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Friday, 21 May 2010

Little Marie Jefferson

Id like to share a truely special story with you all, one that is very close to my heart and has fascinated people the world over, the reason it is so special is because its true, it touched the lives of many and has won a special place in my families heart.

Back in 2006, i was working from home , helping paranormal investigative teams with their enquiries by reading from photographs, i had had much experience with spirit and the paranormal in general and had made many good friends and aquaintances both online and locally doing so.

So here is what happened the day i met little Marie Jefferson ...

around august 2006, we had a running joke in my house that i was loosing my marbles lol, i kept hearing someone call my name, i got "wend" several times which is what my hubby calls me, and i got wendy and mam a few times too. each time id shout "who's shouting, or what do you want" and as had become habit, noone had called on me and my family found it hillarious lol.

That was until one night i was sat at my pc chatting to dickyhart (stevie) on cam when i heard this really eerie whisper call out "maaaam ". i dont mind telling you my blood ran cold, i was actually frightened by it and quickly looked around to find nothing.
Stevie noticed my worry and concern on the cam and asked what was going on, i told him i was going to check on the kids and id brb.
all was fine and well, the kids were flat out sleeping snug in their beds, i couldnt make it out and i was quite un nerved by it all but still didnt say anything to stevie, it wasnt until i felt a real cold chill on my left side that i turned around and saw here standing there, next to my bed.

I can only imagine what my face must of been like as i turned back to stevie to explain what was actually happening, there stood a lil girl no more than 4 or 5 yrs old, she was wearing what i first thought was a nighty with a frill around the bottom, her feet were bare and she was dripping wet, her hair was hanging down over her face in a thick rats tale and she was faceing the floor in a very shy and frightened manner.

I could actually hear her crying and could sense her shivering as i sat there both excited and bewilderd, stevie kicked straight into investigative mode, asking me to ask her questions and to see if i could help her cross over by means of creating and guiding her towards the light.

Unfortunately and suprisingly to me, i was so freaked out by the situation i couldnt encourage her to go and i broke my heart at the thought of not being able to help her cross over.
I decided that we were both a lil overcome by the situation and that id leave her be for now and let her come to me in her own time.

I dont recall now if it was the same night , but i remember sitting here and feeling her presence to my right, only this time i couldnt see her, she kept barely touching my arm causing the hairs to stand up through a tickling sensation and after some time i felt her hand settle on my arm.

I cant explain what a triumph that was for me, i had finally earned her trust, she even kept a hold of my arm whilst i went downstairs to make a cup of tea and came back again.

Over time she got used to the family being around and she grew in confidence, playing games and teasing us all, but sadly late at night she would cry now and again, even waking my kids and causing them to come and check on me thinking i was the one in tears.

She would play peek a boo with my eldest lol, going into her room at night, gigling and then running away, we all heard her on the stairs and landing on several occasions.

All i ever learned from her was that she had been in the water a long time, she was lost and afraid and just wanted to go bk home.
Her name was marie jefferson but she couldnt tell me where she lived (she was after all only a child )

I still dont know to this day why she came here or how long shed actually been here before she plucked up the courage to grab my attention the way she did, but she stayed with us for three weeks from that day.

Marie's goodbye is one il never forget, she honerd us with physical proof of her existance and then never came bk again.
Il share that post with you shortly :) x

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