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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Home Organization Questions Answerd

If you have specific questions about home organization, perhaps for a specific room or a certain project ect ect , feel free to post them here and wel see what answers we can come up with for you.
Who knows we may all learn something new and you know the old saying is definately true, " two (or more )heads are definately better than one " :)
I look forward to hearing from you x

Basic Home Organization

As with most of us, you probably have quite busy and hectic lives, leaving very little or limited amount of time for organization.
The simplest solution i have found is to choose a room, (the one that needs the most organization ) or the one that is seen most ,and make yourself a list of to do's.

Start off by allowing yourself 15 - 30 mins per job per day just so that it doesnt become tedious and start to feel like a chore, if you can manage more or compleate the task for that day with ease, then give yourself a pat on the back and plan what your going to do tommorow.

The hardest thing about organization is throwing things away, especially for any hoarders out there, so you need to set yourself some limits as to what to keep and how you will use it.

A simple tip is to set up three boxes, bags or tubs, label them " to keep " ," to share " and "to dump ".
Depending on what it is you are organizing youl soon get the hang of it, for example...
say it was clothes you were organizing from your wardrobe or drawers, make a rule of thumb that if you havent worn the item in the last year, your very unlikely to wear it again, so either pass it on to friends or a charity shop, recycle or bin it.

If its an item thats out of season, say for example , a jumper in summer time, either put them into storage for next winter or give it away or dump it, its that simple.

These rules apply to products to, for example, hair care, skin care and make up.
If its time your bathroom or bedroom dresser is due a good clean out and some organization, apply the same rules.

If you havent used it in 6 months, your very unlikely to and remember, these items have dates on too so be vigillant on what you keep and what you share, if they are out of date, dump them.
Just because you didnt like a product or it didnt suit your needs at the time, think on, a friend or a charity shop may be glad of them.

This is just a very basic look at how to get into and view the possibillities of organizing your home, there is a lot more to it such as how to store items, where to store them, where to purchase items for storage and ideas on storage, so bare with me and il do some more relevent posts on organization in the not to distant future .

Saturday, 27 February 2010

What are your favourite makeup brands and why ?

Do you have a particular favourite brand in make up that you stick with religiously, or are you like me and like to try several or even many more different types ?.

As much as i watch make up videos on the like of Mac and Nars and other big brand name products , my budget just doesnt warrent spending that kind of money on what i class as my guilty pleasure .
However, that doesnt stop me from collecting great tips and ideas on what colours to group together and what works well on things i may not have tried before.

I do have sensitive skin so i have to be very careful what i put on my face, but that doesnt stop me from trying and buying different products, whether it be store bought or off ebay.

From my teenage years i used nothing but Avon, as it seemed it was the only thing that agreed with my skin type, however it wasnt the cheapest make up going and so i could only buy what i needed, when i needed it.

Since im now older and i should be as vigillant with my skin , im not afriad to try new things and thankfully its paid off big time.
Ironically i wear more make up every day now than when i was younger , yet my skin is non the worse for it, and i have tried many cheaper items and found the majority of them to be just as good as the "good stuff."

I dont have a particular favourite brand of make up, but i did buy a rather lrg haul from E.L.F because it was cheap yet well reviewed, just what i was after, and i got most of my big eye shadow pallettes, blusher pallettes and concealer pallettes in Hong Kong, via Ebay.

AS those of you who have read through my blog will know , im a big fan of make up from Ebay, if ever im watching a tutorial or reading a magazine and see the name of something i like, my first port of call is ebay to compare prices :)

So why not share your likes and dislikes with us, feel free to review your make up here . x

fruits and veg for healthy skin

I came across this list whilst cruising the net for tips and i thought it was a great way to show you the properties and bennefits of eating daily fruits and veggies .
Not only is it great for your diet, but its great for your immune system and your skin, along with many other properties.
check it out below.

* Oranges are rich source of Vitamin C. It prevents constipation. They work as cleansers and improve the skin and supports the immune system.

