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Friday, 21 May 2010

Tarot Reading Cont- Micheals Entrance

The story I was told the following morning was horrible enough, apparently he and his wife were up most of the night trying to free the spirit of a young boy who had been trapped and left for dead.

My heart ached for this child, even though I must admit even I was skeptical at this point, but couldn’t wait to get on to ann and tell her the events that had taken place.

As I was excitedly babbling on,  again i got the image of a young boy in my mind, it was so strong I wasn’t sure if it was just this horrific story that was playing on my mind, or if I was actually seeing him for ann.

So I preceeded to tell ann she had infact 3 sons and went on to describe them, I started with the eldest and worked my way to the youngest.
I had been correct until the youngest son, I described a boy of about 4 or 5 yrs old, with dark scruffy hair, big brown eyes and olive skin.

Her son was infact 7 yrs old at the time , blonde haired, blue eyes.
I couldn’t make sense of it, I knew what I was seeing, and I had a mental picture of this child wrapped around anns legs as if being coy.
I asked if anyone in the family had lost a child of this description, but he just didn’t fit.
Well it played on my mind most of the evening until I fell asleep. The next day ann imed me to see if I had seen any more of the little boy, I hadn’t but as we chatted the most amazing thing took place.

I got this image in my mind of the same young boy, only this time I was with him, he had hold of my hand and he was walking me through some abandoned land and brush.
It was like watching thru the lens of a video recorder in my head and was it recording  as we walked.
It wasn’t long until we happened apon a derelict building, with no doors or glass in the windows, i knew instinctively which direction to turn when I reached the door way and walked into a room on the right handside.

What I saw, shook me to my knees, lying curled up in a ball was a child, I got on my knees to lift him when he stirred and sat up,he said with a sweet smile, "I KNEW YOU WOULD COME".

When I looked over him I noticed that his leg was actually shackled to the wall, I just broke down in floods of tears. He told me , "DON’T CRY FOR ME, IT DOESN’T HURT ANYMORE OH AND BY THE WAY, MY NAME IS MICHEAL".

He went on to show me that he had been a victim of a kid napping yrs earlier, unfortunately his family were poor and never found him, after some time, the kidnappers realized it was hopeless and left him there to die.
It was soul destroying, he was just a slip of a little thing, wearing short pants and a jacket, almost like the dress of the old chimney sweep boys, he had the scruffy dark hair, the big brown eyes and the almond skin
I discovered a lot of things that day that changed my life.:)

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