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It's All About You !
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Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Wednesdays report

Today i didnt get up until late and didnt feel hungry at all so i waited until around 2 pm and then had a bowl of kellogs special k sustain before going for a 20 minute walk with my friend at 3pm.

Before my tea i munched on a few carrot sticks

For tea i had chicken chassaur with white rice and a brown bread roll, (wish i could loose the bread habit )

after a while i fancied something sweet so had myself 3 go ahead buiscuits, that actually did it for me, i was quite suprised.

For my supper i had a cup noodle with 4 x ryvitta cracker breads, suprisingly again i found that quite tasty and very filling, just the ticket.


20 minute walk
30 mins wii fit plus

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