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Monday, 31 May 2010

Five minute clean up - toys

If you have sml children you will most likely have some kind of toy box or basket in your lounge or kitchen area where your kids can play under your supervision whilst you still potter on with your chores.

Most of us know how tierd we can get at the end of the day after we get the kids settled into bed, the last thing we really want to do is start cleaning up, we really could use some "ME" time and just spend some time relaxing and unwinding.

However, trying to relax in a war zone of toys can be quite a feat, so here are two simple solutions to this problem.

Whilst the kids are babes in arms and cant yet help you to tidy away, its always handy to have a box or a basket behind the settee or somewhere close to just grab and fill.
It will take you literally five minutes to collect the toys into that basket and even if for whatever reason the toys dont get taken from that basket to their toy box, at least the room is reletively clear and tidy and it can be compleated in 1 minute the following morning.

As the kids start toddling, encourage them to put their toys back into their toy box, or at least the tidy basket after play time ,they will see it as a game and become accustumed to tidying up after themselves :) x

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