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Tuesday, 30 March 2010

tuesdays update

I started my day with a brown bun filled with pilchards, spring onion, lettuce and tomato and a dash of my favourite garlic and chilli sauce.

Later i had bran flakes with mixed fruit and sliced banana.

I had chicken chassaur for tea with veg and mashed potatoes

I was naughty at supper time and had 3 sml pieces of garlic bread, now i know i shouldnt have but i wasnt going to drive myself nuts by not having it, it just means il have to work it off.

Because i was up most of the night i ended up having a bowl of just the chassaur, without any veg or potato, i guess il put this bad day of eating down to stress and hope things improve again soon.


I had a really emotional day today, just couldnt seem to get a grip on my emotions, so no exercise again today as im physically drained, but i will try at some point on wednesday to do a little.

Week One- Weigh In

Im thrilled to announce that i lost ten pounds in weight after my first week of healthy eating and exercise, despite being loaded with cold and cutting back on the exercise a little for a few days.

Now i know it sounds a lot but most of it will be water, but it is my biggest weightloss ever for the first week so it will help spur me on through week two,
wish me luck guys :) xxx

Monday, 29 March 2010

mondays update

Today i managed to get myself dressed up and headed into town with my daughter to look for something for easter to put on my sons grave, so im pleased i managed to get a little exercise that way.

I ate a ham sandwich on brown bread at lunch time

Curry and rice for tea, i ate this in 3 parts because of my cold grrr.

For my supper i ate a sml tin of pilchards, mixed with lettuce, tomato, spring onion, a dash of lein perrins and garlic and chilli sauce, servrd on 4 ryvita cracker breads.

When i came upstairs to write this i munched my way through a packet of velevet crunch chedder cheese and spring onion, 70% less fat and very nice too :).

2 hours shopping .

Il be weighing in tommorow and hopefully il remember to get my hubby to measure me, that should keep me motivated because if i cant see pounds coming off, i may see the inches x

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sundays Update

Today ive been feeling really hungry on and off through out the day, so i started my morning with a ham sandwich on brown bread.

Later at lunch time i had 1/2 a bowl of branflakes,dried fruit and half a banana.

For tea i had 1 and a half jacket potatoes, with salad and il confess to having some low fat marg on them also as the potatoes wernt nice, rather powdery.

Tonight ive had yet another ham sandwich, (i know ,i know too much bread )
and a packet of go ahead buiscuits and i feel pretty stuffed right now.

So not a particularly great food day, but i guess it could have been a lot worse,
one thing that will keep me motivated is my sneak peak at my weightloss.
In 5 days i have lost 9lbs yipeeeeee, dont worry im not fooling myself that its all fat loss, i know most of that will be water, but it is my biggest weightloss ever for the first week and im chuffed to raggy ribbons :).

no exercise again today folks, still feel crappy with this cold, but im going to try to get out a bit with my daughter tommorow if i can manage it x

Saturday, 27 March 2010

Saturdays Update

Today has been a pretty lousey day for me as far as my eating and exercise has gone, i had no appetite at all until around 7pm where i did manage to eat one of my dads saturday roasts (bless him )

All night after that i kept thinking, lordy i havent eaten nearly enough so i kept trying different things such as a couple of crumpets, of which i ate one, then tried a cup noodle of which i ate half as nothing has any taste right now and im all yucky with cold.

I did however manage a sneaky couple of triangles of toblerone for energy :), im so glad its finnished now and temptations gone lol, but that im afraid was it for the day.

Although i feel like crap i am still very aware of how easy it would be to muck things up right now, so im doing the best i can whilst im ill.

I got a little hemmed in tonight and had myself a few tears, ok i was a blithering mess, so my hubby suggested we went for a lil walk just to get some air into my lungs.
I was a bit reluctant at first , thinking to myself my body aches from head to toe, im exhausted from crying, but i knew he was only trying to help, so i just shoved a pair of pants under my nightie, popped my coat on the top and away we went.

We were only out for about 15- 20 minutes as thats all i could manage, and even then i had a lil sit down half way through, but hey, its better than nowt right ? and it actually made me feel a lot better too :) x

Friday, 26 March 2010

Time For A Whinge

How typical is it that half way through my first week on my healthy eating and exercising plan i get the cold from hell.

As much as i dont have the energy to be good right now, im still clinging on the best i can, i have still managed to eat very healthly today, but exercise was out of the question due to all my aches and pains.

One of the worst things is , my glands are up like balloons and my throat feels filled with razor blades, yet im trying to hold back on the throat lozengers as i understand they can be very fattening.
So ive just been taking paracetamol but the truth is, they dont work at all, so il give it another day and il hopefully make a start on the Contac, they should do the trick on drying things up a little and getting me back on my feet after a couple of days, i swear by them.
But like everything else, i prefer to let things run their natural course for a while, just to let all the toxins out, then il treat it the best way i can to get some relief and hope for the best.

Anyway, thats my whinge for today,
i hope you guys are feeling good x

Fridays Progress Report

Well today i woke up absaloutely bogged down with cold, stinging eyes, a river for a nose, razor blades in my throat and feeling like id been kicked all over.

Consiquently my healthy eating plan and exercise may take a bit of a back seat for a few days which im gutted at as ive been doing so well.

Despite everything tasting like cardboard, i did manage to stick with healthy meals today,
i had special k sustain in the morning

Broth for lunch

Broth for tea

3 weightwatchers biscuits

A ham sandwich with mustard on brown bread

A big fat zilch im afraid, i just ache way to much, but i will continue as soon as im able x

XP Internet Security Scam

How to remove XP Internet Security 2010 (free removal guide)

I cant believe i was such an idiot ....

Last night around 11.30 pm i recieved an email that i thought was from face book telling me that id had a password change due to safety measures, i had a feeling something wasnt quite right and shouted on my daughter to ask if they usually did that sort of thing.
She said not that she knew of, but i thought i best download the attatchment just incase there were any problems today, that was when the nightmare began.

XP internet security literally took over my pc, it shut down and took over my AVG and my SPYWARE programs and wouldnt allow me to download anything else to help get rid of it, its honestly as if it knows everything your doing and is one step ahead.

You get constant pop ups telling you that your computer is riddled with viruses, trojens and all kinds of threats, it encourages you to use their scanning system to help get rid of them, then demands money to compleate the process.

Trust me, it gets quite worrying, it can mess with your registry, and other programs, it knocked off both my mouse and key board for a while after a few attempts at trying to download new spyware programs.

So after many hours of struggling i decided to type in its name and see what came up and i was suprised to find it was well known as a real pain in the ass program thats a nightmare to get rid of, however there were cures out there, i just had to find one that worked.

I had two attempts at getting rid of this program before i was succesful and the process turned out to be quite simple, only by now it was 4.30 am and im loaded with cold, absaloutely shatterd and finding it hard to concentrate but i was too scared to wait until today incase it got into the guts of my pc and i lost everything, so i was determined to get it before i went to bed.

Here is a copy from the email i recieved...

Facebook Password Reset Confirmation! Support Message.

and this was the message
Dear user of facebook,... See more

Because of the measures taken to provide safety to our clients, your password has been changed.
You can find your new password in attached document.

Your Facebook.

This is the site that helped me get rid of the problem with ease,

I thought it was definately worth shareing this information with you as its a nasty scam, so people, please be careful out there

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursdays progress report

Today was a bit of a weird day in that i never really got done what i had intended to, best laid plans and all that.

Anyway, i enjoyed my food today, there was plenty of variety and plenty of food full stop :)
I started my day with bran flakes, a handfull of mixed fruit and half a sml banana sliced over the top, added the milk and it was deliciously satisfying.
Half a bowl is more than enough and the added fruit is a great treat for those of you with a sweet tooth.

For lunch i had left over chicken chassaur and rice from yesterdays tea, again very filling and satisfying.

For my tea i had chicken breast strips in wraps, with salad and sweetened natural yogurt, spiced up with chilli and garlic sauce, yum and much better for you than mayo or salad cream.
We made some slimming world style chips to go with the wraps, which are a big favourite of mine , so another great meal was had.

And finally we had a fruit smoothie to watch tv with around supper time.
Now il be honest, my hubby made these and probably added more ingrediants than i would have, including ice cream and milk, however i dont feel too guilty as i only managed less than half of it as it was so filling, but boy it was good lol.

