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Sunday, 25 November 2012

A Face Lift For Wendy's World

I thought it was about time i gave this place a bit of a spruce up, lord knows its been a while.
Im quite pleased with how it looks right now, it makes a change from the girly girl approach, it certainly looks and feels more grown up (must be a maturing thing ) or maybe its just how i feel at the time lol.

Anyway, i hope you like it and can read and see everything clearly, any problems let me know and il do my best to accomidate you.
Im debating whether to change the header picture to match our grown up look, i think il put it on my agenda for when time allows, until then, see you in the mail.

Stay safe and happy xxx

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Time to reflect and take stock

I have been taking stock a lot lately about how lost and empty i have become.

At this time of year i get to thinking about my son, my girls, my family and my life, and it finally dawned on me the other day that it will be three years this January since we said goodbye to my son mark , 3 years already, wow.

Then i get a second kick in the gut when i realised how much time has been wasted, how much of ourselves we have lost to grief, anger, weakness and pain and how much less we are than the people we were before.

Dont get me wrong, this blog post is not about self pity, its simply a wake up call and my expression of it.

Grief or loss wakes you up to things you took for granted before, it helps you see so much clearer what is important in life and how trivial the small issues really are.

My youngest daughter and i were having a heart to heart the other day about a period of time where our friends and loved ones felt it was a safe time to tell us (individually and at seperate times ) just how different we'd become and not in a good way, like wed lost our personalities and the love for life ect.

Well in hindsight its fair to say they were right in a way, only we didnt see it as a bad thing, how could they possibly understand the emptiness we were feeling or the way we had learned to blow off the trivial things that to be fair were still part of their everyday life.

When you are affected by loss or grief, its almost as if you've been touched, sectioned out from everyone else who has never been through it.
You put up barriers and become very self contained, your main concern is your loved ones and making sure they are ok and coping despite any little dramas going on around you.
It kind of becomes a non intentional selfish barrier, although saying that, it certainly doesnt stop you from being aware of others problems and troubles, but deciphering whats genuine and whats trvial becomes second nature in deciding whether to act or get involved.

The tole something like this has on families and indeed individuals is very different for everyone, but for us, we became lost sheep and for the most part were still wandering.

 My eldest daughter, her life has been put on hold, she cant seem to move forward, shes so engulfed in the pain and anger and loss thats shes just stuck,luckily she has good friends who support her.
She has a job interview on friday so fingers crossed that's the start of her moving forward with her life :).

My youngest daughter has been very lucky in the respect that she has outside interests to keep her going, she goes to Uni and works Three nights a week, has a good man who loves her and a great circle of friends to support her.
That said, i still worry about her as shes so deep and they will both keep things from me rather than upset me with it, sad but true, they love me so much.

My husband has basically shut himself off in his own world, hes kept his fishing hobby which gives him a break and a chance to be with old friends and he enjoys a drink with our friends on a saturday but the lads keep pretty much to themselves.

Hes lost his love for D.I.Y, he loved to be busy, making things either in the home or for the garden but thats long gone, he actually gets annoyed when hes asked to do something like decorating ect and weve both become pretty laid back about both the house and garden which is so unlike us.

Me, well i just feel like ive had the stuffing knocked out of me, i find it so hard to stay focussed these days, i get confused easily and suffer from anxiety when trying something new or going out anywhere.
Ive had back issues for yrs but because of my lack of exercise or getting out my weight has ballooned and so the back problems have worsened, making everyday house hold chores a painful effort for me.
My husband does all the main heavy chores bless him.

So how does one try to pick up the pieces after something like this ?
One step at a time, literally.

I will address my own issues and try to involve the rest of the family in it, hoping to encourage them to want to try the same or similar efforts to get back into the land of the living with me.
Naturally they will do their own thing in their own time but hopefully if i set some goals for myself they will be supportive and join me.

For me its about going back to basics,
Getting back into some routine at home would be a big help, 
a cleaning schedule and organization are top priority.
Then we need to address a healthy eating plan, its hard on a tight budget but if we pull together for meal ideas we should pull it off.
Then getting out of this house more often, short walks, visiting friends and family would not only help with my weight but will stop me from feeling hemmed in a lot of the time.
A gentle or fun exercise regime is a must, must try to rope friends and family in on it for support as i get bored easily.
Building up my confidence and setting myself small challenges should help with anxiety and help my memory or to stay more foccussed.
Still look for work and encourage my hubby to do the same as it can get a bit soul destroying after a while with no luck.
Keep my website and this blog updated with more personal posts and achievements to help me to succeed and challenge myself more.

