It's All About You !

It's All About You !
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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

What would you do ?

If you were able to do whatever you wanted for a day... and not have to worry about the distance or the money or anything... what would you do?

Do you have a favourite family dish ?

Does your family have a special secret recipe handed down through the generations or just a favourite meal that you are well known for , if so what are they ?

Death Penalty Debate

What are your views on the death penalty ?
 Do you believe two wrongs make a right in cases such as murder ect ?

 Im pretty much on the fence with this, do i believe in an eye for an eye, or two wrongs making a right ?
 im not so sure. I cant say how i would feel if someone hurt or killed one of my loved ones, sure im human, id want revenge, but is their death the answer and what hole would it fill ?
ok im rambling now, like i said i just dont know, il sit on the fence a bit longer i think and see what else people think x

Conspiracey Theories - debate

What are your thoughts and views on conspiracey theories, do you believe theres any truth in them or is it just a ploy to scare people ? let us know what you think ? I have some pretty strong views on certain areas of the conspiracey field, whilst others seem a lil far fetched,but the secret is to study the claims from many sources, not pass judgement on a first glance. Do i believe in Aliens ? yep i sure do , do i belive in government cover ups ? you bet i do xxx

sex before or after marriage ? - debate

what are your views on this topic ? Personally id rather the younguns try before they buy these days, thats not to say i agree with kids just giving themselves freely to every tom , dick and harry, but i think that the sanctimony of marriage and engagement has lost value to the younger generation. id be quite happy for my girls to live with their partners before they contemplated marriage, its not something they would do likely as both like their own space and both have enough decencey to do it on their own terms. Basically id rather they did that than get married too quickly to someone they dont really know and have a messy divorce hanging around their neck or worst case sinario, stay married and misserable just to save face.

Should life mean life ? - debate

Here in the uk if you are served a life sentance you will get twenty five yrs , its very rare that you will serve that full sentance, its more likely to be halfed or less with good behaviour. In the usa, life means life, mostly served without the right to parole, even if you get sentanced to life with the possibilty of parole it takes a long long time for them to even consider it. Why is it so different in each country and what in your opinion is the correct answer, should life mean life ? or is the sentance just a mockery to those left behind? x

Should prostitution be legalised ? - debate

What do you think, would legalising prostitution and making all prostitutes submit to sdt testing help make it safer or just cause more problems ? Share your views with us x

Todays violence - debate

How much truth is there do you think that video games, religion and the media have a masive inpact on violence in our youths and others today ? Should we just discount the idea as crap and making excuses, or should we take stock and wonder where the ideas for the actions come from ?

Homosexuality - debate or not to debate ?

Homosexuality is a topic with many different opinions. Most have to do with Religion,Gender,Personal thoughts and Beliefs and Myths / Rumours. Personally i dont have a problem with gay couples/people as long as they keep their feelings for each other for their own private time . What are your views ?

what is your opinion on extraterrestial life and ufo visitations ?

I strongly believe that there are other entities sharing this world with us and they have been for a lot longer than we think. Their purpose, to heal the planet and to bring everyone together in one state of mind and peace. However the opposite idea of them wanting to destroy the planet or take over may seem more exciting, but in reality, if they are as far advanced in their knowledge and being as told, then why havent they just destroyed us before now ? ooooh i love a good debate x