Stressing out on my pc for several hours trying to get rid of a virus, encouraged me to have a pack of 3 go ahead biscuits, not a guilty pleasure but it reminded me how easily i can eat my stress or anxiety, ( note to watch that more carefully )


20 mins walk to my daughters around 5pm
20 mins back around 8pm

No evening exercise tonight xxx

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Morrisons Fruit + Veg

Morrisons are having a sale on most of their fruit and veg this week .
They are packed in 3,s or 4,s and are only 30p per tray or bag, which means if you have a larger family you can still afford to double up on everything for much less than some of the cheaper stores at the moment.

No need to miss out, if you cant use it now, just prepare and freeze for a later date :)
enjoy x

Wednesdays report

Today i didnt get up until late and didnt feel hungry at all so i waited until around 2 pm and then had a bowl of kellogs special k sustain before going for a 20 minute walk with my friend at 3pm.

Before my tea i munched on a few carrot sticks

For tea i had chicken chassaur with white rice and a brown bread roll, (wish i could loose the bread habit )

after a while i fancied something sweet so had myself 3 go ahead buiscuits, that actually did it for me, i was quite suprised.

For my supper i had a cup noodle with 4 x ryvitta cracker breads, suprisingly again i found that quite tasty and very filling, just the ticket.


20 minute walk
30 mins wii fit plus

Tuesdays Progress Report

Because id gone shopping to get the groceries to start my healthy eating regime, i didnt eat until 3.40pm.
I know that is bad for someone who's trying to lose weight as im no stranger to diets and eating plans, but because i was so determined to wait until i had some decent food in to eat, i simply did without until after id got my shopping.
(what they say about dont go shopping on an empty tummy coz it tempts you to be naughty ,is very true although i wasnt naughty but was starving when i got back ).

Id been to Morrisons, not a place i usually shop but they had specials on on their fruit and veg this week and it was definately worth getting them in.
Anyway, whilst i was in i spotted some of Morrisons own brand of chicken and veg broth in a pot, so i got one for 99p and decided thats what i was haveing for my tea tonight along with a brown bun.
It wasnt bad at all and very filling, i probably could have done without the bun but old habits die hard :).

after my evening exercise i had a sml tin of pilchards mixed with some lettuce, tomato, cucumber, added a dash of chilli and garlic sauce, then some leeinperrins and mixed it altogether,i scooped this mixture onto 4x ryvita breads and enjoyed every mouthful.

Later i had a sml apple, my only downfall that day was 3 triangles of toblerone, i had a craving for something sweet and gave in, reminding me to find something to compensate, or to at least make a note of it so i didnt feel cheated at the end of the week.

2 hours shopping
30 mins on wii just dance- danced to 7 songs.

My Health Regime Starts Here

After my initial shock at my pictures, i decided then and there that it was time to try and get a grip and gain some control back over my health and fitness, so here we go.

On Monday the 22nd of march i made a shopping list of all the items i know we use that could be for the most part stored and kept, as well as fresh fruits and natural yogurt ect ect.

I made a plan in my mind about how i would get myself back into a routine of exercise everyday, i didnt push my limits, its just a slow but gradual process to help build up my stamina and hopefully lose a few pounds at the same time.

So what i came up with was this (for now at least )

A twenty to thirty minute walk with my friend around 4pm, this will help build my appetite for my tea.

Then 30 minutes of exercise on the wii around 8pm, which helps me settle and feel more tierd for bed, (in theory anyway )

I know that in general its best to exercise after eating to help burn those calories, but for now this is what i can manage and its definately better than nothing.

On tuesday we went and got most of the shopping so unfortunately i didnt get out for my walk but i had walked for a couple hours around the shops and still did my exercise in the evening.

Im going to keep a progress chart here, letting you know what i ate for the day and what exercise i did that day and see how we go from there.
Im not quite brave enough to post my weight but i will be honest about any weight loss, gain or stablizing at the begining of every week.
I havent measured myself and am thinking perhaps i should, if i do il do it next monday and keep a progress chart from then on.

Wish Me Luck ! xxx

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Recipe Finder

I have refferenced the tescos healthy living plan several times on the topic of healthy eating, simply because it about covers all the basic need to know and helps us to understand how it works.
They have a great section on the site where you can search for recipees for certain types of meals to suit your needs and wants and it allows you to tally up how much it would cost if you were buying the ingrediants in the store.
check it out for some great recipe ideas

Search within a great selection of recipes with full nutritional information and ready made shopping lists.

Using the Glycaemic Index- Gi

Sound complicated?
The Glycaemic Index is actually a very simple measure to help you balance the foods you eat - and help you feel better.

What is the Glycaemic Index?

Glycaemic index (Gi) values are based on the speed at which different types of carbohydrates (energy-giving foods) are broken down into glucose, and the subsequent insulin response. Insulin, a hormone produced in the pancreas, helps the body store glucose away and the more glucose is in the bloodstream, the more insulin needs to be produced. Foods can be described as having low,medium or high Gi values. Foods with a low Gi value tend to break down slowly and gradually, givinga lesser but more sustained increase in blood sugar, avoiding energy highs and lows and helping you feeling fuller for longer. Those with higher Gi values break down more quickly, causing a higher and more sudden increase in blood sugar. In response, a surge of insulin needs to be produced which stores the glucose away, causing a rollercoaster in blood sugar levels. The decrease in blood sugar levels can cause food cravings and will leave you feeling hungry again soon after. So eating lower Gi foods helps avoid energy highs and lows and food cravings, and will help you feel fuller for longer. Avoiding peaks in blood glucose may also ensure that insulin production continues to be efficient.
Examples of high Gi foods:

Corn flakes
White bread
Mashed potato

Examples of low Gi foods:


Tips on following a lower Gi diet

Eat breakfast cereals based on oats, barley and bran.
Switch from white bread to those made with wholegrain cereal, seeds, barley and oats.
Reduce the amount of potatoes and short grain rice in your diet and replace these with brown or basmati rice.
Eat a variety of low Gi fruit, vegetables and salad.
Eat pulses and vegetables, such as beans, chick peas, lentils, soya and peas and add these to stews and casseroles to reduce the overall Gi of the dish.


Some foods have that extra something special. Known as superfoods, they’ve always been around but they’ve now been labelled with the ‘super’ tag to highlight their positive natural health benefits.

* Essential Foods
* Five A Day
* Gi

What are superfoods?

Superfoods are foods that are especially good for you – they may be rich in nutrients; vitamins, minerals, or powerful plant chemicals that are powerful antioxidants. Antioxidants are found naturally in the body and are proven to help reduce damage created by free radicals. . There are many additional foods that also come under the superfoods umbrella because they’re particularly low in calories, help you to keep healthy, give you more energy and help you to look fantastic.

