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Thursday, 2 December 2010

Christmas Decorating Ideas 6

My Staircase Swag.
This swag is as old as the hills, at least ten years old but rather than throw it away and spend money on a new one i decided to strip back what it had on originally and add some fresh new bits to it.
I didnt go over board, just a few baubles and two different coloured ponsietta flowers were scattered along its length, and although its not on this picture, i added coloured lights to it also which really brought it to life.

On a cost scale to revamp, nada, zilch, i had everything in already, but this would be a really cheap method of reviving your swags even if you had to buy a few bits and pieces, as it would only need re- doing every few years depending on how you store it.

Christmas Decorating Ideas 5

My Guilty Pleasure 2

Again i indulged with this taste or red richness, i simply couldnt resist.
The tree was ten pounds, the plate was one pound, however i never got back to the same shop to get the 3 ornaments for five pounds deal, so i improvised and added my own baubles as a tempory measure at first but its grown on me the way it is so thats how it will stay.
I hope you like it x

Christmas Decoration Ideas 4

My Guilty Pleasures 1

This beautiful golden treasure is my pride and joy, i did however spare no cost in creating both this one and the red one that you will see later.
I bought everything new, the gold tree was 10 pounds, the large gold ornaments were 3 for 5 pounds and then i added a couple of baubles and gold parcels and a sprinkling of snow and then the plate was one pound to buy.
So my gold guilty pleasure cost me around 16 pounds to create whilst the red one only cost me 11 as i added my own baubles .

Christmas decorations 3

Ribbon Card Holders

These were created simply by purchasing two rolls of wired xmas ribbbon, measuring the length of the doors, applying the strip and then using what was left to create a bow on the top for show.

I could have chose to leave it there, just ready to attatch my xmas cards too, but i decided to add sml wreaths to make it appear more showy.

The ribbon was 1 pound per roll and the wreath were 3 pounds each and pretty basic so i added a few more bits and pieces myself.
I quite like how they turned out :) x

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2

This is just a simple clear vase filled with xmas baubles, this is last years look, i think i may have over stuffed this one but i loved it at the time, a few simple candy canes just finnished it off.

I had originally paid 2 pounds for the vase and 3 pounds for 3 boxes of large baubles which i can and will use time and again.

Ialso used some of the baubles that were left to dress up other things like swags and wreaths ect x

Christmas decorating 1

I bought everything on my mantle brand new this year, however the snow men, raindeers, and snow was only a pound each at our local pound shop.
The candle xmas trees and the candle snowballs were 2 pounds each, a lil splurge made all the difference.
Not bad at 14 pounds for the lot and everything can be used time and again if stored properly after each use , i thought money well spent for something simple yet creative and definately sparkley and pretty :)

Christmas Decorating Inspiration

We have spent this whole week puting up my decorations,we got the final lights on today so hopefully im done now.

This year i have made a special effort to make or create new things, mainly out of stuff i already had and just revamped, but i bought a few new bits and pieces too just to make things look different.

Il share some pictures with you and explain what is what, so dont be shy let me know what you think :) .