If you have experienced anything similar and have managed to come out the other end and rebuild your lives, id love to hear about it.
Thanks for reading xxx

Feeling a little Humbled right now

My youngest daughters fella and i were having a conversation tonight about weird dreams ect that ultimately led to conversations about Seances and Ouija boards and then to my experiences with Spirit and such. 

 Talking about my many different experiences with spirit and the paranormal has humbled me no end and made me remember just how privileged i have been to be honored with such trust and insight, even though its been a roller coaster of emotions for both myself and the people involved. 

I have seen and experienced some wonderful things, i have earned the trust and devotion of many people who have asked for my help in the past, although not every experience has been a good one and may have given the most hardened skeptic nightmares. These experiences have taught me, honor, respect, honesty, self control, and a lot of different ways to view the world both as a believer and a skeptic.

 I realised tonight just how much i miss being involved, but spirit is the teacher, it knows when one is too weak or lacks the strength to carry on in a meaningful and non harmful manner and will almost certainly shut you down to help you heal if neccessary. 

I have not lost my gifts, however i have lost my confidence which keeps me from jumping back in with feet first but im glad as i know im not strong enough to be as involved as i once was right now. 

Its funny how much we take for granted even in situations like mine, i remember writing my answer to a post i put on here yesterday about whether it might be possible to sense death before it happens. I wrote my answer so matter of factly and without issue that when i read it back to myself it made me take stock.

 How does someone say they can sense terminal illness and know how long they have left to live without flackering, like its nothing ?
 Its Megga, its not normal, its horrible and yet i can do that and have done on several occasions.
 It must have sounded so callous and unforgiving, but trust me its not.

 Im emphatic, which means i feel their pain, anxiety, the tole the illness has took apon that body and ultimately how they feel about themselves at that time.
 I can read the pain on someones face, or see the lost soul behind the eyes, struggling and hanging on even though some just wish to go to sleep and not wake up to end the suffering both for themselves and their families.
 So no, its not something i take lightly and i have no idea why i have been left with it only to say, for those i have told it has been a blessing to the families, its helped prepare them and it gives them real insight into whats truely going on with that person.

 I hope this helps explain a little about what being sensitive involves and how it effects me as an individual as we are all very different when it comes to this kind of thing. 
 Thanks for reading xxx

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Thinking of you Son

Well weve had halloween, one of your favourite times of the year and today is bon fire night which we know you loved dearly. We often giggle about you riding around on the rockets in the sky and just playing havock and having a ball. This time of year is so hard, all these wonderful occasions that you loved dearly remind us of happy times with you, but that can make us miss you even more. Your sisters are still struggling with christmas, they said if it wasnt for your memory they just wouldnt do christmas any more, how sad is that? I on the other hand have lost my bah humbug attitude of stressing and worrying about christmas, now i look forward to putting up as many decorations i can and trying to improve on it every year, simply because i know you can still see them and i know you would love it. Any way, il send you another message soon on your face book as youl be in our thoughts daily, in the mean time , take care and remember we love you Mark xxx

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Getting on top of Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween this year or are you still running around like a headless horseman trying to decide what to wear, how to decorate your home and what goodies to put on for your ghoulish guests?.

Never fear, It's all about you can help, 
check out our section on all Halloween Time topics, im sure you will find something to help you out.
Have fun and stay safe my halloween fiends xxx

Halloween is apon us !

Who doesnt love the excitement of halloween ?
 lots of creepy fun things going on and lots of friends to freak out.

Why not check out our 

Have fun and stay safe everyone xxx

Introducing TaySte Cake !

Please check out our latest Blog friends from "TaySte Cake" under Some of my favourite links.

" TaySte Cake is a small home based cake making business, providing personalised cakes for all occasions at cheap prices.

Based in Bedlington, Northumberland, TaySte caters to all surrounding areas.
TaySte Cake consists of me (Stephen Bowering) and my partner (Steven May).

I make the cakes and Steven runs all the business side of things.
This blog will serve as a personal 'behind the scenes' account of everything that goes on behind closed doors at TaySte Cake. "

TaySte Cakes

Friday, 5 October 2012

Changes at It's All About You Chat Community

It's All About You was given a new lease of life a few months back, we expanded Massively on our forums adding a wider range of topics and chat opportunies .

So if  you interested in sharing thoughts and ideas on Health and Beauty, Fashion , Family, House and Home, Recipes, General Chat ,Debates , the Paranormal and much more, then join our Chat Community Here.
.It's All About You.

please come in and look around, im sure youl find something of interest, if you enjoy forums, this is the place to be.
Enjoy !

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What would you do ?

