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It's All About You !
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Friday, 21 May 2010

Earring Organization Upgrade

Well it didnt take long before my earring collection out grew my sml photo frame, so i thought id stick with the same idea but just expand on it.

This photo frame didnt cost me anything this time around as i had three of them stored away for a rainy day since last spring, i think they cost something in the region of between three and five pounds each initially.

I simply took the hard board away from the back, removed the glass from the front and inserted some cardboard behind the paper frame to hook my earrings onto.
These have quite a nice polished frame look, but you can get plain wood, black, ect ect and decorate it up if you wish.

Mine looks a little sparse now that im using the larger frame, however im sure it wont be too long before it starts to look exciting :).

Oh yeh, i decided to try adding my dangling earrings to this one, (just to make it look fuller really) and i dont think it looks too bad, so why not give this a try, its great for adding a splash of colour to your vanity or walls x

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