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It's All About You !
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Friday, 21 May 2010



I had only been home from the hospital 2 weeks after the birth of my first child , when my partner became abusive, both physically and mentally.

We had gone to bed this one night after a terrible fight and I had fallen heavily in to an exhausted sleep ,when I started to feel quite unsettled, tossing and turning I became aware of the feeling of someone standing over me, just stareing.

The air felt quite heavy and it was as if I could feel the breath on my skin that made me realize I was not dreaming.
The next thing I remember , my partner was shakeing me violently,begging me to wake up, he was petrified. He asked me who I was talking to, and then I realized what had took place.

In what I thought at first was a dream, after feeling these sensations I had opened my eyes to find my nan stareing down at me in my bed, I remember feeling very scared, although in hindsight I knew she would never hurt me, so I told her I loved her very much but that she was scareing me by being here, and would she please leave.

With that all I remember is my partner wakeing me in a state of panick, telling me I had been having a conversation with my nan and that he was terrified and couldn’t wake me.

There are two things that spring to mind when I think about this visit, my first thought is that she had come to let me know she was still there for me and that she just wanted to acknowledge the birth of her second great grand child,
the second thought as funny as it may seem, may simply be to ward off my abusive partner by scareing the willies out of him, after all, we were sleeping in what used to be her bed .

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