It's All About You !

It's All About You !
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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Sundays Update

Today ive been feeling really hungry on and off through out the day, so i started my morning with a ham sandwich on brown bread.

Later at lunch time i had 1/2 a bowl of branflakes,dried fruit and half a banana.

For tea i had 1 and a half jacket potatoes, with salad and il confess to having some low fat marg on them also as the potatoes wernt nice, rather powdery.

Tonight ive had yet another ham sandwich, (i know ,i know too much bread )
and a packet of go ahead buiscuits and i feel pretty stuffed right now.

So not a particularly great food day, but i guess it could have been a lot worse,
one thing that will keep me motivated is my sneak peak at my weightloss.
In 5 days i have lost 9lbs yipeeeeee, dont worry im not fooling myself that its all fat loss, i know most of that will be water, but it is my biggest weightloss ever for the first week and im chuffed to raggy ribbons :).

no exercise again today folks, still feel crappy with this cold, but im going to try to get out a bit with my daughter tommorow if i can manage it x

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