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Sunday, 21 March 2010

Healthy supermarket swaps

You stop by the supermarket on your way home from work and despite your best intentions end up with a shopping trolley full of foods that could be healthier if you had more time to think!!! Sound familiar? Use the following table to find tasty foods low in fat and high in vitamins and minerals:
Healthy supermarket swaps

Swap… For…
White bread Wholegrain / seeded bread

Sugar coated cereals (eg frosted flakes) Wholegrain cereals (eg porridge,
bran flakes)

Crisps & salted nuts Unsalted nuts and seeds

Cream-based pasta sauces Tomato or veg-based pasta sauces

Cream based soups Vegetable or lentil / bean based soups

Full-fat mayonnaise Light or extra light mayonnaise

Fizzy drinks Diet fizzy drinks/ Carbonated water

Tinned fruit in syrup Tinned fruit in natural juice

Crisps Mini flavoured rice cakes

Biscuits & bars Fruit and vegetables

Breaded chicken or fish Plain skinless chicken or fish fillets

Fatty pork or lamb chops Turkey, chicken or Healthy Living beef, pork and lamb.

Full fat sausages Reduced-fat skinless sausages

Sausage rolls or pies Sandwiches including salad and made with wholegrain or seeded bread

Garlic bread topped with cheese Healthy Living garlic bread

Sour cream Reduced-fat houmous or salsa for baked potatoes and reduced fat

crème- fraiche for recipes

Full fat milk Semi-skimmed milk

Full fat cheddar and cream cheese Reduced-fat cheese and cheeses naturally low in fat such as cottage cheese, edam and quark

Butter Reduced-fat olive oil spread

Chocolate mousse or trifle Low fat fruit yogurt

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