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It's All About You !
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Thursday, 4 March 2010

Spring Cleaning Your Book Case

A fun way to spruce things up a bit this spring and add a little colour to your room is a simple tip that is quite effective.

Remove all the books from your shelves,
give them a good clean with your natural cleaning products,
then take the time to arrange all your books into matching colours according to their spines.

So for e.g,
put all blue spines together, starting with the darkest blue through to the lightest,
then do the same for all your other books.

How you put them back on your shelves determines your new look , so for eg ...
you may have all brown spines standing to the left of your shelf, so you might want to lay all orange books down with the spines faceing out, then all orange spines standing to the right of the same shelf.

I hope you get the idea, add in a few ornaments and the odd small plant , it can really give your room or desk a really great new spring look :).

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