* Carrots have vitamin A and are very good for the eyes. They are one of the richest source of beta carotene. Carrot juice if taken in the morning on an empty stomach is very beneficial. It develops immunity. Prevents premature aging. It has anti-cancer properties.

* Beetroot is very good for anemic persons. It does wonders to your skin. It purifies the blood and is rejuvenating.

* Grapes are effective for constipation and gives relief in piles. It prevents dryness of skin and it purifies the blood. Its juice can be applied on wrinkles under the eyes.

* Pineapple juice is very rich in vitamin C. It also contains Vitamins A&B. Taken with honey it is effective for sore throat.

* Tomatoes contain iron and is rich in vitamin A. Recommended for those who want to reduce their weight. It combats cancer.

* Watermelon cools our body and are excellent cleansers.

* Cucumber cools our body and is very good for those who want to lose weight. They work as astringents, cooling and brightening agents of the skin. It can be used in natural face packs also.

* Lemons protect your heart, control your blood pressure and is excellent for the skin and hair. Works as a bleach for the skin. Lemon juice mixed with warm water and honey can be taken daily the first thing in the morning to have a clear complexion. It can be taken for weight reduction also.

* Apples relieve constipation and reduces cholesterol and removes toxins. Apple pulp can be used as a face pack.

* Bananas contain vitamins, minerals, fiber and carbohydrates. They are rich in potassium. They make an excellent face pack especially for dry skin. Add a few drops of olive oil or honey to banana pulp and use as a face pack.
* Papaya is good for the skin. It gives relief in case of constipation and it combats cancer. Papaya cleanses the body completely. It delays aging of skin. Raw papaya juice if applied externally helps to cure pimples and also reduces wrinkles.

* Gooseberry is rich in vitamin C. It increases the body's resistance against diseases. It has medicinal properties and is excellent for the skin and hair. It rejuvenates our body. One or two gooseberries (fruit preserved in honey) can be taken daily.

* Garlic is a very powerful antiseptic. It helps to delay aging and restores tissue. It reduces high blood pressure and is good for the blood and heart. It has many other medicinal uses also. Include garlic (raw or steamed) in your diet as it has antibacterial properties and helps to improve the health of the skin

Dry Fruits : Dates are rich in iron and is good for the blood.

Almonds are rich in vitamin E and is very good for the skin.

Dry grapes relieves constipation and is also good for the throat.

Figs are very nutritious. They are easily digestible and they eliminate
impurities from blood. They are useful in case of fatigue and weakness.

Dried Apricots are rich source of iron and beta carotene. You can take it everyday for radiant looking skin.

*credit where its due -

Different skin care needs for us older ladies.

As we get older we tend to need different skin care products to what we used say when we were in our 20's or even in our 30's.

Many of us will notice subtle differences like dry patches, more lines, blotching , liver spots and broken blood vessels ect.
Our skin may loose some elesticity if its not looked after, so skin care is pretty important from quite a young age and is definately more so as we get older.

For us older ladies, id suggest trying some serums, those that lift and firm the skin, some favourites that have been reccomended are Visably Firm and Retinol Correxion by Roc.

It is reccomended that those of us in our 40's should use a night cream to help maintain some moisture in our skin and help prevent lines and wrinkles.

If you still enjoy wearing makeup, you may find it is kinder to your skin to use a primer as a base all over your face before applying anything,this will help fill in lines and wrinkles and will actually make pores appear smaller.

Diet and exercise play a big part in our skins condition, eating right and drinking plenty of water will keep your skin clear and hydrated.

If you have any tips you would like to share, please feel free to share them with us x

Friday, 26 February 2010

Makeup How To's

If you have any questions on makeup, be it how to apply, what colour best suits my eye colour or skin tone, or just any queeries about makeup in general, why not post them here and wel see what we can come up with to help you out :) x

Makeup Tips For Ladies In their 40's

If like me, you took a break from makeup whilst you got on with the "mammy years" and you would like to get back to it but you are a bit weary of whats the right things to wear and how to apply them, follow these tips to help get you started :) x

I Want To Know How To ....

