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Friday, 21 May 2010


I had been living at this house for about a year, unfortunately still with the same abusive partner when strange things started happening in my home, I had gone in the bath one night whilst my partner was waiting on his brother to arrive,just as I settled into the water, I heard him screaming and running up the stairs.

At first I took no notice as he was a terrible prankster, thus I kept the bathroom door locked and ignored his cries, until I looked up and saw his petrified face at the window above the bathroom door, he was so desperate for me to open the door , he climbed up on the banister to bang on the glass so that I could see he wasn’t jokeing.

I jumped out of the bath and quickly un locked the door, he was white and shakeing and could hardly get the words out of his mouth.
I grabbed him and took him to the bedroom where I sat him down and asked him to tell me what had gone on.

He told me he had just been sitting watching the t.v when two ornaments my mam had just bought me that week, up and flew across the room off the sideboard,behind the couch.
Well my first instict was that he had thrown them and broke them and was now concocting a story to cover his deed, but I couldn’t take away from him the sight of his face at that window and was puzzled as to what to think.

Later that night his brother arrived and he began telling him about what had took place, he was still shakeing just talking about it. So naturally we spent the rest of the night talking about spooks ect,to the point that his brother asked to spend the night.

Eventually we went to bed, we were lying talking when the brother came rushing into our room and literally dived into our bed and under the covers,we laughed at him and just said hed been spooked by the stories we been telling, but he wasn’t having any of it.
He insisted that he had heard banging in the loft, but we had heard nothing, we lay quietly for a bit and there it was…..
Bang bang bang
It sounded as if someone was banging on the ceiling with a high heeled shoe, this happened a couple of times within about a ten minute period.

Naturally nobody was brave enough or willing to go and investigate, so the 3 of us just stayed huddled together all night like frightened children lol .

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