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Thursday, 11 March 2010

Quick Fix Earring Organization

Have you ever thought what would be a cheap yet fun way to display your earrings ?
Well here is one idea that is so simple anyone can do it, its practical, fun and will add a splash of colour to your room.

I took an old photo frame for this, removed the glass and any packageing from behind the frame.
I then took a push pin to create the holes to put my earrings through, its an ideal size for most stud type earrings.

Your earring holder will take less than five minutes to create and another five to add your earrings to it, depending on the size of frame and how many earrings you have of course.

The good thing about this project is, if you dont have an old photo frame laying about anywhere, they are cheap enough to go to your local store and buy one , if you get a plain wooden one you can paint it or decorate it up to suit your needs :).

I hope you like this idea, il be back with more fun ideas soon .

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