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It's All About You !
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Sunday, 7 March 2010

The Head Stone Is On

On wednesday the 3rd of march my sons headstone was placed on his grave, we actually watched the guy fix it and clean it from our bedroom window.

It feels more real now, something to look at and somewhere to go other than just stareing at a mound of earth.
The ground is finally sinking but it still has a little way to go before we can safetly decorate how wed like.

The stone mason did a magnificent job and gave us the bargain of the century, my only dissapointment is that the musical notes we asked to be put on it are very small and dont look nothing like i expected.

Im not pokeing blame any where, the guy did say he hadnt done musical notes before, not the way we had asked for anyway, but i wont be beat, il either get used to them or il find something else to cover them with.

Its nice now to look out my back bedroom window and see his name on the stone in big letters , as unfortunately the back of the stone is faceing our window so we had his name and a verse put on the back so it wasnt bare.
We will be adding to the space below in time, im just glad his grave is marked, with the respect he so deserves, il take a picture to show you once its all prepared and looking nice, once the ground settles a little more . x

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