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It's All About You !
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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Tuesdays Progress Report

Because id gone shopping to get the groceries to start my healthy eating regime, i didnt eat until 3.40pm.
I know that is bad for someone who's trying to lose weight as im no stranger to diets and eating plans, but because i was so determined to wait until i had some decent food in to eat, i simply did without until after id got my shopping.
(what they say about dont go shopping on an empty tummy coz it tempts you to be naughty ,is very true although i wasnt naughty but was starving when i got back ).

Id been to Morrisons, not a place i usually shop but they had specials on on their fruit and veg this week and it was definately worth getting them in.
Anyway, whilst i was in i spotted some of Morrisons own brand of chicken and veg broth in a pot, so i got one for 99p and decided thats what i was haveing for my tea tonight along with a brown bun.
It wasnt bad at all and very filling, i probably could have done without the bun but old habits die hard :).

after my evening exercise i had a sml tin of pilchards mixed with some lettuce, tomato, cucumber, added a dash of chilli and garlic sauce, then some leeinperrins and mixed it altogether,i scooped this mixture onto 4x ryvita breads and enjoyed every mouthful.

Later i had a sml apple, my only downfall that day was 3 triangles of toblerone, i had a craving for something sweet and gave in, reminding me to find something to compensate, or to at least make a note of it so i didnt feel cheated at the end of the week.

2 hours shopping
30 mins on wii just dance- danced to 7 songs.

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