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Saturday, 27 February 2010

What are your favourite makeup brands and why ?

Do you have a particular favourite brand in make up that you stick with religiously, or are you like me and like to try several or even many more different types ?.

As much as i watch make up videos on the like of Mac and Nars and other big brand name products , my budget just doesnt warrent spending that kind of money on what i class as my guilty pleasure .
However, that doesnt stop me from collecting great tips and ideas on what colours to group together and what works well on things i may not have tried before.

I do have sensitive skin so i have to be very careful what i put on my face, but that doesnt stop me from trying and buying different products, whether it be store bought or off ebay.

From my teenage years i used nothing but Avon, as it seemed it was the only thing that agreed with my skin type, however it wasnt the cheapest make up going and so i could only buy what i needed, when i needed it.

Since im now older and i should be as vigillant with my skin , im not afriad to try new things and thankfully its paid off big time.
Ironically i wear more make up every day now than when i was younger , yet my skin is non the worse for it, and i have tried many cheaper items and found the majority of them to be just as good as the "good stuff."

I dont have a particular favourite brand of make up, but i did buy a rather lrg haul from E.L.F because it was cheap yet well reviewed, just what i was after, and i got most of my big eye shadow pallettes, blusher pallettes and concealer pallettes in Hong Kong, via Ebay.

AS those of you who have read through my blog will know , im a big fan of make up from Ebay, if ever im watching a tutorial or reading a magazine and see the name of something i like, my first port of call is ebay to compare prices :)

So why not share your likes and dislikes with us, feel free to review your make up here . x


  1. I am like you Wen, I love trying many different kinds of makeup. I can't really afford to many high end brands so I do tend to stick to the drugstore makeup more. I have a few high end items, like Chanel, and Esdee Lauder but the funny thing is that alot of my drugstore eyeshadows are just as good as I find it so funny that some people think that just because a makeup has a high price tag on it that it is the "best". I am really partial to ELF, I own quite a bit of it and haven't found anything that I really hate yet. I adore their eyeshadows and their mineral booster powder and their makeup brushes are just awesome! Oh and btw..that Hong Kong seller...I just purchased the 120 palette from them..can't wait to be getting it!

  2. I must give ELF's brushes a try myself hun, the only thing of Mac i have is a sml wallet of brushes but i sure could use some more.
    Guarenteed youl love the 120 hun, let me know what you think, cant wait to hear your review on it :) x