If you have something that you just arnt sure how it is done, compiled or compleated , then why not leave your questions here and see if anyone can help you out with some great tips and new, fun ideas.
Dont be shy ! :)

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Is there a god ?

I stopped believing in god when my son took fatally ill and died in january 2010, and since then my family and i have had nothing but bad luck and bad news, is it because i dont believe ?

I had been on the fence with my religious beliefs for a couple of years now, i was dareing to venture into the actual history of what our so called bible tells us is so and learned that their fact and historical facts didnt always tally.

Whether im a believer in god or not is neither here nor there, i know i am a good person and for the most part i am honest, loveing and careing and i believe that in itself is deserving of a little of the same back in the grand scale of things.
Only which ever que ive been standing in, my family and i keep getting overlooked and pushed to the back again.

I was going to be a nana in september, a real blessing after the passing of my son, only that joy has been taken from us also, after a scan showed the baby had no heart beat.
Can anyone explain to me what my family did to deserve all of this pain and anguish and how do i make it stop ?
Please dont try to convince me that trying to reconnect with god is the answer, although i am non judgemental of others beliefs it really wouldnt be the right answer just now.

I really hope that who ever or whatever is watching over you and yours that you are having much better luck than we have been getting these past few months.
Bless you all x

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Paranormal Insights

I just want to give a big " SHOUT OUT " to all of my wonderful friends that are helping to keep my paranormal website ticking over, you are doing a grand job guys thankyou.

If you have an interest in the paranormal or things that go bump in the night, why not head over there and check it out.

Paranormal Insights is unique in that it has a real family feel about it, everyone is willing to help each other where we can and if we dont have what you need on there, wel help you find it.

It isnt just a straight laced site , it has a fun side too with games and quizes, video's and much much more, the only thing we do ask is that our members must be 16 yrs or over to register.

So what are you waiting for, go take a peak and let me know back here what you think, or come back and let us know how you feel we might improve the site, all suggestions are welcome x

Keeping Fit

What do you do to keep fit or to take a little exercise ?

Whilst im a little behind on starting my new year on a health kick due to my circumstances, i am keen to get into some kind of routine with both my diet and exercise.

As soon as im physically capable i will be using my wii daily if possible as a form of exercise, i have tried wii fit which is great fun as well as proving its use as a weightloss aid.
I was bought "wii fit plus" for xmas that i havent actually tried yet and i have just got my hands on "just dance" which i LOVE .

Most of you will have by now tried the wii in some capacity, well trust me, at 42 i just discoverd it as a great form of entertainment, hours of fun and laughter and fabulous exercise routines.

If you havent already tried the wii yet, i urge you to go try it out, i guarentee you wont be dissapointed, and by all means come back here and let me know what you think.

Also i had bought 3 dance keepfit dvd's just before xmas that i am yet to try out so il keep you posted as to how i get on when i get round to it.

Before my world turned upside down in october last year, i was going to my local gym via the local nurse, to a program called HEALTH START,and i loved every minute of it.
If your local health authority offer this and you have been out of sorts with your health and need a monitored boost back on the health ladder then id personally, definately reccomend it.

The program is made up of two parts, HEALTH START and HEALTH QUEST.
The first step is done over two or 3 days of the week and each session is two hours maximum and 1 hour minimum, you get to do aerobics for an hour (at your own pace), following an instructor, then an hour in the gym on the machines.
The next time, you get racket sports or swimming , followed by the machines in the gym for an hour, the first program lasts 3 months and then you move onto HEALTH QUEST.
HEALTH QUEST lasts for 3 months supervised but then you can go as often as you like after that and make your own choice of activities to suit your needs.

Like everything else, nothing is free, including this program, but if you go via the doctor or nurse you will get it at cut price. I was paying £2.50 per two hour session per day, i was going twice a week so that was £5.00 for 4 hours supervised exercise per week, not bad eh :).

