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It's All About You !
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Friday, 26 November 2010

A thankyou gift- in xmas colours

This was made as a small token of thanks for a friend, it was simple enough to do, i simply took an oval shaped basket with a handle on and filled it with green tissue paper shred, then added a bottle of bubbly, two wine glasses, some after eight mints in red tissue parcels and then i added ferrero roche inside the two glasses to add a splash of gold.
I added two candy canes to the neck of the bottle just to spruce it up, then covered the whole basket in cellophane and finished it with a big bow.

let me know what you think .

Dress up your sweets

Its always nice to get sweets and chocolates as gifts, but they are so much more appealing if it looks like something you have never recieved before.
You can achieve this very simply and in many ways, here are a few examples ...

Use pretty sweety bags or organza bags and finnish off with a bow, or you could remove the sweets/chocolates from the packaging and wrap them in tissue parcels ect.
Another favourite is to use glass jars and dress them up with a pretty label and a cloth lid.

If you have any ideas to share on this topic, feel free to share .

A childs stationary box- for my young nephew

For this gift i purchased a blue plastic storage container and filled it with lots of colouring books, dot to dot, word search and paint by numbers, plus scratch art ect.
I decorated it with tinsel to match his brothers gifts and covered it in cellophane and topped it off with a big shiney bow.
check it out and let me know what you think .

Pints of guiness gifts

These quirky gift ideas i discoverd last year on utube and couldnt wait to try them out this year.
You simply take a plastic bear glass and fill it with dark coloured socks and undies then put a white handkerchief over the top to look like the froth off the pint.
Check them out and let me know what you think, you can decorate them up any way you choose.

Gift ideas - xmas smellies for my nephews

My older nephews are 18 and 21 yrs old, i got sick of buying them jewellry or clothes every year so this year i decided to do hair and skin care baskets.
I used a wire bathroom type basket and filled it with skin and hair care products.
check them out and let me know what you think.

Christmas gift ideas- make up

I have been putting together some xmas gifts for my family that may be of some help to you as ideas if you are struggling for ideas this year.

My first project was my two daughters make up gift boxes, these were made up of sweet tins (roses) and covered in wrapping paper, where i added shredded tissue paper as a base and then added all their make up items, (mainly E.L.F products).
Take a look and let me know what you guys think .

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Home Made Xmas Gift For My Mam

check out the video below for a home made xmas gift of "Simple" products i created for my mam this xmas.
I added a china cup that i filled with a wash cloth to create grean leaves and then curled a shiffon scarf into a rose and sat it in the cup.
I also added another scarf in the shape of a flower as decoration in the top right hand corner, then added little bathroom items in between the products as gap fillers, such as pedicure things and nail brush and sponge ect.
I hope you enjoy this video.