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It's All About You !
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Saturday, 27 March 2010

Saturdays Update

Today has been a pretty lousey day for me as far as my eating and exercise has gone, i had no appetite at all until around 7pm where i did manage to eat one of my dads saturday roasts (bless him )

All night after that i kept thinking, lordy i havent eaten nearly enough so i kept trying different things such as a couple of crumpets, of which i ate one, then tried a cup noodle of which i ate half as nothing has any taste right now and im all yucky with cold.

I did however manage a sneaky couple of triangles of toblerone for energy :), im so glad its finnished now and temptations gone lol, but that im afraid was it for the day.

Although i feel like crap i am still very aware of how easy it would be to muck things up right now, so im doing the best i can whilst im ill.

I got a little hemmed in tonight and had myself a few tears, ok i was a blithering mess, so my hubby suggested we went for a lil walk just to get some air into my lungs.
I was a bit reluctant at first , thinking to myself my body aches from head to toe, im exhausted from crying, but i knew he was only trying to help, so i just shoved a pair of pants under my nightie, popped my coat on the top and away we went.

We were only out for about 15- 20 minutes as thats all i could manage, and even then i had a lil sit down half way through, but hey, its better than nowt right ? and it actually made me feel a lot better too :) x

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