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Friday, 21 May 2010

The Lorry Driver

My next experience was when I decided to look in to all this psychic stuff on the web,I knew there had to be something going on, but knew nothing about how it worked and why.
So I searched for sites with people with paranormal and psychic interests and happened on a place called mystic gardens.
At the time it was my saviour, ordinary everyday people like me, with questions and answers on all aspects of the paranormal.

There were message boards to read and answer, and that’s how I found my way into their world. I quickly became aquainted with some wonderful people and they never questioned me, but allowed me to plague them with questions, until I felt I had enough knowledge to start answering the boards myself.

I found within a matter of weeks, I had emails asking if I was psychic and did I do readings, i always answerd by saying no im sorry im not, im here to learn like many others here.

They always got back in touch for some strange reason and so my story unfolds.

I don’t remember the very first time I picked anything up or what it indeed was about, but a short time after, I had a man email me, saying if you are so good ,tell me about myself.
I asked him to i.m me so that I could explain that I wasn’t infact a psychic,which he did without hesitation.
I explained as best I could , but he started jibing at me, you shouldn’t be on the boards if your a fake.

Then for some unknown reason, I got this image in my head.
It was a man, around about middle 20,s (never been spot on with age for some reason )he had a tattoo on both his for-arms and one on his thigh.
He had short shaven hair and was wearing a blue boiler suit type thing, and of course he was driving a truck or a lorry.
I realated this all back to him as it unfolded, and with each step he kept saying, who are you? Do you know me ? I laughed and said, you contacted me, I know nothing about you.
He was totally freaked out and shut off on me lol.

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