As for healthy eating, that is something i need to seriously get my head back around, life has not been too kind lately and unfortunately i have been eating my anxiety after the death of my son.
Due to the differences in our finaces, i need to learn to eat healthly on a tight budget, so thats another new challenge for me to deal with before i get myself in order.

If anyone has any ideas as to how to make this a little easier and would like to share your advice and experiences, im always happy to hear from you.

Feel free to share recipees, meal ideas or anything to do with weightloss and fitness.
Thankyou X

Monday, 22 February 2010

Been feeling pretty low of late

For over two weeks now i have been feeling really dizzy and sickly which has left me pretty lethargic and washed out.
I seem to have lost my mojo and it was starting to get me down so i went to see a g.p and he gave me something for the dizziness and took my blood pressure ect.
It turns out my b.p was pretty high and he wanted to keep a check on me so i had to go back after 3 days to be checked again.

Anyway, long story short, i do have high blood pressure which inevitabley means being on medication for the rest of my life, but just before my g.p wrote it off, he orderd me some tests just to make sure there isnt anything underlying that we are missing that may be causing the problems.

I was asked if i thought my symptoms might be a part of the stress ive been under due to loosing my son recently, well im sure its not helping, but i dont think that is what this is.

So i got the first lot of tablets changed as they didnt help at all, however these new ones are definately helping to keep the dizziness under control, now i just need to gain some energy back, im still so very tierd and achey.

Im busting a gut to get back into some healthy routine of exercise and healthy eating, but it seems il have to wait a lil longer ,but il keep you all posted when i start.
Fingers crossed i pick up real soon . x

How to - clean your silver ware

This tip is very simple yet effective, but remember NOT to use this on silver plate.

Step 1. Get a bowl of warm water, a clean white cloth , a tube of tooth paste and a dry cloth.

Step 2.Dampen your cloth in the warm water and squeeze so its not dripping.

Step 3.Put a dot of tooth paste onto your cloth, around about the size of a pea.

Step 4. work the toothpaste on your cloth over the surface of your silverware and rub well.

Step 5. Once you have acquired the desired effect, be sure to rinse the tooth paste of your piece, buff dry and it should be sparkling.

I personally havent tried this tip because i dont have any silverware :) x

How Clean Is Your House ?

I have to admit i have become a big fan of Kim and Aggies " How Clean Is Your House " program.
No, before anyone asks i dont have clutter and grime problems lol, my fascination is with the great tips they give you on simple everyday natural ingrediants and items for cleaning and restoring things in your home.

I will be listing some items and ideas over time that i think are worth shareing and who knows, you may be pleasently suprised at just how simple the solutions can be to some of our worst cleaning nightmares.

Now i may not have tried everything i list, but i will say when i have tried something and how effective i found it to be, in the meantime, you try what i list at your own risk, i will not be responsible for anything that may go wrong.

Remember im only shareing these tips that i have seen and listed from the programe, so if you arnt sure, id suggest less is more for safety's sake :) x

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Virtual make over

I have tried a few of these virtual make over sites in my time, generally when looking for a new hairstyle, however they were never really that good but they were fun.
Well tonight i happened across one by ivillage called "The Ultimate Virtual Makeover ", and i have to admit its really good.
Ok, the hair side of it could be better, but its getting there, but the make up section is fantastic.
It takes you step by step through each process of doing your make up, you choose what you would like to wear and how much, you can even move things around to suit your shape of face.
It offers several brands of make up to choose from for each step with the option to buy, as it stores what you have tried and what you have kept on your model for future preference.

Im not trying to coax anyone into buying anything, thats not what this post is about, its all about having fun and trying different looks without the expense, after all you can create similar looks with your own make up and store bought items.
So go ahead, have some fun and if your brave enough, share your pics with us too :) x

(Dont forget to hit on the title of this post to go to the site )

A step-by-step guide to dyeing your eyelashes at home…

i was looking around the web for different make up look ideas and came across this article that tells those of you that are blessed or cursed, depending on how you look at it, with very fair or almost translucent eye lashes, how to dye your own eye lashes at home.

