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Sunday, 7 March 2010

jewellry organization

How do you organize and store your jewellry ?
There are many ways to store your jewellry, depending on how much you have and what size the jewellry is.
Also if your like me and like to have your jewellry on show, youl need to find a practical , yet fun way to display it.

Here is one simple solution and a fabulous idea that has many uses.

I love to see a smorgusboard full of colour and if my guests are anything like me, id want to riffle through and check out all the pieces , so my first simple solution was a cork board to hang on the wall.

I thought about what space i had, as i would have loved to have been able to buy display stands and have my jewellry on show on my counter and shelf space, but both are very limited so i looked to the walls and found all the space i needed.

A simple cork board will cost you around two pounds, then all you need is some push pins to stick in and hang your jewellry on.

When i did my first board, i used to keep all my necklaces and earrings in their original packages and pushed the pins through the packageing to keep them nice and safe, but as i quickly found out, the packaging takes up space so it had to go, or the majority did anyway.

I tried my best to pair the necklaces with earings , so if i had a long necklace id pin the earrings in the middle of the drop, the same went with same colours or contrasting colours of necklaces , id layer the necklaces so that they hung from one and other.

Because space had become so tight and the board was looking shabby and mish mashy, i decided to remove most of my earrings from the board and stored them else where.
I will post pictures and do a sml write up on that in the next day or so.

Im hopeing to get my new board tommorow so il be able to split my jewellry up so that it has more show and its a lot more practical, just treat your dressed boards as new wall hangings and enjoy the colour and texture it brings to the room.

Il be back with other ideas at a later date :) x

p.s here is my new board

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