* Oily fish
Oily FishWhile all fish is really good for us, oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel which can be recognised by their darker flesh, are also an excellent source of Omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids. Omega-3 can help keep joints healthy and help to maintain a healthy heart. They are also rich in protein, contain fewer calories than red meat and provide a good source of some B vitamins.
* Avocado
AvocadoAvocadoes provide the perfect balance of fat-that’s the good mono-saturates that may help reduce cholesterol-as well at vitamin E, a natural antioxidant which helps to maintain healthy skin. If that’s not enough, they help keep our immune systems healthy too.
* Broccoli
BroccoliOne of the richest sources of antioxidants, broccoli should be the VIP guest at any family meal. Its vitamin C content helps boost the immune system.
* Beetroot
BeetrootThere’s more to beetroot than the pickled variety in a ploughman’s lunch. Fresh beetroot is packed full of folic acid as well as being naturally low in fat.
* Berries
BerriesBerries, like blueberries and cranberries, contain powerful antioxidants that help keep your skin healthy as well as other beneficial antioxidants like vitamin C for a healthy immune system. In fact, blueberries could be said to be the ultimate superfood; so why not liven up your breakfast by adding a handful of these smart little berries to your morning cereal or yogurt?
* Beans
BeansHigh in fibre, low in calories; beans are great for maintaining the heart and digestive health. Beans such as broad beans and red kidney beans are packed with folic acid.
* Chickpeas
ChickpeasNot only are chickpeas a great source of protein, fibre, iron and vitamin E, but they also contain folic acid which expectant mums need to help support their baby’s development. Why not try making your own houmous or adding chickpeas to casseroles or salads?
* Lentils
LentilsProvide a good source of both soluble fibre to help decrease cholesterol and insoluble fibre which helps maintain a healthy digestive system. Lentils are also rich in protein and iron and will make a satisfying meal when added to casseroles and curries.
* Olive oil
Olive oilNext time you’re frying or reaching for a salad dressing, why not pick up some olive oil instead? High in fat (but the healthy monounsaturated fat which helps lower cholesterol!) it’s good for maintaining a healthy heart.It also contains the antioxidant vitamin E and essential fatty acids for maintaining healthy skin.
* Pome-
PomegranatePomegranates are a good source of vitamin C, as well as antioxidants for a healthy immune system, and fibre. Not sure how to eat them? Scoop out the seeds and add to curries and salads, or whiz up in a blender for a refreshing juice. The sweet-sour flavour might not be to everyone’s taste, so why not add a dash of apple juice or create your own super juice!
* Turkey
TurkeyNo longer just recognised as the staple ingredient at Christmas dinner, turkey makes a healthy meal all-year round. Affordable, low in fat and calories and a great source of protein and B Vitamins, it should be on your menu every week.
* Oranges
OrangesJuicy and sweet, oranges are packed with vitamin C that helps boost our immune system. In fact one orange contains over 100% of your recommended daily amount – not a bad little package!. What’s more, an orange is perfect to pop into your pocket so you have a nutritious snack on the move, or if you’re in a hurry or can’t get your little ones to eat them, they’re delicious juiced as a breakfast drink – don’t forget to include the pulp for the fibre!
* Peppers
PeppersBright and colourful, peppers add interest and texture to many dishes from stir-fries to salads. Naturally sweet and crunchy, they’re packed full of vitamin C an important antioxidant that helps to boost our immune systems. In fact green peppers contain more vitamin C than oranges per 100g, while red peppers are a rich source of beta-carotene which is converted to vitamin A in the body.
* Pumpkin
PumpkinOffering more than just a Halloween lantern, pumpkin provides vitamin C which boosts the immune system. Don’t throw away the pumpkin seeds either. They’re packed full of Omega-3 fatty acids, iron and zinc and are great for adding texture and a nutty flavour to cereals and salads.
* Tomatoes
TomatoesA Mediterranean superfood, tomatoes form the basis of many dishes – from salads to sauces. They’re not only versatile, but they come in all shapes and sizes. They’re a very good source of vitamin C and Lycopene, which is a great antioxidant and when heated its goodness is more easily absorbed,so add them to sauces and soups!
* Oats
OatsThe humble oat may be small but it does big things for our health. Oats are packed with protein and beta-glucan soluble fibre that helps lower cholesterol. What’s more they have a low Gi so they help sustain blood sugar levels and keep you feeling fuller for longer- good news for people watching their weight or with diabetes.
* Spinach
SpinachIf Popeye’s anything to go by, we know that spinach does amazing things. It’s a good source of vitamin C, vitamin E, folic acid, iron, calcium and beta-carotene. These help to strengthen your immune system, while increasing your levels of folic acid, iron and calcium that help to keep your blood and bones healthy.
* Sweet potato
Sweet potatoNaturally low in fat and full of the antioxidant beta-carotene as well as vitamins C and E which help to keep your skin healthy, these nutritiously packed products also support your immune system. Why not replace them for your usual jacket spud or mash?
* Soya
SoyaMany vegetarians have been advocates for the humble soya bean for years as they are packed full of protein and make a good alternative to meat. In fact, 25g of soya protein in our diets a day may help reduce our cholesterol, and being rich in antioxidants, boosts our immune systems. They’re really versatile - try adding soya beans to stews and soups or using tofu as a meat substitute. Soya milk also makes a good alternative to cow’s milk in a dairy-free diet.
* Tea
TeaA good old cup of tea does more than refresh just the tastebuds! It’s full of anti-oxidants which help to protect our body’s immune system.
* Natural yoghurt
Natural yogurtA great source of calcium and other beneficial nutrients, live cultured yogurt also contains live bacteria called probiotics. These can maintain the balance in our digestive system.
* Walnuts
Nutrition powerhouses walnuts are filled with fibre and are high in polyunsaturated fat which may help to lower cholesterol.
* Watercress
Watercress is easily overlooked, but did you know it is high in vitamin C, calcium, folic acid and iron? It’s packed with beta-carotene and antioxidants to help maintain healthy skin, eyes and immune systems.

A super combination of nutrients!

* Beta-carotene
Beta-carotene This nutrient is what is called a carotenoid. Beta-carotene is found in dark green, orange and yellow vegetables. The body converts it into vitamin A. Vitamin A is used for growth and healthy skin. Beta-carotene also acts as an antioxidant and helps support a healthy immune system.
* Anthocyanin
Anthocyanin These are pigments that give many fruits their red and blue colouring
* Vitamin E
Vitamin E Vitamin E is an antioxidant which helps maintain healthy skin and supports our immune systems. The richest sources are wheatgerm, vegetable oils, nuts and seeds but you’ll also get some vitamin E from cereals, vegetables and fruit.
* Fibre
FibreDietary fibres are the indigestible portion of plant foods that add bulk to your diet and aid digestion by moving food through our intestines. Fibre’s found in cereals and whole grains as well as fruit and veg. Soluble fibre, that you’d find in the likes of oats and legumes, helps lower cholesterol.
* Omega-3
Omega-3 Foods containing omega-3 fatty acids are essential in our diets because these fats cannot be synthesized in the body. This form of polyunsaturated fat helps to keep our hearts healthy. Good sources are oily fish such as salmon and products such as breads, juices, meal bars, margarines and oils that are fortified with Omega-3.
* Folic Acid
Folic acid Folic acid, which you’ll find in dark green leafy vegetables, beans and beef is needed for healthy blood. As well as eating a folic-rich diet, it’s important for expectant mums to top up their intake with a folic acid supplement during pregnancy as this may help prevent neural tube defects such as spina bifida in their unborn baby.
* Vitamin C

Your Five a Day

Some foods are just plain good for us – that’s why it makes sense to include as many of them as we can into our daily diets to protect us from illness and keep us feeling good. Here’s a guide to the ones we know your body will love.

Eating five portions of fruit and vegetables every day is the simplest way for your body to get the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients it needs. It isn’t as hard as it sounds and you don’t necessarily need to miss out on your favourite foods, just include two portions with each of your meals - easy!
Easy ways to your five-a- day

1. Add fruit and veg to your favourite recipes - such as peppers and sweetcorn to pasta sauces and pizza toppings, peas and beans to soups, root veg to mashed potato.
2. When you get the urge to snack, pick up a pear or grab a grapefruit. Fresh and dried fruit is less fattening than most processed snacks, and a healthy alternative in-between meals.
3. Have a fruity pudding or add fruit to your breakfast. Why stop at strawberry yogurts? Ttry adding banana or fresh blueberries to your cereal or raisins to your porridge.
4. Use frozen veg if it's easier. It counts.
5. Add beans and pulses to salads. Canned butter or kidney beans are quick to prepare - just make sure they're low in salt.
6. Make a smoothie for breakfast by blending your favourite fruits together. It’s a quick, easy and healthy way to kick-start your day.
What counts as one of my five-a-day?
All fruit and vegetables count: fresh, frozen, canned or dried; with the following exceptions:

* Pure fruit juices and fruit smoothies only count as one portion per day, no matter how much you drink
* Beans and pulses can only count as one portion per day
* Potatoes don't count at all

What's a five-a-day portion?
As a general rule, a portion is 80g of fruit and veg, which is roughly a handful. The following all count as 1 portion:

* 1 apple, banana, pear, orange
* 2 plums, satsumas, kiwi fruit
* half a grapefruit or avocado
* 1 large slice of melon or pineapple
* 3 heaped tablespoons of veg, beans and pulses, or fruit salad
* 1 heaped tablespoon of raisins or sultanas
* 3 dried apricots
* 1 cupful of grapes, cherries or berries
* 1 dessert bowlful of salad
* 1 small glass (150ml) of pure fruit juice

Get the best from fruit and veg

Preparing fruit and veg can destroy some of the vitamins and minerals. Here's how to keep hold of their goodness:
• Eat fresh fruit and veg as soon as possible
• Keep the crunch and don’t overcook– it’s healthier
• Cook in as little water as possible or steam
• Prepare and cut your veg when you’re ready to serve or cook them, that way they’re not left open to air, light or heat for too long.

What's in your food?

This section gives you information about food groups and fluids so you can make informed healthier choices - the key to a well balanced diet.

