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It's All About You !
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Friday, 23 July 2010

Where does the time go ?

There really doesnt seem to be enough hours in my days at the moment, any spare time i do have i spend on my pc searching images and videos for craft and gift ideas, lord knows my pc is fit to bust lol.

I have managed to create a few simple crafts just to get a taster but im pretty frustrated that i dont have everything i need to be able to just get on with some things.

It takes time, money and patience to collect everything i need and it seems i have very lil of either just now , but i live in hope so that i dont give up, after all this will be my main focus for xmas gifts and the likes this year.

My main focus will be in creating home made gifts at a price i can afford, that hopefully will still show my warmth and affection instead of the fact that im skint lol.

I have sooo many ideas in my head that i go to bed thinking of them, i dream of them and then they wake me up in the morning too, so you could say i have the crafting bug folks :).

Il take some pics of the things i have created real soon but please remember to be kind even if it looks like a six year old created them as i have not a creative bone in my body lol.

Il sign off here and catch you all again soon,
hugs xxx

A Pamper Basket

I just got finished with yet another basket last night, this one is for my sister-inlaws birthday today.
She hasnt been feeling very well of late so i decided it might be a nice idea to put together some things that might help her relax and be able to pamper herself a little.

I have created a tutorial on youtube so that you can follow how i created this and it lists the items i used, although you are always free to use items of your own choseing, that makes things more personal to your friends and loved ones.
Check out the video by clicking on the title of this post for a direct link, i hope you enjoy it.
Il let you know if she liked it after ive seen her later today, fingers crossed :)

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Large Gift Basket - for my brother

I just got done creating and presenting my brother with this gift basket last night and im pleased to report that he was blown away with it. Strangely all the baskets i have made so far, noone wants to open right away as they look way to pretty to take the packaging and bows off lol, unfortunately for my brot ther, he had no choice as this basket contained fresh fruit and cheese that couldnt be left. I have created a you tube video explaining how i created this basket and what contents and materials i used, to view simply click on the title of this post for a direct link, i hope you enjoy it .

Appologies and Gift Ideas

Appologies my friends , its been a few weeks since ive really had much of a chance to get on here as its been such a busy time of late.
In the mean time ive been looking for gift ideas to create and share both on here and my you tube page, that will hopefully either save me some money or if im lucky enough perhaps create some money :).

Because our finacial circumstances have changed so dramatically these past 6 months, i have had no choice but to look for cheaper alternatives for gifts ect, but what i didnt realise was that i had been missing out on so much fun and creativity, so im kind of glad i was forced to walk this path for a while, just to appreciate what i deem the finer things in life such as a home made gift.

I have created 3 personal gift baskets so far this year for my family members and i cant believe the satisfaction i have recieved from it, knowing the thought and love that has gone into each one and just how much my family appreciated my efforts and enjoyed the contents.

I have spent hours searching through google images and you tube videos for gift ideas and i was blown away by the things i came across, and whats so appealing is that they seem to be very doable and not terribly time consuming, great for lots of new adventures in the near future i think :).

Anyway, i just got finnished making a video on the basket i made for my brothers birthday yesterday, so il get round to doing a post on that now so you can check it out .