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Monday, 31 May 2010

Wardrobe Oganization

Il be the first to admit that my closets and cupboards were not properly organized until the end of last year, i had winter stuff mixed with summer stuff and an array of clothing that i didnt wear mixed in between.

The idea of it now is a nightmare to me, but to be fair, i very rare went anywhere to wear my clothes and spent most of my time in night or leisure wear, so it never really matterd too much to me at the time, that was until i decided it was time for a new me and a new out look on life :).

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, i now take pride in the fact that i know where everything is, all my clothes are colour co-ordinated and sectioned off into leisure, casual smart and going out / dress.

I started by emptying out my entire wardrobe, i decided to be very strict about what i kept and what had to go so i bore that in mind as i sectioned my clothes off into their catagories.

Once i had my clothes sorted into catagories i decided it would be even easier if i colour cordinated them, making it easier to pair things up and create new looks, so i started with black tops, then purples, pinks, blues, greens, browns ect ect.
Instead of sectioning my pants seperately, i simply added the right colour pants to the right colour tops, i didnt go over the top by seperating blouses from t.shirts ect as i just dont feel the need.

What i did do is section my wardrobe into three parts, the first part is for light weight cardigans and jackets, the middle section is for all my spring summer clothes including t.shirts, blouses, skirts and pants, leggings and 3/4 pants, then the end part is for dress, going out and dressing up, special occasions ect.

Any winter stuff that i kept went into space bags and was put into my loft until they are needed again, anything i didnt keep either went to charity or the bin.

I have my shoes in plastic containers beneath my clothes, but most of my bags and other accessories have been moved into the boudoir now.

I am so pleased that i took the time to do this, now when i put my clothes away i know exactly where to find them and ive even began to mix and match outfits i wear that i didnt realise went together before.

I did do my hubbies and my daughters but unfortunately they just dont get the organization part of it and it didnt stay that way for long, but i went along and did my mams and shes over the moon with it, cant win em all i suppose :) x

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  1. Hi Wendy,

    Looks like you have really got your home organization down to an art! Glad to hear Space Bags helped you store your out of season clothing and make space for the rest of your wardrobe. Just wanted to let you know about our online community, Space Savers, It's dedicated to helping people save space and get organized. Members who share their organization stories can receive prizes! Maybe you could share your closet reorganization success story? Hope to hear from you soon.

    Your Space Savers correspondent