make contact again to get more details of where this was and any personal details we could work with.
Reluctently i did, getting her name, catherine, and being shown that her mother died when she was around 5 yrs old leaving her father with a grudge against his daughter by blameing her for her death when in reality, she had sufferd post natel depression which ended in a suicide.
From the age of 5 he had beaten and molested her, she had never gone to school and was actually behind in her yrs.
she was 20 yrs old when she died and it was actually 30 yrs since her death that she came to me.

Her father had moved from that area and had chosen to live like a recluse in a shack very similar to the one they shared.
On entering the new shack i found it to be in a great state of dissaray and filth, it was very dimly lit and was coverd in webs, it had one beaten up arm chair, an old range type fire and a cheast or cabinet with drawers that had a black plastic box on top of it.
In this box was a photo of catherine and her mother (also catherine) and there was a silver chain with a pendant on it.
Apart from that i had no idea where abouts in the usa this place was but her father was still alive, in his 70's.

The paranormal investigator took it apon himself to send me ariel and full photos of areas that fit my description, along with many sites to see if i could pick out the trees i had seen that i didnt recognise, i agreed to take a look but told him i needed a break from it as it had really got to me.
In all truth i didnt get back to him or even take a look at the stuff he sent for a couple of days as i was just dumbstruck by it all, it effected me more than i imagined it would, then i got an email that made the blood drain from me.
He'd been in touch with the f.b.i and they had agreed to send the air fair over for my whole family if i was willing to go over and help them with their investigations,
i couldnt believe it, i dont know what scared me more, being that close to her or having to go through all of this and being branded some kind of freak when the word got out.
I told them that under the circumstances i would have to talk to the lady that brought her to my attention to get permission to use what she had confided to me and to see if she would be ok with being involved in somthing like this.
Luckily for me, she declined, she didnt want a bar of it and certainly didnt want her private life aired, and feared (quite selfishly i know) that if we found her body and released her, that she would lose her friend/ strength and wouldnt be able to cope with her life.

After a lot of humming and harring they decided that they wouldnt force the matter and i was saved from the ordeal of it all.
Now i know that this story does not prove that i actually found the body of a cold case victim, but what it does prove is that the information i recieved and shared, was enough to warrent an investigation.

How things actually turned out i dont know, i stopped the contact with this investigator after i learned that he was using my stuff and relaying it back to his team as his own findings ect ect.
As of this case, i dont get involved in one on one any more, or very rare, i walked away from spirit and they shut me down for quite sometime.

i stick to my photo readings these days of places and buildings to help investigators with cases using the same remote viewing method, but at least i know i can close down the photo and walk away from it these days .

After that episode i only saw her once again,
she came through in a mirror in another ladies daughters bedroom with several younger children.

Each had a story to tell and it seemed she was playing florence nighting gale to them all, bringing them to me to help get there stories out, only i had to walk away, i walked away from spirit for almost 18 months after that as i had nothing left to give.
I was totally mentally and physically drained, as this was just the end of a yr long roller coaster of events with spirit for me. xxx

Little Marie Jefferson

Id like to share a truely special story with you all, one that is very close to my heart and has fascinated people the world over, the reason it is so special is because its true, it touched the lives of many and has won a special place in my families heart.

Back in 2006, i was working from home , helping paranormal investigative teams with their enquiries by reading from photographs, i had had much experience with spirit and the paranormal in general and had made many good friends and aquaintances both online and locally doing so.

So here is what happened the day i met little Marie Jefferson ...

around august 2006, we had a running joke in my house that i was loosing my marbles lol, i kept hearing someone call my name, i got "wend" several times which is what my hubby calls me, and i got wendy and mam a few times too. each time id shout "who's shouting, or what do you want" and as had become habit, noone had called on me and my family found it hillarious lol.