Carbohydrate foods

Carbohydrate foods such as breads, potato, cereals and pasta are our body's preferred source of energy. They are an important part of any healthy diet and vital for exercise.

Fruit and Vegetables

Packed with vitamins and minerals while low in fat, fruit and veg should make up about a third of the food you eat each day

Dairy products

Excellent sources of protein and calcium - we should aim to eat three portions a day for strong bones and teeth.


Vital for energy, growth, maintenance and repair of muscle- we should aim to eat 2-3 portions of protein foods a day.


Fat is a good source of energy and also of the essential fatty acids that the body is incapable of making itself


Although we need some fats and sugars, high fat and sugary foods should take up no more than 7% of your daily food intake for good health


Our body’s unit of energy-we need to maintain a balance of calories consumed and calories used from exercise for a healthy weight.


Drinking fluids and taking in water through food will help ensure we stay hydrated and help keep body functions working efficiently.

Salt and Sodium

Eating the correct amount of salt in your diet helps to maintain a healthy blood pressure.

Vitamins and Minerals

Essential nutrients that our body’s need to maintain a healthy immune system, support normal growth and development, and to help cells and organs do their jobs efficiently.

Healthy supermarket swaps

You stop by the supermarket on your way home from work and despite your best intentions end up with a shopping trolley full of foods that could be healthier if you had more time to think!!! Sound familiar? Use the following table to find tasty foods low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals:
Healthy supermarket swaps

Swap… For…
White bread Wholegrain / seeded bread

Sugar coated cereals (eg frosted flakes) Wholegrain cereals (eg porridge,
bran flakes)

Crisps & salted nuts Unsalted nuts and seeds

Cream-based pasta sauces Tomato or veg-based pasta sauces

Cream based soups Vegetable or lentil / bean based soups

Full-fat mayonnaise Light or extra light mayonnaise

Fizzy drinks Diet fizzy drinks/ Carbonated water

Tinned fruit in syrup Tinned fruit in natural juice

Crisps Mini flavoured rice cakes

Biscuits & bars Fruit and vegetables

Breaded chicken or fish Plain skinless chicken or fish fillets

Fatty pork or lamb chops Turkey, chicken or Healthy Living beef, pork and lamb.

Full fat sausages Reduced-fat skinless sausages

Sausage rolls or pies Sandwiches including salad and made with wholegrain or seeded bread

Garlic bread topped with cheese Healthy Living garlic bread

Sour cream Reduced-fat houmous or salsa for baked potatoes and reduced fat

crème- fraiche for recipes

Full fat milk Semi-skimmed milk

Full fat cheddar and cream cheese Reduced-fat cheese and cheeses naturally low in fat such as cottage cheese, edam and quark

Butter Reduced-fat olive oil spread

Chocolate mousse or trifle Low fat fruit yogurt

Balance of Good Food

Balance of Good Food

A healthy, well balanced diet is about eating the right quantity and variety of foods from each of the main food groups every day.

Balanced plate of good food

Food group

Proportion of
daily food intake

Daily portion allowance

Carbohydrate foods - bread, other cereals and potatoes

33 %

4-5 portions

Fruit and vegetables


At least 5 portions

Dairy products - milk and dairy foods


3 portions

Protein foods- meat, fish and alternatives


2-3 portions

Fats and sugars - foods containing fat and foods and drinks containing sugar.


1 portion

The Balance of Good Health is consistent with the UK Government’s eight tips for healthy eating, published in October 2005, which are:


Base your meals on starchy foods

Eat lots of fish.

Cut down on healthy weight.

Drink plenty of water

Don’t skip breakfast

Measuring portion size

When it comes to getting a balanced diet, it’s not easy understanding what a healthy portion looks like, after all it depends on what food you’re eating for example, a cup of pasta a day is a recommended daily portion, but not a cup of butter! It may seem time consuming to begin with but one trick is to watch what you’re eating throughout the day. Read food labels to check the serving size and nutritional value of each serving and if you’ve got time, use a food weighing scales to weigh out your portion size. Of course most of us haven’t got the time or inclination to get too bogged down at this level, so we’ve made it easy with our quick-to-view portion size guide..

Our portion size guide allows you to eyeball portions at a glance.

Food Groups

Standard Serving

Visual Equivalent


Bread, cereal, rice, pasta and potato


Healthy Living With Tescos

This is a great idea if you dont have a lot of time on your hands to plan meals and organize your budget, check it out.

Meal Plans

Welcome to our healthy meal plans. Simply select the type of plan you require and then you can print it out as a shopping list to bring in to store or click to get all the contents delivered straight to your door. Click here for our NEW Light Choices Meal Plan.

Morning: Wholegrain Cereal with fruit

60g of Tesco Healthy Living Bran Flakes, 1 serving of semi-skimmed milk (6 fl oz or 150ml), 2 tsp of honey, 5 tbs of Greek yoghurt (whole milk, plain), 1 orange, 1 banana, 180g of grapes
Afternoon: Tesco Healthy Living chicken & bacon sandwich

1 Tesco HL chicken & bacon sandwich, 150ml glass of fruit juice, 1 low fat yoghurt, 2 Tesco HL date & walnut slices, 1 apple
Evening: Spinach and ricotta tortellini with tomato sauce

1 cob of sweetcorn, 1 medium pear, 1 low fat yoghurt

1 tsp of olive oil, 60g of onion (chopped), 1 clove of garlic, 1 small tin of chopped tomatoes (200g), ½ tsp of mixed herbs, 120g of spinach and ricotta tortellini, ¾tbs of grated Parmesan cheese

Heat the oil in a non-stick pan and gently cook the onion and garlic until golden. Add the tomatoes and herbs and simmer, uncovered, for 20 minutes. Meantime, cook the tortellini following package directions, omitting any suggested fat or salt. Top the cooked pasta with the tomato sauce and sprinkle with Parmesan cheese.
Snack: Rye crispbread with hummus

1 rye crispbread, 1 tbs lower fat hummus, 6 cherry tomatoes

Day 2

Morning: Peanut butter on toast with fresh fruit & milk

3 slices of wholegrain bread, 1½ tbs of reduced fat peanut butter, 250ml of semi-skimmed milk, 1 medium pear, 1 low fat yoghurt
Afternoon: Ham salad sandwich with yoghurt

4 slices of ham (25g or 1oz each), 2 slices of wholegrain bread, 1 tomato, 2 level tbs of reduced fat mayonnaise, 1 handful of grapes, 1 low fat yoghurt, 45g of mixed dried fruit
Evening: Sweet & sour chicken

90g of brown rice, uncooked weight, 3 tablespoons of fresh carrots, 1 apple

1 large chicken fillet (around 150g or 6oz), 1 tbs of soy or tamari sauce, ½ tbs of rice vinegar, 1 tsp of tomato purée, ½ tsp of sugar, 1 tsp of cornflour, 1 clove of garlic, 1 piece of fresh ginger (1cm or 0.5 inch), 2 slices of pineapple

Cut the chicken into slices and place in a bowl. Pour over the light soy sauce, toss together and set aside to marinade. Meantime, make the sauce by mixing together the vinegar, tomato puree and sugar and set aside. Mix the cornflour into the chicken and soy sauce. Heat half of the oil in a non-stick pan and brown the chicken all over. Set aside on a plate. Heat the remaining oil and cook the crushed garlic and grated ginger for 30 seconds. Add a little water, bring to the boil and return the chicken to the pan. Stir in the sauce mixture and pineapple, cut into chunks, and cook over a low heat for 15 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.
Snack: Banana with sunflower seeds

1 banana, 3 tsp of sunflower seeds

Day 3

Morning: Wholegrain cereal with milk & mixed nuts

90g of Tesco Healthy Living Bran Flakes, 250ml of semi-skimmed milk, 2 rings of tinned pineapple, 30g of mixed nuts
Afternoon: Cottage cheese pitta with salad

2 Tesco wholemeal pitta breads, 2 tbs of low fat cottage cheese, 1 tomato, 1 serving of mixed salad leaves, 1 low fat yoghurt, 1 orange
Evening: Chicken & spinach balti

½ fresh pepper, 1 handful of mangetout, 75g of brown rice, uncooked weight, 1 banana

1 tsp of olive oil,1 large chicken fillet (around 150g or 6oz), ½ onion, 1 clove of garlic, 1 pinch of ground ginger, 1 pinch of turmeric, 1 pinch of cumin, 1 pinch of garam masala, 1 pinch of ground cardamom, 90g of baby spinach leaves

