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Thursday, 25 October 2012

Getting on top of Halloween

Are you ready for Halloween this year or are you still running around like a headless horseman trying to decide what to wear, how to decorate your home and what goodies to put on for your ghoulish guests?.

Never fear, It's all about you can help, 
check out our section on all Halloween Time topics, im sure you will find something to help you out.
Have fun and stay safe my halloween fiends xxx

Halloween is apon us !

Who doesnt love the excitement of halloween ?
 lots of creepy fun things going on and lots of friends to freak out.

Why not check out our 

Have fun and stay safe everyone xxx

Introducing TaySte Cake !

Please check out our latest Blog friends from "TaySte Cake" under Some of my favourite links.

" TaySte Cake is a small home based cake making business, providing personalised cakes for all occasions at cheap prices.

Based in Bedlington, Northumberland, TaySte caters to all surrounding areas.
TaySte Cake consists of me (Stephen Bowering) and my partner (Steven May).

I make the cakes and Steven runs all the business side of things.
This blog will serve as a personal 'behind the scenes' account of everything that goes on behind closed doors at TaySte Cake. "

TaySte Cakes

Friday, 5 October 2012

Changes at It's All About You Chat Community

It's All About You was given a new lease of life a few months back, we expanded Massively on our forums adding a wider range of topics and chat opportunies .

So if  you interested in sharing thoughts and ideas on Health and Beauty, Fashion , Family, House and Home, Recipes, General Chat ,Debates , the Paranormal and much more, then join our Chat Community Here.
.It's All About You.

please come in and look around, im sure youl find something of interest, if you enjoy forums, this is the place to be.
Enjoy !