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It's All About You !
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Monday, 31 May 2010

Five minute clean up - between commercials

I read a great tip the other day, i forget where now (sorry), but it was about doing small chores between adverts on your favourite program or a film your watching.
I know that may seem a little OTT to some, but when time is short and relaxation is a must, then its a great way to get a few quick chores done, for e.g ...

there is between two and five minutes between commercials which would give us enough time to
fold the laundry, or sort out the sock basket
clear away and tidy the area around you
wash a few dishes
get your bag ready for work
make a packed lunch
make a list of things to do or things to sort out
make a shopping list.

The list is endless really, but if we did something every adverts then we will reap the bennefits and notice the difference immidiately :) x

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