Heat half of the oil in a non-stick pan and brown the chicken pieces all over. Set aside on a plate. Heat the remaining oil and gently cook the sliced onions and crushed garlic until soft. Add all of the remaining ingredients, including the chicken, along with a little water, cover and bring to a boil. Simmer for 30 minutes. At this stage, the sauce can be liquidised using a hand-help immersion blender or in a food processor or it can be served chunky. Add the spinach to the pan, bring back to a boil and simmer for a couple of minutes, until the spinach is wilted.
Snack: Hummus with vegetable dippers

90g of hummus, 3 baby carrots, 2 stalks of celery, 100ml glass of orange juice

Day 4

Morning: Boiled egg on toast with yoghurt & fruit

2 eggs, 2 slices of wholegrain bread, 2 tsp of reduced fat olive margarine, 1 medium pear, 1 banana, 1 low fat yoghurt
Afternoon: Greek salad pitta

2 pitta breads, 60g of feta cheese, 60g of pepper, 60g of red onion, 1 serving of salad leaves, 5 black olives (pitted), 1 tomato, 3 tsp of low fat salad ressing
Evening: Tesco cottage pie with vegetables

1 Tesco cottage pie (500g), 1 cob of sweetcorn, 1 handful of mangetout, 1 plum
Snack: Poached fruit salad

1 apricot, 1 plum, 4 dried apricots, 2 dried figs, 1 pinch of cinnamon

Place the dried fruit and cinnamon in a small sauce and add enough water to half cover. Simmer for 5-10 minutes or until the fruit is slightly softened. Chop the fresh fruit into bite-sized pieces and add to the pan. Simmer for a further 5 minutes and either serve warm or at room temperature.

Day 5

Morning: Wholegrain Cereal with fruit

60g of Tesco Healthy Living Bran Flakes, 150ml of semi-skimmed milk, 2 tsp of honey, 5 tbs of Greek yoghurt (whole milk, plain), 3 fresh apricot, 180g of grapes
Afternoon: Chicken salad sandwich

120g of roast chicken, 2 tomatoes, 1 serving of mixed salad leaves, 1 level tbs of reduced fat mayonnaise, 2 wholegrain rolls, 1 banana
Evening: Birdseye steamfresh salmon with new potatoes

1 Birdseye steamfresh salmon fillet in dill sauce, 6 small new potatoes, 1 bag of Birdseye steamfresh mixed vegetables, 1 serving of mixed salad leaves, 3 tsp of low fat salad dressing, 1 low fat yoghurt, 2 plums
Snack: Popcorn snack

45g of air-popped or microwave (light) popcorn, 100ml of semi-skimmed milk

Day 6

Morning: Banana & peanut butter on toast with fruit juice

1 banana, 3 slices of wholegrain bread, 3 tsp of peanut butter, 200ml glass of orange juice
Afternoon: Tesco fresh carrot & coriander soup with wholemeal bread

½ tub of Tesco fresh carrot & coriander soup (600g) , 2 slices of wholegrain bread, 2 tsp of reduced fat olive margarine, 1 low fat yoghurt, 1 Tesco HL date & walnut slice, 200ml glass of fruit juice
Evening: Beef casserole with potatoes

1 tsp of olive oil, 120g of lean stewing steak, ½ onion, 1 clove of garlic, 60g of carrot, 60g of celery, 2 tsp of plain flour, 2 tsp of tomato puree, 1 tsp of Worcestershire sauce, 1/3 pint of vegetable stock, 1 pinch of oregano, 1 large potato (around 225g or 9oz), 90g of mushrooms

Heat the oil in a non-stick pan. Cut the stewing steak into bite-sized pieces and brown on all sides, keeping the heat high. Once browned, set aside on a plate and add the finely sliced onions, crushed garlic, diced carrot and celery to the pan. Cover with a lid and cook over a gentle heat for 10 minutes. Sprinkle over the flour and stir in well, before returning the meat, with any juices, to the pan. Add the tomato puree, Worcestershire sauce, stock, herbs and potatoes, cut into bite-sized chunks. Turn the heat low to gently simmer for 30 minutes. After this time, add the mushrooms to the casserole and simmer gently for a further 10 minutes.
Snack: Rye crispbread with tuna mayonnaise

3 rye crispbreads, 75g of tuna, canned in brine (drained), 2 spring onions, 2 tsp of reduced fat mayonnaise

Day 7

Morning: Wholegrain Cereal with toast & fruit

90g of Tesco Healthy Living Bran Flakes, 150ml of semi-skimmed milk, 2 slices of wholegrain bread, 1 tsp of reduced fat olive margarine, 2 tsp of honey, 100ml glass of fruit juice
Afternoon: Pitta with tuna salad

120g of tuna, canned in brine, drained, 1 level tbs of reduced fat mayonnaise, 2 pitta breads, 1 serving of mixed salad leaves, 1 apple
Evening: Turkey fajita with salsa & guacamole

3 apricots, 150g of turkey steak, ½ tsp of olive oil, ½ onion, ½ pepper, 3 tbs of tomato-based salsa, 90g of lower fat guacamole, 2 flour tortillas

Brush the turkey lightly with oil and grill under a pre-heated grill for around 10 minutes or until cooked through. Meantime, slice the peppers into thick strips and cut the onion into chunks. Steam the vegetables in a steamer (or use a sieve placed over a saucepan) for 8 minutes or until soft. Once soft, place the pepper slices under the grill and allow to brown slightly. Heat the flour tortilla under the grill for a couple of minutes and then spread with salsa. Fill with the turkey, cut into bite-sized pieces, onion and pepper and top with guacamole.
Snack: Rye crispbread with hummus

1 rye crispbread, 1 tbs lower fat hummus, 6 cherry tomatoes, 1 handful of grapes

Eat yourself gorgeous


Your weekly plan - For Teens

Sam Montel, our online nutritionist says: 'Pick and choose from any of the meals below to make up different weekly menus and ensure you keep your growing body in good shape - inside and out.'

You could start the week with a glass of orange juice and a large bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk and one tablespoon of raisins for a tasty breakfast.

Mid-morning snack

* Pot of low-fat rice pudding
* Drink of squash


* Jacket potato with a teaspoon of margarine or butter and baked beans
* Carton of apple juice
* One handful of grapes


* Two slices of malt loaf with margarine/butter


* Pork or chicken stir-fried with broccoli and peppers, with boiled rice or noodles
* Pot of fruit yoghurt or fromage frais

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orange juice Kick off your Tuesday with a glass of orange juice then have a soft-boiled egg and two slices of wholemeal toast with margarine or butter.

Mid-morning snack

* One banana
* Drink of water or squash


* Tuna, sweetcorn and pasta salad
* Bottle of water or carton of orange juice
* Two plums


* Bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk


* Spaghetti Bolognese with a mixed green salad
* Pot of jelly (sugar free)

cereal muesli For your midweek breakfast opt for a glass of pineapple juice before tucking into a large bowl of cereal with semi-skimmed milk and a sliced banana.

Mid-morning snack

* One apple and a drink of water or squash


* Two slices of cold pizza with mixed salad
* Bottle of water or carton of apple juice
* Bowl of strawberries


* Pot of yoghurt, glass of fruit juice or squash


* Salmon fishcakes with carrots, peas and boiled new potatoes
* Pot of low-fat chocolate mousse

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Bagel For today's breakfast toast a bagel with peanut butter or a low-sugar fruit spread, and wash it down with a glass of pineapple or apple juice.

Mid-morning snack

* One pear
* Drink of water or squash


* Wholemeal pitta bread stuffed with roast chicken and coleslaw
* Bottle of water or carton of orange juice
* One handful of grapes


* Oatcakes, houmous, raw carrots, cherry tomatoes, strips of red pepper
* Flavoured yoghurt drink


* Veggie burger with jacket potato, ratatouille and a tablespoon of grated cheese
* Sliced banana with one scoop of ice cream

apple green Have a fruity Friday by eating an apple for breakfast with a glass of pineapple or orange juice, followed by a bowl of muesli with semi-skimmed milk.

Mid-morning snack

* One banana
* Yoghurt drink


* Boiled egg and cress sandwich on wholemeal bread
* Bottle of water or carton of pineapple juice
* Small box of raisins


* Slice of banana or carrot cake
* Glass of chocolate-flavoured milk


* Pasta with turkey, peas and sweetcorn
* Pot of fruit yoghurt or fromage frais

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egg boiled The weekend starts here, so rustle up two eggs (boiled, scrambled or poached), two slices of wholemeal or granary toast with spread of your choice and have a glass of orange juice.