That was until one night i was sat at my pc chatting to dickyhart (stevie) on cam when i heard this really eerie whisper call out "maaaam ". i dont mind telling you my blood ran cold, i was actually frightened by it and quickly looked around to find nothing.
Stevie noticed my worry and concern on the cam and asked what was going on, i told him i was going to check on the kids and id brb.
all was fine and well, the kids were flat out sleeping snug in their beds, i couldnt make it out and i was quite un nerved by it all but still didnt say anything to stevie, it wasnt until i felt a real cold chill on my left side that i turned around and saw here standing there, next to my bed.

I can only imagine what my face must of been like as i turned back to stevie to explain what was actually happening, there stood a lil girl no more than 4 or 5 yrs old, she was wearing what i first thought was a nighty with a frill around the bottom, her feet were bare and she was dripping wet, her hair was hanging down over her face in a thick rats tale and she was faceing the floor in a very shy and frightened manner.

I could actually hear her crying and could sense her shivering as i sat there both excited and bewilderd, stevie kicked straight into investigative mode, asking me to ask her questions and to see if i could help her cross over by means of creating and guiding her towards the light.

Unfortunately and suprisingly to me, i was so freaked out by the situation i couldnt encourage her to go and i broke my heart at the thought of not being able to help her cross over.
I decided that we were both a lil overcome by the situation and that id leave her be for now and let her come to me in her own time.

I dont recall now if it was the same night , but i remember sitting here and feeling her presence to my right, only this time i couldnt see her, she kept barely touching my arm causing the hairs to stand up through a tickling sensation and after some time i felt her hand settle on my arm.

I cant explain what a triumph that was for me, i had finally earned her trust, she even kept a hold of my arm whilst i went downstairs to make a cup of tea and came back again.

Over time she got used to the family being around and she grew in confidence, playing games and teasing us all, but sadly late at night she would cry now and again, even waking my kids and causing them to come and check on me thinking i was the one in tears.

She would play peek a boo with my eldest lol, going into her room at night, gigling and then running away, we all heard her on the stairs and landing on several occasions.

All i ever learned from her was that she had been in the water a long time, she was lost and afraid and just wanted to go bk home.
Her name was marie jefferson but she couldnt tell me where she lived (she was after all only a child )

I still dont know to this day why she came here or how long shed actually been here before she plucked up the courage to grab my attention the way she did, but she stayed with us for three weeks from that day.

Marie's goodbye is one il never forget, she honerd us with physical proof of her existance and then never came bk again.
Il share that post with you shortly :) x

Earring Organization Upgrade

Well it didnt take long before my earring collection out grew my sml photo frame, so i thought id stick with the same idea but just expand on it.

This photo frame didnt cost me anything this time around as i had three of them stored away for a rainy day since last spring, i think they cost something in the region of between three and five pounds each initially.

I simply took the hard board away from the back, removed the glass from the front and inserted some cardboard behind the paper frame to hook my earrings onto.
These have quite a nice polished frame look, but you can get plain wood, black, ect ect and decorate it up if you wish.

Mine looks a little sparse now that im using the larger frame, however im sure it wont be too long before it starts to look exciting :).

Oh yeh, i decided to try adding my dangling earrings to this one, (just to make it look fuller really) and i dont think it looks too bad, so why not give this a try, its great for adding a splash of colour to your vanity or walls x

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Wet wipes tip

If you find that your facial/baby wipes tend to dry out easily, especially near to the last few wipes, try this lil tip to see if it will help you out a bit.

We normaly store our wipes in their packageing or tubs with the opening towards the top, well to try and keep the moisture on the top few wipes, try turning the packaging over so that they are face down and all the moisture will run to the top and keep them moist for longer :) x

Sunday, 16 May 2010

The garden is coming together.

Im so sorry that i havent been keeping you guys up to date with whats been happening in the garden, it just seems there hasnt been much pc time at all of late so here i am trying to play catch up .

Anyway, we did have a massive clean up and weed of the place a few weeks ago, we managed to get all the garden furniture repainted and resealed for the year too.