If you were able to do whatever you wanted for a day... and not have to worry about the distance or the money or anything... what would you do?

Do you have a favourite family dish ?

Does your family have a special secret recipe handed down through the generations or just a favourite meal that you are well known for , if so what are they ?

Death Penalty Debate

What are your views on the death penalty ?
 Do you believe two wrongs make a right in cases such as murder ect ?

 Im pretty much on the fence with this, do i believe in an eye for an eye, or two wrongs making a right ?
 im not so sure. I cant say how i would feel if someone hurt or killed one of my loved ones, sure im human, id want revenge, but is their death the answer and what hole would it fill ?
ok im rambling now, like i said i just dont know, il sit on the fence a bit longer i think and see what else people think x

Conspiracey Theories - debate

What are your thoughts and views on conspiracey theories, do you believe theres any truth in them or is it just a ploy to scare people ? let us know what you think ? I have some pretty strong views on certain areas of the conspiracey field, whilst others seem a lil far fetched,but the secret is to study the claims from many sources, not pass judgement on a first glance. Do i believe in Aliens ? yep i sure do , do i belive in government cover ups ? you bet i do xxx

sex before or after marriage ? - debate

what are your views on this topic ? Personally id rather the younguns try before they buy these days, thats not to say i agree with kids just giving themselves freely to every tom , dick and harry, but i think that the sanctimony of marriage and engagement has lost value to the younger generation. id be quite happy for my girls to live with their partners before they contemplated marriage, its not something they would do likely as both like their own space and both have enough decencey to do it on their own terms. Basically id rather they did that than get married too quickly to someone they dont really know and have a messy divorce hanging around their neck or worst case sinario, stay married and misserable just to save face.

Should life mean life ? - debate

Here in the uk if you are served a life sentance you will get twenty five yrs , its very rare that you will serve that full sentance, its more likely to be halfed or less with good behaviour. In the usa, life means life, mostly served without the right to parole, even if you get sentanced to life with the possibilty of parole it takes a long long time for them to even consider it. Why is it so different in each country and what in your opinion is the correct answer, should life mean life ? or is the sentance just a mockery to those left behind? x

Should prostitution be legalised ? - debate

What do you think, would legalising prostitution and making all prostitutes submit to sdt testing help make it safer or just cause more problems ? Share your views with us x

Todays violence - debate

How much truth is there do you think that video games, religion and the media have a masive inpact on violence in our youths and others today ? Should we just discount the idea as crap and making excuses, or should we take stock and wonder where the ideas for the actions come from ?

Homosexuality - debate or not to debate ?

Homosexuality is a topic with many different opinions. Most have to do with Religion,Gender,Personal thoughts and Beliefs and Myths / Rumours. Personally i dont have a problem with gay couples/people as long as they keep their feelings for each other for their own private time . What are your views ?

what is your opinion on extraterrestial life and ufo visitations ?

I strongly believe that there are other entities sharing this world with us and they have been for a lot longer than we think. Their purpose, to heal the planet and to bring everyone together in one state of mind and peace. However the opposite idea of them wanting to destroy the planet or take over may seem more exciting, but in reality, if they are as far advanced in their knowledge and being as told, then why havent they just destroyed us before now ? ooooh i love a good debate x

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Howdy Folks - New Challenge

Long time no see my friends, i must appologise as its been a really hectic year already and its no where near getting any easier just yet. However ive been wanting to get back on here for a while now but ive been very indecisive about what i want to do next. Im in two minds whether to give up my website or to put as much of the content on here as is plausable, but then my third mind tells me to just give its content to another site, GRRRRR whats a girl to do ???? Anyway before i beat myself up over that decision any more today, i thought id share with you the challenge i set myself over the weekend. I decided that i was going to shop my own stock of toiletries and try my damnest not to purchase anything i dont need no matter how tempting it is. Now weve been doing very well with embracing our frugal lives as far as making my own soap powder/liquids and softner , plus cleaning solutions for my kitchen ect, but im excited to move on to hand and body lotions and soaps ect but i want to use up everything we have before i do so im not tempted to bottle out or have waste. I love experimenting with home made things and so far i havent been dissapointed, but we have a ton of products to use up first that ive either bought or weve recieved as gifts ect. My youngest daughter who is almost 21, is practically trying every brand of brand named shampoo, conditioner and body washes at the moment and i have to admit, sometimes i cant resist the urge to try it at least once. Luckily for me i appreciate she buys her stuff with her own money there for it is hers and i dont abuse the fact, as much as she would let me so my challenge will be both fun and pretty daunting at the same time. Pop back to find out how it goes in future posts, all the best xxx