Mid-morning snack

* Two plain biscuits


* Chicken tikka and salad wrap
* Bottle of water or carton of apple juice
* Two plums


* Chocolate and banana smoothie (place one sliced banana, two teaspoons of drinking chocolate, 150ml of semi-skimmed milk and 150ml of yoghurt in a blender, and purée until smooth)


* Homemade beefburger (made with lean beef), oven chips, peas and a corn on the cob
* Fresh fruit salad including a satsuma, an apple, a handful of grapes and a pear

milkshake Enjoy a leisurely Sunday breakfast by tucking into a grilled bacon and tomato sandwich with granary or wholemeal toast and a banana smoothie (place one sliced banana, 150ml of semi-skimmed milk and 150ml of yoghurt in a blender, and purée until smooth).

Mid-morning snack

* One apple
* Drink of water or squash


* Soup (vegetable/lentil/tomato or carrot) and a wholemeal roll
* Bottle of water or carton of orange juice
* One pot of yoghurt and a handful of grapes


* Slice of carrot cake
* Glass of flavoured milk


* Roast chicken, boiled new potatoes, gravy and vegetables of your choice
* Apple crumble and custard (made with semi-skimmed milk)

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Snack attack

nuts mixed If you feel peckish, don't dip into the cookie jar - get a load of these...

* Handful of dried fruit and nuts
* Fresh fruit salad
* Pot of rice pudding
* Bowl of wholegrain cereal with semi-skimmed milk
* Cereal bar
* Houmous with raw vegetable sticks and pretzels
* Scoop of frozen yoghurt

Fast food

Chickpea curry Fast food is fine to have as a treat once in a while. Especially when you choose the healthier options...


* Avoid korma and massala, pilau rice, naan bread
* Go for tandoori chicken, plain rice, chapatti


* Avoid cheese, mayonnaise, chips
* Go for grilled burgers made from lean meat or fish or veggie burgers. Ask for extra salad


* Avoid battered or deep-fried options and egg-fried rice
* Go for chicken chop suey, szechuan prawns, steamed fish


* Don't ask for extra cheese!
* Go for toppings like vegetables, ham, fish and prawns

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Dieting dos

Sam says...

* Eat breakfast every day! Skipping it won't help you lose weight. It'll just have you reaching for snacks later.
* Drink water, juice, milk or smoothies instead of fizzy drinks. The normal kind are packed with sugar, and the diet kind have no nutritional benefits.
* Drink 8 glasses of water a day - it's calorie free! The symptoms of dehydration can also be mistaken for hunger pangs.
* Eat five portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Even a glass of fruit juice counts!
* The odd treat's fine, just don't base your diet solely around chips!

Dieting don'ts

Sam says...

* Don't diet! Instead, aim to get active and eat sensibly. This means eating enough starchy foods (bread, pasta), lots of fruit and veg and moderate amounts of meat, fish and dairy.
* Avoid any eating plan that restricts your intake of dairy products. Growing bones need calcium!
* Your body needs certain types of fats to look and feel healthy. But limit the saturated kind (found in foods like butter, hard cheese, fatty cuts of meat, pastry, biscuits and cakes) to an occasional treat.
* Crash diets don't work in the long term and the weight will pile back on. The best way to achieve lasting results is to adapt your lifestyle gradually.

Healthy Eating Plan Basics

Healthy Eating Plan Basics

Eating healthily isn't complicated once you know the basics. The Balance of Good Health will help you plan for a healthy diet.

Many people are unsure of what healthy eating means - not surprising when you consider the variety of, often conflicting, advice given. The following guidelines are based on the UK Government’s ‘Balance of Good Health’ and apply to most people over the age of 5. People under medical supervision or with special dietary requirements may have different needs and should check with their doctor. If you are trying to eat more healthily in order to lose weight, you'll also need to pay attention to calories.
The Balance of Good Health
Fruit & Vegetables

Eating healthily means at least 5 a day

This includes frozen, canned, dried and pure juices as well as fresh. Also included in this group are beans, including baked beans, pulses and lentils. The key for good health is to choose a wide variety - aiming for five different portions per day. A portion is approximately 80g, e.g. one medium apple or two medium plums.
Bread, Other Cereals & Potatoes

A healthy eating plan should include 5 portions daily

This group includes breakfast cereals, pasta, rice, noodles, oats and other cereals as well as bread and potatoes. You should aim to include at least one food from this group at each meal.
Milk & Dairy Foods

2-3 servings daily is the recommended healthy eating level

Milk, cheese, yoghurt and fromage frais are included in this group, but not butter, eggs and cream. Serving sizes in this group vary, depending on how concentrated the food is, e.g. 1 serving of milk is 200ml, a serving of yoghurt is 150g and a serving of cheese is 30g.
Meat Fish & Alternatives

2-3 servings daily, choose low fat if your healthy eating plan is for weight loss

This group includes eggs, poultry, and meat and fish products such as beefburgers and fishcakes. Some of these products can be high in fat - so it’s best to choose lower fat versions of products, and trim visible fat from meat and poultry. Alternatives are non-meat sources of protein such as nuts, tofu, mycoprotein, textured vegetable protein (TVP) and kidney beans.
Foods Containing Fat & Foods Containing Sugar

Eat in small quantities, 0-3 servings daily

These are foods high in fat and/or sugar. Butter, margarine, oil, mayonnaise, cream, crisps and fried foods are high in fat. Soft drinks, sweets and jam are high in sugar. Cakes, chocolate, biscuits, pastries and ice-cream are high in both. It is essential to include a small amount of fat in your diet, but most people need to eat less. The emphasis should be on unsaturated fat e.g. olive, sunflower and corn oil, rather than saturated fat which tends to come from animal products, cakes, biscuits and pastries.

My Wake Up Call

Well if i was still waiting for a wake up call to get myself back into a healthy eating and exercise routine this is it.

This picture was taken on the 19th of march , my, and il be totally honest with you, i cried when i saw it.
What scared me was that i didnt recognise the person looking back at me, this bloated and aged women couldnt possibly be me, or could it ?.

I realised just how far id let myself go, not intentionally as i always dress well, wear make up and do my hair, but my soul seems to be missing from behind my eyes. (the eyes being the window to the soul )

I have never kidded myself about being something im not, ive been a big girl for a long time, but i still felt pretty healthy and radiated with a fun personality and good skin ect, only this lady simply isnt how i see myself.

It made me think hard about where i am at the moment in my life, the loss of my son has and probably will remain to take its toll for some time, and it has changed my appearence big time in such a short time.

Not only have i been eating my anxiety, but ive lost a lot of the zest in my life, knocking the wind out of my sails and causing me to age very quickly and feel rather lethargic due to so many tears that still plague me every day.

I try my best to hide how i feel behind my make up, but i cant hide my body or my lifeless eyes so now is the time to try my best to get a grip and take back my life.
Im not kidding myself itl be easy, nor am i promising itl work right away, but at least i can try to stay focussed and give it a go.

As of tommorow im going to try to eat more sensible and il try to do 30 minutes of exercise daily, il be using my wii fit and just dance for now, just to get me back into the habit of exercising, but allowing it to be fun other than a chore so that i dont bore to easily.

So wish me luck and il keep you posted as i go along with my progress ups and downs xxx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Paranormal Insights Is Now Closed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Paranormal Insights is officially closed , sorry i never got the chance to warn anyone :( Many thanks to Ray, Bill, Max and Stevie for all their support over the years xxx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Marks Garden Pictures

I am absaloutely thrilled to bits that despite the soil not sinking on marks grave, that we finally got to dress it up a bit, personally im chuffed to bits with how its turned out :) xxx

Monday, 15 March 2010

What make up colours best suit your blue eyes ?

Before we can make any reccomendations, we must first take into consideration the other factors that surround our eyes, for e.g, skin type/tone, hair colour ,what your wearing ect ect.

For me, im a middle aged women with blonde hair, delicate skin, dark circles and fair/ yellowy type colouring.

It took me long time , but im no longer afraid to experiment with colour and i wear makeup almost every day.

To even out my skin colour i use liquid foundation, although i still havent found the perfect shade for my skin so i mix my foundations together or with high lighter to achieve a natural and flawless look to my skin, so far it works well but im still looking for the right one.

