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Friday, 21 May 2010

Tarot Card Reading

Around 7 yrs or more ago I met ann , shes very dear to me bless her.
We got chatting, liked each others company and decided to stay in touch.
After a few chats, she told me about her youngest boy having an imaginary friend at the bottom of the garden, that he would talk to and play with for hours under the holly bush.
As she talked another image formed in my head of a young boy, I was convinced for reasons unknown to me that this imaginary friend, was infact not imaginary at all, but spirit.
Not long after that I was talking with a male friend of mine, who read tarot cards and his wife was a medium.
He was a very gentle man and would listen to me chatter on excitedly for hours at a time.
There were many sml instances where I picked up different things from different people I met on line, even through photos they sent me.

Thru him and reading up, I discovered something called remote viewing, and was thrilled when I realized that this was what was happening to me, at last I had some insight to what I had been experiencing.
Anyway, as time went on, this lovely man offered to read my cards for me, I was so excited and couldn’t wait for the following night to arrive.

As it happened my husband bill had become so enthralled with what was happening to me, he hung around for most chats waiting to see what would happen next.
The night in question, my nephew arrived, unfortunately he was very skeptical at the time , but promised to sit quiet and without judgement as he knew how important it was to me.
So there we were , and so he began.
Every card he turned, related to a young boy , who had dental problems and was of ill health ect. I simply could not place him.

I guess he was as frustrated as I was as he said he wanted to discuss the cards with his wife and get back to me as he was adament this young boy was for me.
Feeling very deflated, I lost hope and faith in the cards and decided not to retry .
as promised, he got back to me the following day, with an incredible story.
This is where my sweet micheal came into my life.
the story continues ....

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