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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Lets have a think about what we might like to get for our mothers on this special day, some of us will just ask what they might like for a gift, whilst others will just go out and buy something they think their mother may like or use.
However, there is always the option of the personal touch, a gift or a card created by your own hands, in my view there is nothing better, but realistically not everyone has the time to be creative so lets compile a list of gift ideas that may help if your stuck this year.

First and formost on my list is flowers or a pot plant



Clothing items

Beauty products

Skin products

Bath products

Foot care- as in foot spa or some foot care products

Vouchers are a great idea
you can get vouchers for almost anything these days, including ...




Beauty treatments and therapies

Hair products

Then there are the "cutsie items" that i still love even though my youngest is 18 now ,
Teddy Bears with "i love mam" on (or words along those lines )

Quirky fuzzy flowers with smiley faces

Little ornaments or trinket boxes.

Then there are things like a Meal Out, or perhaps a family get together and a nice meal in, just pamper your mam on her special day and let her know how much she is appreciated.

If you can think of any more nice ideas for mothers day please feel free to add them here.
If you do have time to get creative, why not check out my "Mothers Day Hamper" Tutorial, just click on the title of this page to be taken to the tutorial page.
Have fun .x

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