As for eye colours,
for everyday looks i like to keep my make up quite simple or at least quite pastil in colour, i take into consideration what im wearing and try to contrast or compliment my clothing and accessories.

I have been much more adventerous with my colour scheme in my clothing, hence the being brave with eye colour and lots of fun experimenting.

I love browns and greens just now in my clothing, ive just discoverd green as it was never my colour of choice, but its so accessable that i fell in love with it.
I like to contrast my eye make up with the colours so for e.g ...

If i had a fawn and brown top on, i wouldnt be afraid to wear a jade coloured eye liner,top and bottom with no eye shadow on the lids although i do use concealer reguardless.
Id keep the skin pretty natural, but add blusher with orange or peach tones to bring a lil warmth to the face and frame your lips with a nude or peach lipstick and a pale lip gloss.

As with your clothing, you can colour cordinate your makeup, you can go to your local painter and decorator store and ask for a colour wheel that they use for paint, the same colours apply in make up.
(Il explain more about this in another post.)

colour cordination e.g...

brown, green ,peach



blues,lilac, pink

blue, silver, white

black, purple,gold,all rich colours

Im sure il think of more later on but il add to this as i go along, and perhaps add a few pictures here and there x

Healthy Eating Questionaire

What if any diets and eating plans have you tried in the past ?

Which if any worked for you at the time, even if you fell off the wagon at a later date ?

What do you find most difficult about changeing your eating habits ?

What do you find the easiest thing to stick to when changeing your eating habits ?

Do you normally feel the health bennefits quite quickly , or do you feel slugish and lethargic for a while first ?

What is it that pushes you to decide to change your eating habits ?

Do you find eating a healthy diet can prove quite expensive ? if so does this put you off trying ?

Do you normally try to do some exercise whilst changing your eating habits for quicker weight loss results ?

Do you find your skin, hair and other areas of your body and health improve when you change your eating habits ?

simply copy and paste this questionaire into the comment box and fill in your answers :) x

Almost time to start gardening.

I had hoped to wait until after the frosts to get stuck into my garden, weeding and cleaning it up, but circumstances are forceing us to move ahead with it sooner rather than later.

Its quite a mess out there as its been unattended for quite some time now so im not really looking forward to the initial tidy round, but once its done and ready for planting again il be happy.

As most of you know, i lost my son in january and the cemetary where he is buried is literally outside my back garden and his plot is right over the fence to us.
Due to the many regulations that the council now has on its plots, we have only a space of 9 inches by 27 to dress up and decorate.

So we have decided to carry on his memory in our garden as an extention of his plot, where we can put ornaments and garden lights ect in amongst our plants and bushes and plaques on our fences.

It would have been marks 21 birthday in june, so those that want to, have been invited to bring something for the garden in his memory and im really looking forward to seeing everything laid out.

Anyway, back to the main topic,
il try to remember to take some before and after pictures when i make a start out there, so watch this space for that, and if you are renovating, changing or just cleaning up your garden in the not too distant future, why not send us some pictures to look at :) x

Sunday, 14 March 2010

My Mother's Day

Well i think i managed pretty well considering ,
it didnt really dawn on me until saturday that this would be my first mothers day without my son, and even then it took my daughter to ask if i wanted his name put on my cards before it hit home.

I was busy putting my make up on, getting ready to go to a friends for a drink when the reality kicked me in the gut, my heart just melted and the tears poured out and i didnt think they would stop, but they did and i went out and had the greatest night, thanks to good friends and family support.

Today, on mothers day, i had until late afternoon before i even thought about doing the "mammy thing" so i potterd around and kept myself busy, had a leisurely bath, dolled myself up and got myself together by about 2.45 pm.

My beautiful girls spoiled me rottern with cards and gifts, knowing just the right things to write and say that touches the heart, they bought me a wonderful c.d called "forever friends , mum " and we played it whilst i opened my things.

Without fail i cried, i cant help it, im a softy for my family, but today was very emotional.
Instinctively they both knew where my heart was and they wernt going to allow me to crumble on my special day, so they both grabbed hold of me and slow danced me all around my front room.
By the end of the song we were all in tears, but it was the most beautiful experience and one il never forget, my little soldiers, holding me up, amazeing.

All in all it was a wonderful day, my mam came over and recieved her gifts and my brother and family came over to present her with their gifts , so it helped take the pressure off i think.

For the first time in a long time i can say out loud again, i feel truely blessed, despite my son not being here in the physical, i know he was here for me today and every day.
Im a very proud mam xxx

Friday, 12 March 2010

When is it the right time ?

Is there ever a right time to move on after the loss of a loved one ?
One thing i do know is that time stands still for no man or women in reality, although it has in my mind.
I have taken to living each day as it comes and learning to take nothing for granted, i never really knew how lonely i was until now, despite having the same family and friends about me.

My world is about to take yet another big turn around, after 20 years of careing for someone and never leaving my home alone for the last five of them, i have to get out there and find a job.

To say i find that pretty daunting is an understatement, infact it scares the crap out of me, but like my j.p said, its time i got a life and started thinking about my own needs for a change, so i have a couple of weeks to look about and get used to the idea before its all taken out of my hands.

Speaking of which, i have never felt so out of things as i do right now, it seems everything is out of my control, my whole life as i know/knew it has turned on its head and theres nothing i can do about it.

On a lighter note , it seems my girls are copeing as best they can and are at least moving on with their lives im pleased to say, my youngest has just been swept off her feet big time by a wonderful guy and shes over the moon.

My girls both certainly deserve a bit of happiness, lets hope they get their fair share after all they have been through, i love them sooooo much .

I guess i just need to get used to the idea that our lives are going to be very different from now on and try to adjust accordingly, so please bare with me whilst i embark on yet another new journey in my life xxx

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Quick Fix Earring Organization

Have you ever thought what would be a cheap yet fun way to display your earrings ?
Well here is one idea that is so simple anyone can do it, its practical, fun and will add a splash of colour to your room.

I took an old photo frame for this, removed the glass and any packageing from behind the frame.
I then took a push pin to create the holes to put my earrings through, its an ideal size for most stud type earrings.

Your earring holder will take less than five minutes to create and another five to add your earrings to it, depending on the size of frame and how many earrings you have of course.

The good thing about this project is, if you dont have an old photo frame laying about anywhere, they are cheap enough to go to your local store and buy one , if you get a plain wooden one you can paint it or decorate it up to suit your needs :).

I hope you like this idea, il be back with more fun ideas soon .

Over Door Valet- space saveing

Size 22" Wide - 32" High.

This over the door valet system is a real must if space is an issue in your home,
i have one of these that i use on the back of the door in my dressing room , its ideal for storeing shoes, coats, bags, boxes and much more.

Check out how mine is being used right now, the beauty of this gadget is that it can be fixed to the inside of a closet if you have the space and makes a great closet tidy.

I purchased mine a few months back on ebay, it runs at around £20.00 but im sure you could find them cheaper else where, personally i think its worth its money and is perfect for many different uses.

This could be used in a hall as a coat and shoe tidy, it could be used in a craft room for storeing and hanging your bits and pieces, even your bathroom if used with boxes ect, the uses are endless and a real must for the likes of students or sml appartments .

Let me know what you think :) x

Sunday, 7 March 2010

jewellry organization

How do you organize and store your jewellry ?
There are many ways to store your jewellry, depending on how much you have and what size the jewellry is.
Also if your like me and like to have your jewellry on show, youl need to find a practical , yet fun way to display it.

Here is one simple solution and a fabulous idea that has many uses.

I love to see a smorgusboard full of colour and if my guests are anything like me, id want to riffle through and check out all the pieces , so my first simple solution was a cork board to hang on the wall.

I thought about what space i had, as i would have loved to have been able to buy display stands and have my jewellry on show on my counter and shelf space, but both are very limited so i looked to the walls and found all the space i needed.

A simple cork board will cost you around two pounds, then all you need is some push pins to stick in and hang your jewellry on.

When i did my first board, i used to keep all my necklaces and earrings in their original packages and pushed the pins through the packageing to keep them nice and safe, but as i quickly found out, the packaging takes up space so it had to go, or the majority did anyway.

I tried my best to pair the necklaces with earings , so if i had a long necklace id pin the earrings in the middle of the drop, the same went with same colours or contrasting colours of necklaces , id layer the necklaces so that they hung from one and other.

