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It's All About You !
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Thursday, 25 March 2010

Thursdays progress report

Today was a bit of a weird day in that i never really got done what i had intended to, best laid plans and all that.

Anyway, i enjoyed my food today, there was plenty of variety and plenty of food full stop :)
I started my day with bran flakes, a handfull of mixed fruit and half a sml banana sliced over the top, added the milk and it was deliciously satisfying.
Half a bowl is more than enough and the added fruit is a great treat for those of you with a sweet tooth.

For lunch i had left over chicken chassaur and rice from yesterdays tea, again very filling and satisfying.

For my tea i had chicken breast strips in wraps, with salad and sweetened natural yogurt, spiced up with chilli and garlic sauce, yum and much better for you than mayo or salad cream.
We made some slimming world style chips to go with the wraps, which are a big favourite of mine , so another great meal was had.

And finally we had a fruit smoothie to watch tv with around supper time.
Now il be honest, my hubby made these and probably added more ingrediants than i would have, including ice cream and milk, however i dont feel too guilty as i only managed less than half of it as it was so filling, but boy it was good lol.

Stressing out on my pc for several hours trying to get rid of a virus, encouraged me to have a pack of 3 go ahead biscuits, not a guilty pleasure but it reminded me how easily i can eat my stress or anxiety, ( note to watch that more carefully )


20 mins walk to my daughters around 5pm
20 mins back around 8pm

No evening exercise tonight xxx

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