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Friday, 21 May 2010

Meet Lil Marie Jefferson

In september 2006 i finally got what id been waiting for for so many yrs, actual photographic evidence that spirits exist.
my family and i are used to ghostly visitors in our home and its certainly not un commen for them to hang around for a while before they get their bearings and move on again, especially children.
We had just such a spirit stay with us during september that yr, she was with us for 3 whole weeks, her name was marie jefferson. she was around 4 or 5 yrs old and unfortunately had drowned many yrs before, but being a child she was still lost and didnt understand what had happened to her.
I had invited my paranormal investigator friend down from scotland and had planned on trying to help her cross over via means of a seance, unfortunately the night in question, lil marie was a no show, although others were (but thats another story )lol.
Two nights later, my eldest daughter, stevie and i went for a walk around the cemetary at the back of my house just for a nosey, it was around 10.45 pm when we went round and we spent a good hour in the old part before comeing to the new part nearest my house.
On occasion id sense that we wernt alone but never said anything, yet stevie picked up on it and started taking random shots in the dark just incase anything turned up.
Whilst we saw nothing or no-one with the naked eye during our visit, we were blown away by what we found when we put the pics on the pc to view.
Check out lil marie, bold as brass, just the way i had described her to my friend over the pc the first time she got my attention in my home.
She appears to be dressed in victorian type clothing, her head is hung to the ground and her long hair is matted in a wet tail in front of her face and shes barefoot.

The pic has not been adjusted other than to circle her where abouts for ease of viewing, the white cloudy images are actually damp and wet, it was very misty and damp that night, but it wasnt actually raining.

My belief is that marie gave us this evidence as a way of saying thankyou for giving her a safe haven and for allowing her to find her feet (so to speak)
From the time i first saw this pic , all my worries about proveing myself in the paranormal sense left me, i had all the proof id ever need and i simply learned a great lesson.
It matters not who believes my wonderful experiences, or if im shunned for them, they are my experiences and nobody can prove i didnt have them, touch'e lol.

Here she is :)

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