Because space had become so tight and the board was looking shabby and mish mashy, i decided to remove most of my earrings from the board and stored them else where.
I will post pictures and do a sml write up on that in the next day or so.

Im hopeing to get my new board tommorow so il be able to split my jewellry up so that it has more show and its a lot more practical, just treat your dressed boards as new wall hangings and enjoy the colour and texture it brings to the room.

Il be back with other ideas at a later date :) x

p.s here is my new board

The Head Stone Is On

On wednesday the 3rd of march my sons headstone was placed on his grave, we actually watched the guy fix it and clean it from our bedroom window.

It feels more real now, something to look at and somewhere to go other than just stareing at a mound of earth.
The ground is finally sinking but it still has a little way to go before we can safetly decorate how wed like.

The stone mason did a magnificent job and gave us the bargain of the century, my only dissapointment is that the musical notes we asked to be put on it are very small and dont look nothing like i expected.

Im not pokeing blame any where, the guy did say he hadnt done musical notes before, not the way we had asked for anyway, but i wont be beat, il either get used to them or il find something else to cover them with.

Its nice now to look out my back bedroom window and see his name on the stone in big letters , as unfortunately the back of the stone is faceing our window so we had his name and a verse put on the back so it wasnt bare.
We will be adding to the space below in time, im just glad his grave is marked, with the respect he so deserves, il take a picture to show you once its all prepared and looking nice, once the ground settles a little more . x

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Create A Cake Stand From Plates And Cups

I found this great HOW TO on threadbangers,
if you like vintage things or just like to be practical and creative, this is a real treat for you.

If you like this and try it out, please post your pictures to show us how yours turned out.

To view the video just hit the header of this post .

Spring Cleaning Your Book Case

A fun way to spruce things up a bit this spring and add a little colour to your room is a simple tip that is quite effective.

Remove all the books from your shelves,
give them a good clean with your natural cleaning products,
then take the time to arrange all your books into matching colours according to their spines.

So for e.g,
put all blue spines together, starting with the darkest blue through to the lightest,
then do the same for all your other books.

How you put them back on your shelves determines your new look , so for eg ...
you may have all brown spines standing to the left of your shelf, so you might want to lay all orange books down with the spines faceing out, then all orange spines standing to the right of the same shelf.

I hope you get the idea, add in a few ornaments and the odd small plant , it can really give your room or desk a really great new spring look :).

Natural Anti Mould Spray

You need two drops of tea tree oil and 1 cup of water, pour into a spray bottle and your good to go.

Pregnant women should consult their gp about using tea tree oil.

Natural glass cleaner

Mix a 1/4 cup of distilled white vinegar,
1 tablespoon of corn startch
1 1/4 of warm water

Carefully poor into a spray bottle and your good to go.

A tip from me,
the white vinegar and warm water does just as good without the corn startch, i use it every couple of months to help cut through the build up of cleaning product on my glass tables ect.

(It wont be long before i kiss goodbye to the shop bought stuff now )

Natural All Purpose Scrub

Mix equal parts of distilled white vinegar and salt and just scrub with a natural cloth.
The salt acts as a mild abrasive, it wont scratch but it does lift dirt, always wipe clean afterwards with a clean wet cloth.
You can store your mixed scrub in a plastic or glass container for future use.

Vodka As A Household Product

I was suprised to learn just how versatile vodka really is,
other than it being the nectar of the gods and my favourite tipple :) its been known to do some pretty amazing things.

Vodka is a dissinfectant,
it will clean up red wine stains,
Put it in a spray bottle and it will kill wasps and bees
You can even use it to spray your upholsterd fabric and it will refresh the fabric without leaving toxic fumes, its not harmful in anyway as the alcahol evaporates.

You can even use vodka as an astringant and facial cleanser, it actually tightens the pores :) x

White Vinegar And Its Uses

White vinegar can be used to clean your kitchen benches, your floors, your windows and almost every surface in your home.
You can add it to water by putting it in a spray bottle and clean with a microfibre cloth. You can add essential oils to create a nicer smell although the white vinegar smell dicpates quite quickly.

A Great Natural Drain Cleaner

Apple cider and baking soda make for a great drain cleaner.
Try 2 to 1 table spoon ratio of apple cider to baking powder to create a foam and pour it down your sinks, toilets, outside drains.
After 15 minutes flush through with hot water and your done.

You can even bath in this stuff to detoxify your skin and it will clean the bath after you :).

Substituting Chemicals For Natural Products

Chemicals in our cleaners can be quite harmful to us in many ways so i decided i would try to find more natural products that we can substitute those harmful items with.

If you know of any healthy cleaning substitutes that you would like to share, im sure a lot of folk will be greatful :).

1. Avoid anything with amonia in it, its used for cutting grease BUT it also contributes to the cause of athsma.
One option to choose instead is vinegar.

2.Chlorene is commonly used as a dissinfectant BUT not only can it irratate your lungs and skin, but it can be lethal if ingested.
Look instead for products that use lemon juice or tea tree oil.

For any kind of deoderizer, opt for bicarbonate of soda and essential oils .

Natural Cleaning with White Distilled Vinegar

These tips were taken from a you tube video, check it out .

White distilled Vinegar can be used to clean countertops , tables , computers and children toys too.

100 % Natural
100 % Safe

And you can mix :
500 ml of Vinegar
1 teaspoon baking soda
or 1 teaspoon of lemon oil

Smells great , kills bacteria and reduce bacterial fungi growth.

Give it a try -

How To- Clean Using Toothpaste

To remove grubby, sticky and dirty marks from your door frames, light switches and skirting boards ect,take a damp cloth soaked in bicarbonate of soda, wring out and add a spot of tooth paste to the cloth and commence rubbing on the marks.

Once you are happy with the result, wipe over with a clean cloth to remove any residue and you should be good to go :)

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Lets have a think about what we might like to get for our mothers on this special day, some of us will just ask what they might like for a gift, whilst others will just go out and buy something they think their mother may like or use.
However, there is always the option of the personal touch, a gift or a card created by your own hands, in my view there is nothing better, but realistically not everyone has the time to be creative so lets compile a list of gift ideas that may help if your stuck this year.

First and formost on my list is flowers or a pot plant



Clothing items

Beauty products

Skin products

Bath products

Foot care- as in foot spa or some foot care products

Vouchers are a great idea
you can get vouchers for almost anything these days, including ...




Beauty treatments and therapies

Hair products

Then there are the "cutsie items" that i still love even though my youngest is 18 now ,
Teddy Bears with "i love mam" on (or words along those lines )

Quirky fuzzy flowers with smiley faces

Little ornaments or trinket boxes.

Then there are things like a Meal Out, or perhaps a family get together and a nice meal in, just pamper your mam on her special day and let her know how much she is appreciated.

If you can think of any more nice ideas for mothers day please feel free to add them here.
If you do have time to get creative, why not check out my "Mothers Day Hamper" Tutorial, just click on the title of this page to be taken to the tutorial page.
Have fun .x

My Mothers Day Hamper Tutorial

Check out this simple and inexpensive gift idea for mothers day,
i hope you enjoy it, let me know what you think :)

Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Junk Jewellry - absaloutely or no go ?

I dont know about you guys but i have a serious junk jewellry fetish, it only took hold around november last year but trust me i have been gathering quite a nice little collection.
Not bad for someone who never changed her jewellry from a gold chain and hoop earings in years eh :).

Once the clothes bug hit me just prior to this, accessories were a must, i still tend to stick with just earings and necklaces but im not frightened of bold beads and strong colours, along with a lot of softer colours i have.

I prefer longer necklaces that hang down past my cheast for two reasons, one to break up any plainess in my clothing and the other because im not the petitist of ladies and chokers are a definate no no for me lol.

Seriously though, i wear a lot of long line tops, mainly one or two colours so i like to accessorise with contrasting or slightly lighter / darker colours to help break them up.
Because im a lrg lady, i unfortunately have a lrg cheast to match, so i prefer my necklaces not to stop at my cheast level, but to flow way past and onto my rib level.
Thats not to say i dont wear necklaces that sit at my neck or on my cheast, i just prefer longer ones.

Why not share your preferences in jewellry with us, you may even want to share pictures of your favourite pieces and where you purchased them and how much they were, that would be fantastic.
I will share some pictures of some of my jewellery in a later post and try to remember where i got them from , but in the mean time the picture above is a very disorganised version of my jewllery board, eek lol .
Have fun and i hope to hear from you soon.