If you intend to try this then please follow the instructions on the site, i will not be personally responsible for how it turns out, my aim is only to inform you of its availabillity.
enjoy x
(just click on the header title to read the article )

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Gift basket tutorial for the men in your life.

check out my latest tutorial on how to create a basket or container for the special men in your life.
If your on a budget or just prefer the personal touch, then this is a must see for you, the content ideas are endless but this one is based on a wine and cheese basket i did for my dads birthday :)
enjoy !

Monday, 15 February 2010

More Ebay Makeup

Concealer And Blushers

Ebay Make Up 3

My Small Eye Shadow Pallettes

More Ebay Make up

My Large Shadow Pallettes

Some of my ebay make up

My Minerals and Glitters

Ebay has become one of my very best friends

I officially became an Ebay addict back in october last year, i use it for just about anything and everything.
I am not gullable enough to think that everything is cheaper than some of my local stores and shops,but it does open things up to much wider variety and quantity.

The thing with ebay is that you have to weigh up if the cheap cost of something isnt over shadowed or becomes dearer once your postage and packaging fees go on,
remember when purchasing multiple items you can request a new total from the buyer that may combine postage fees or a discount for multiple items, that in itself could prove to be a big help and a real bargain.

I have used ebay for a multitude of different things , for e.g ...

Make up - a definate saving if you know where to look.

Organizational things for my home, many different items, always a bargain.

Junk Jewellry - not always cheaper than your local shops but there are a lot of unique pieces out there that folks are creating themselves and selling on at a reasonable price.

Silver mens fashion jewellry - a definate bargain.

Personal organizers and stationary products - a bargain if bought in bulk, a lot of funky stuff to be found.

String Door Curtains - not cheaper but my local store had sold out so it was handy to know i could still get them.

Curtain hooks with pincer grips on - for curtains with no tabs or holes for hanging.

My latest project - ribbon and arts and craft bits and pieces, very reasonable and great buys on bulk items.

These are just some of the things that i can think ive had off the top of my head, so the next time your wanting or needing a bargain, why not check out Ebay, you may be pleasently suprised :) x

Friday, 12 February 2010

Time To Grab A Bargain

Two of my most favourite shops in my area are closing down after going into administration ( weep weep ).

Au Natural
Ethel Austins.

I cant believe Au Natural is closing down, its just one of the best home furnishings and home dressing stores i know of , thats within a reasonable budget anyway.

And Ethels, omg, fairly cheap clothing, along with some more pricey, but lots of cheap baby and toddler clothes and accessories, bags, shoes, make up and smellies, a real nik nak shop that i simply adored.

Id suggest that if you wish to bag a bargain at either of these two places id do it now, try to think ahead, you have around two weeks before closure unless its brought forward, so think of valentines day, any birthdays or occasions you may have coming up and if your lucky enough, bag up now for next xmas.

I just thought it might be worth giving you folks the nod if you have either of these two stores near you.
Happy Bargain Shopping :) x

Creating Gift Baskets- coming soon

Due to a change in my financial circumstances i am having to look for cheaper alternatives for my gift ideas, so i thought it might be both fun and a new interest to have a go at making up some gifts baskets for my loved ones and close friends.

Il be making my first attempt at this for my dads birthday at the end of this month so keep your eyes peeled for pics around that time.

In the mean time if you have any ideas for gift baskets for your loved ones, please feel free to share them with me.
Thankyou .

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

make up brush/makeup container variations

check out this simple yet pretty way to brighten up your vanity table or bathroom,
or why not use this as a simple transition between little girl and teenage acceptance.
Have fun and enjoy. xxx

containers on a budget- pt 1 - make up brushes

Have you ever given much thought to where you store your make up brushes ?
Are they just thrown into a drawer, or bundled into an old make-up bag somewhere ?

Well here is a cheap and simple idea on how to create and store your own make up brushes that will keep them safe and show whats available to you in a single glance, making applying your make up a real doddle and will save you time.
Check out the video below