We created what will hopefully turn out to be 3 very different coloured beds, using what shrubs i had already established as the back drop.
We should have a very calming bed of blues and pinks and whites to the left and a snorkus board of yellows, orange, burnt orange and rust in the centre, and then a hot bed of assorted reds to the right.

We have planted up some bulbs that will hopefully come back every year and im desperate to get some bedding plants in for some instant colour, however although its getting much warmer during the day now, the early morning still brings a frost with it sometimes so im holding off rather impatiently.

We got a fantastic bargain on ebay for 50 garden ornaments, this included lots of different animals and creatures such as dogs and cats, moles, badger, squirrel, crocodiles, dogs with their heads buried , lions ect and a few welcome to our garden signs.
We lovingly gave each one a new lease of life by pain stakingly painting each one and touching up those that were just a bit weathered and we are quite happy with how they have turned out. They will be placed all around the garden, hiding behind plants and tubs like some shy animals would, whilst the larger dogs ect will take pride of place near the seating areas ect.

I will take pictures just before and after we have the place set up for my sons 21st birthday in june, on that day and for the rest of the summer my garden will be awash with bright coloured windmills and other garden ornaments in his honour, im so excited to see how it all turns out, so please wish me luck, it means so much to me :) x

An Update On Our Petition

We managed to collect 2,231 signatures for our petition, im totally overwhelmed by the help and support we have recieved during this time.
My eldest daughter handed the copied version of the signatures to our local mp's wife who is giving us her full support and will speak on our behalf if we request it at the council meeting next month, so fingers crossed that we get a fair hearing and the council might meet us half way . x

Memorial Gifts Ect.

Ebay has been a real blessing when it comes to getting things for my sons grave, there is nothing you cant get to help out from storing flowers, to ornaments and wonderful plaques and verses and even beautiful artificial flowers in the most wonderful shapes and colours ect ect.

I purchased
2 x different sets of cherrubs
2 x memorial vases for putting flowers in
2 x sml prayer book ornaments for son and brother
ornament style hearts with verses on on sticks
The most wonderful plaque with his photo on and a beautiful verse that il be putting out on his birthday in june.

This list is only things that i have purchased (that i can recal off the top of my head ) but the list of items that can help you through this tough time is endless.

Oh before i forget, a big favourite for grave sites at the moment is solar lights and although i purchased ours else where, ebay does have a great selection to choose from, so if you ever find yourself in a position where you may need to see to a loved ones grave, or maybe you would like something special or a lil different for a loved one, ebay is definately worth a look x

Wendy's Boudoir - part 4

my hair bands hang here on another two tier hanging organizer.

in this corner i have an old hifi unit that i have added baskets to and store all my hair tools and products in.

a very poor pic of my vanity area,(i will get a better one )

my make up and nails storage space .

Wendy's Boudoir - part 3

i have my lil "mum" nik naks all over in this room.

i have a 4 tier hanging shelf that hangs at the head of the bed where i store all my creams, lotions and potions.

ok so it needs tidying up lol.

hanging underneath the bed i have a 3 tier fruit basket that i use to store items i make my gift baskets up with.

Wendy's Boudoir - part 2

pretty princess window dressings

my jewellry board

over door valet for my shoes and bags

look to the walls and doors for more space, here i used an over door hook to store my flip flops, it looks fun and adds a splash of colour to the room.

Wendy's Boudoir - pt 1

My boudoir was dreampt up as a lil joke after my eldest daughter left home and her room became almost a dumping ground for storing things.
I decided that other than waste the space id turn it into a dressing room for myself and my youngest daughter, our very own hair and make up stuidio of sorts.

I took some pictures a couple of days ago as requested by a friend of mine to put on face book and i thought id share them here to see what you think and hopefully give you some fun ideas for your own dressing / vanity area.

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to get in touch.

This whole area is the heart of my hair and make up centre, not only does it serve as my vanity and storage for all my hair and make up products, but its also a pretty guest bed with lots of cuddlies and fairy lights in the form of flowers.

some of my scarves mounted on the front of a cupboard door on hooks and bangles.

a lady needs her tunes to get ready too .