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It's All About You !
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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

My Health Regime Starts Here

After my initial shock at my pictures, i decided then and there that it was time to try and get a grip and gain some control back over my health and fitness, so here we go.

On Monday the 22nd of march i made a shopping list of all the items i know we use that could be for the most part stored and kept, as well as fresh fruits and natural yogurt ect ect.

I made a plan in my mind about how i would get myself back into a routine of exercise everyday, i didnt push my limits, its just a slow but gradual process to help build up my stamina and hopefully lose a few pounds at the same time.

So what i came up with was this (for now at least )

A twenty to thirty minute walk with my friend around 4pm, this will help build my appetite for my tea.

Then 30 minutes of exercise on the wii around 8pm, which helps me settle and feel more tierd for bed, (in theory anyway )

I know that in general its best to exercise after eating to help burn those calories, but for now this is what i can manage and its definately better than nothing.

On tuesday we went and got most of the shopping so unfortunately i didnt get out for my walk but i had walked for a couple hours around the shops and still did my exercise in the evening.

Im going to keep a progress chart here, letting you know what i ate for the day and what exercise i did that day and see how we go from there.
Im not quite brave enough to post my weight but i will be honest about any weight loss, gain or stablizing at the begining of every week.
I havent measured myself and am thinking perhaps i should, if i do il do it next monday and keep a progress chart from then on.

Wish Me Luck ! xxx

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