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It's All About You !
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Sunday, 16 May 2010

The garden is coming together.

Im so sorry that i havent been keeping you guys up to date with whats been happening in the garden, it just seems there hasnt been much pc time at all of late so here i am trying to play catch up .

Anyway, we did have a massive clean up and weed of the place a few weeks ago, we managed to get all the garden furniture repainted and resealed for the year too.

We created what will hopefully turn out to be 3 very different coloured beds, using what shrubs i had already established as the back drop.
We should have a very calming bed of blues and pinks and whites to the left and a snorkus board of yellows, orange, burnt orange and rust in the centre, and then a hot bed of assorted reds to the right.

We have planted up some bulbs that will hopefully come back every year and im desperate to get some bedding plants in for some instant colour, however although its getting much warmer during the day now, the early morning still brings a frost with it sometimes so im holding off rather impatiently.

We got a fantastic bargain on ebay for 50 garden ornaments, this included lots of different animals and creatures such as dogs and cats, moles, badger, squirrel, crocodiles, dogs with their heads buried , lions ect and a few welcome to our garden signs.
We lovingly gave each one a new lease of life by pain stakingly painting each one and touching up those that were just a bit weathered and we are quite happy with how they have turned out. They will be placed all around the garden, hiding behind plants and tubs like some shy animals would, whilst the larger dogs ect will take pride of place near the seating areas ect.

I will take pictures just before and after we have the place set up for my sons 21st birthday in june, on that day and for the rest of the summer my garden will be awash with bright coloured windmills and other garden ornaments in his honour, im so excited to see how it all turns out, so please wish me luck, it means so much to me :) x

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