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It's All About You !
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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Substituting Chemicals For Natural Products

Chemicals in our cleaners can be quite harmful to us in many ways so i decided i would try to find more natural products that we can substitute those harmful items with.

If you know of any healthy cleaning substitutes that you would like to share, im sure a lot of folk will be greatful :).

1. Avoid anything with amonia in it, its used for cutting grease BUT it also contributes to the cause of athsma.
One option to choose instead is vinegar.

2.Chlorene is commonly used as a dissinfectant BUT not only can it irratate your lungs and skin, but it can be lethal if ingested.
Look instead for products that use lemon juice or tea tree oil.

For any kind of deoderizer, opt for bicarbonate of soda and essential oils .

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