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Friday, 21 May 2010

Astral Travel ? - Personal experience

Have you ever been in that state of concience where your just starting to sink into sleep, your body is totally relaxed but your mind is still very aware of whats going on around you?

Well this is the only way i can describe what happened to me.
unfortunately my experiences were not self induced and i felt i had no control what so ever, i had never practiced astral travel and certainly didnt know how to at the time.

I hadnt been in bed that long but i was totally exhausted so it didnt take long for me to reach that state of almost nausious dizziness that i wrestled with to find sleep, but it was the awareness of feeling nausious that kept my senses about me.

As if in a dream like state i felt my feet lift up from the bed, then my legs and eventually the rest of my body lifted and evened itself out in the air above my bed, it was as if i was being pulled up on invisible strings.
I floated up to the ceiling above my bed and was just sort of floating about up there with my back to the ceiling, i dont mind sharing with you that this scared the crap out of me, i could see my husband below sleeping and tried several times to call out to him but no words came out.

I was up there for about ten minutes in total when i began to float back down again , i got to around 4 inches from the bed when i just dropped and hit the matress.

It was only then that my body was free from its sort of numb paralysis and i could move again, so i shook my hubby violently and told him thru deep sobs what had just taken place, i scolded him for not hearing me call out for help and asked him to wrap his arms and legs around me for the rest of the night so that i couldnt be taken again.

Well this happened 3 times in the space of around 2 or 3 months, totally out of my control, but the fourth and final time was the worst.
this time i went up the same way as i had before only i felt like i was being wrenched up with some force, once i was up there and just floating it felt as though two hands took hold of my side and pushed me quite violently into the corner of the ceiling, i was thrown into each corner in turn, i was petrified i tell ya.

Then it went quiet and i eventually floated back down to my drop point again, i woke my hubby and told him all about it in a hysterical state, we still dont know to this day what caused this or why it even began, but fortunately it hasnt happened again since (touch wood)

I have felt myself starting to lift since this time, but for some strange reason i have become aware of when its going to happen and have asked my hubby to keep tight a hold of me and to not let go, so far its worked.
sound crazy? maybe, but its certainly true my friends

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