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Thursday, 27 May 2010

Handbag Organizers- just an idea

Although im a women of 43 yrs young , i have never really been into bags other than evening handbags and clutches, however my latest obsession is Big bags such as shoppers, totes, beach bags ect ect.

I have purchased a couple of bags so far that i would call medium size and there for pretty user friendly, but i can imagine a lot of bigger bags would be a nightmare to find anything in as most dont have pockets or dividers in.

So i went on a hunt for handbag organisers on ebay, lordy they can be pretty pricey even on there, but i did manage to come up with some ideas from looking through them.

I am currently waiting on an item being deliverd that is meant to be a "New Multifunction Folding Makeup Storage Box Cosmetics", from china, see here...

Now i cant help but wonder if this little organiser wouldnt do to use in a bag ?,
i do intend to try this so il let you know if it works and what size bag it might be usefull for, its around 7" wide x 4.1 length" x 3.9 height which is pretty sml, but maybe we can find something similar for our bigger bags if it works.

Other than that you can remove the lining from old and beaten up bags and use those as liners in your new bags, also you can purchase plastic zip bags ect to hold all your paperwork, utility bills, passport, cards ect ect.

If your new bag is a bit of a big bottomed babe, then why not see if one of your smaller bags might fit inside of it to help with organization,
if you can come up with any other ideas or a cheaper solution for this problem, please let me know .

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  1. i checked this out and it could be used as a bag organiser, however the sides are pretty sturdy and will keep their oblong shape unless you push it in slightly in its folds.

    It comes with a sturdy inlay that would be no good for your handbag unless it was oblong or square itself, however the inlay is easily removed and it still has a material based bottom.

    Note to ones self and to you ...
    this storage box only has sml pockets on one side for storeing things and not all of the way around it.

    Great for holding your purse, glasses case, sml make up bag, paper work and in the pockets it could hold pens, lipsticks, keys ect ect, so still definately worth a look, but is definately a pretty assest to any make up counter :) x