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Friday, 21 May 2010

Catherine's Story

this is quite a long story, but try to bare with it.


This is quite hard to explain so please bare with me guys.

Around six yrs ago i was helping run a paranormal group over on aol, i met many wonderful people who chose to share their stories and experiences with me, some on the group and some in private.

One day this lady IMed me and asked if i could pick anything up for her to which i replied, i dont work that way, if they have anything to show me or say they will come forward as we speak, she was fine with my reply.

However it wasnt long before i sensed a very deep feeling of concern for this lady and had a scene roll out in front of me full of abuse and neglect.
I asked a few very personal questions that explained why i was seeing what i was seeing.

Like i have said before, what i see comes in the form of like being at the end of a video camera , watching a film unfold and it often comes to me twice in one sitting, firstly as the viewer and then again by actually being there (as in remote viewing).
what i saw il never forget and actually caused me to step back from all of this for quite some time.

The first images i got was of the most beautiful young woman running bare foot through a field, she had strawberry blonde hair and was wearing a white broidry englais dress, her complexion was very pale and freckly, the type of natural beauty people would pay thousands for.

As i relayed this back to this woman she got all excited saying "thats her, thats my strawberry sister"
She explained that she had the spirit of a young woman around her for around 3 yrs now and had shown herself to her only once but my discription fit her perfectly, so i asked why she called her her strawberry sister when i knew she was in fact no relation to her at all, she said she chose the name because of the colour of her hair and because she had been a comfort to her through her bad times.

As the vision/ film continued , she was on a dirt path that run along a main rd, she kept walking and came to a sml lemon orchard, it was a beautiful sunny day and everything seemed wonderful and serene until she came in view of an old run down shack that had been painted blue but was peeling through neglect and time.

I instinctively knew this was her home and could sense her rigidity and fear as she neared it, then just before she came to the first window she ducked down and snook across the front of the shack and then took off running.
she came to a sml wood of trees that i didnt recognise, (they were blonde wood (almost white) and had all the growth on the top but they wernt palm trees or anything that i recognised)
There was a sml river running through the middle of the trees and then she just came to a sudden stop at the tree line, there was a sml mound of dirt coverd in leaves at her feet.

It was as if someone had stopped to rewind the film , only this time i was there with her holding her hand, i could feel the sun on my skin, smell the air and hear all the regular everyday sounds around me.
The dirt path was very dry mud and the area itself although beside a main road was pretty quiet and remote, thats when i realised i wasnt in britain any more, i was infact in america (dont ask me how i knew as i have never been before in my life but just instictively knew that i was there) it was kinda like a hill billy existance.

I could smell the lemons on the trees , it was very strong and just in front of us i could see the shack with its peeling paint and an old tin bath hanging on the wall outside.
The next thing i knew is was being pulled down to a crouching position and was being dragged along the front of the shack, as we passed the door i could hear plain as day a mans voice shouting obsenities "you better get you axx in here you lil (lady of the night),i know your out there you bxxxh".
With that she took off, my heart was pounding out of my cheast when i heard the door crash open and the man (her father) gave chase.
we were heading for the sml wood with the weird looking trees when he stopped to pick up a tree branch that was on the ground then continued the chase.

I remember the wood not being very thick, you could see between the trees the grass that she had been playing on when she first came to me.
As we headed towards the river i could hear him shouting more filth and in her desperation and fright she stumbled and fell, i was left standing, just watching, as he approached and took the branch and beat her about the head until she was dead.

He sat for a moment to catch his breath and then very calmly went back to the shack and returned with a lrg sheet of plastic , a rope and a spade.
He folded her body into a kind of parcel shape (in on itself) then wrapped her in the plastic and tied it with the rope.
He carried her body to the tree line and began to dig a shallow grave and placed her body in it.

Well you can imagine ,i was totally in shock and the poor woman i was relaying this too was dumb struck, i told her that i needed to take a break and would talk to her another time.

That night i got in touch with a paranormal investigator whom id been helping from time to time in the u.s and told him what had happened, he was very excited and asked if i would try to make contact again to get more details of where this was and any personal details we could work with.
Reluctently i did, getting her name, catherine, and being shown that her mother died when she was around 5 yrs old leaving her father with a grudge against his daughter by blameing her for her death when in reality, she had sufferd post natel depression which ended in a suicide.
From the age of 5 he had beaten and molested her, she had never gone to school and was actually behind in her yrs.
she was 20 yrs old when she died and it was actually 30 yrs since her death that she came to me.

Her father had moved from that area and had chosen to live like a recluse in a shack very similar to the one they shared.
On entering the new shack i found it to be in a great state of dissaray and filth, it was very dimly lit and was coverd in webs, it had one beaten up arm chair, an old range type fire and a cheast or cabinet with drawers that had a black plastic box on top of it.
In this box was a photo of catherine and her mother (also catherine) and there was a silver chain with a pendant on it.
Apart from that i had no idea where abouts in the usa this place was but her father was still alive, in his 70's.

The paranormal investigator took it apon himself to send me ariel and full photos of areas that fit my description, along with many sites to see if i could pick out the trees i had seen that i didnt recognise, i agreed to take a look but told him i needed a break from it as it had really got to me.
In all truth i didnt get back to him or even take a look at the stuff he sent for a couple of days as i was just dumbstruck by it all, it effected me more than i imagined it would, then i got an email that made the blood drain from me.
He'd been in touch with the f.b.i and they had agreed to send the air fair over for my whole family if i was willing to go over and help them with their investigations,
i couldnt believe it, i dont know what scared me more, being that close to her or having to go through all of this and being branded some kind of freak when the word got out.
I told them that under the circumstances i would have to talk to the lady that brought her to my attention to get permission to use what she had confided to me and to see if she would be ok with being involved in somthing like this.
Luckily for me, she declined, she didnt want a bar of it and certainly didnt want her private life aired, and feared (quite selfishly i know) that if we found her body and released her, that she would lose her friend/ strength and wouldnt be able to cope with her life.

After a lot of humming and harring they decided that they wouldnt force the matter and i was saved from the ordeal of it all.
Now i know that this story does not prove that i actually found the body of a cold case victim, but what it does prove is that the information i recieved and shared, was enough to warrent an investigation.

How things actually turned out i dont know, i stopped the contact with this investigator after i learned that he was using my stuff and relaying it back to his team as his own findings ect ect.
As of this case, i dont get involved in one on one any more, or very rare, i walked away from spirit and they shut me down for quite sometime.

i stick to my photo readings these days of places and buildings to help investigators with cases using the same remote viewing method, but at least i know i can close down the photo and walk away from it these days .

After that episode i only saw her once again,
she came through in a mirror in another ladies daughters bedroom with several younger children.

Each had a story to tell and it seemed she was playing florence nighting gale to them all, bringing them to me to help get there stories out, only i had to walk away, i walked away from spirit for almost 18 months after that as i had nothing left to give.
I was totally mentally and physically drained, as this was just the end of a yr long roller coaster of events with spirit for me. xxx

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