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Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Junk Jewellry - absaloutely or no go ?

I dont know about you guys but i have a serious junk jewellry fetish, it only took hold around november last year but trust me i have been gathering quite a nice little collection.
Not bad for someone who never changed her jewellry from a gold chain and hoop earings in years eh :).

Once the clothes bug hit me just prior to this, accessories were a must, i still tend to stick with just earings and necklaces but im not frightened of bold beads and strong colours, along with a lot of softer colours i have.

I prefer longer necklaces that hang down past my cheast for two reasons, one to break up any plainess in my clothing and the other because im not the petitist of ladies and chokers are a definate no no for me lol.

Seriously though, i wear a lot of long line tops, mainly one or two colours so i like to accessorise with contrasting or slightly lighter / darker colours to help break them up.
Because im a lrg lady, i unfortunately have a lrg cheast to match, so i prefer my necklaces not to stop at my cheast level, but to flow way past and onto my rib level.
Thats not to say i dont wear necklaces that sit at my neck or on my cheast, i just prefer longer ones.

Why not share your preferences in jewellry with us, you may even want to share pictures of your favourite pieces and where you purchased them and how much they were, that would be fantastic.
I will share some pictures of some of my jewellery in a later post and try to remember where i got them from , but in the mean time the picture above is a very disorganised version of my jewllery board, eek lol .
Have fun and i hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. I did a much needed sort out of my jewellry board today, i tried my best to organize the colours in a tidy but usable fashion but its almost impossible on this board,theres just far too much on it .
    Its both mothers day and my birthday this month and i already know im getting more jewellry so a new board is a must for now, at least until i decide on a different way to store my jewellry :) x