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Sunday, 14 March 2010

My Mother's Day

Well i think i managed pretty well considering ,
it didnt really dawn on me until saturday that this would be my first mothers day without my son, and even then it took my daughter to ask if i wanted his name put on my cards before it hit home.

I was busy putting my make up on, getting ready to go to a friends for a drink when the reality kicked me in the gut, my heart just melted and the tears poured out and i didnt think they would stop, but they did and i went out and had the greatest night, thanks to good friends and family support.

Today, on mothers day, i had until late afternoon before i even thought about doing the "mammy thing" so i potterd around and kept myself busy, had a leisurely bath, dolled myself up and got myself together by about 2.45 pm.

My beautiful girls spoiled me rottern with cards and gifts, knowing just the right things to write and say that touches the heart, they bought me a wonderful c.d called "forever friends , mum " and we played it whilst i opened my things.

Without fail i cried, i cant help it, im a softy for my family, but today was very emotional.
Instinctively they both knew where my heart was and they wernt going to allow me to crumble on my special day, so they both grabbed hold of me and slow danced me all around my front room.
By the end of the song we were all in tears, but it was the most beautiful experience and one il never forget, my little soldiers, holding me up, amazeing.

All in all it was a wonderful day, my mam came over and recieved her gifts and my brother and family came over to present her with their gifts , so it helped take the pressure off i think.

For the first time in a long time i can say out loud again, i feel truely blessed, despite my son not being here in the physical, i know he was here for me today and every day.
Im a very proud mam xxx

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