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It's All About You !
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Saturday, 27 February 2010

Different skin care needs for us older ladies.

As we get older we tend to need different skin care products to what we used say when we were in our 20's or even in our 30's.

Many of us will notice subtle differences like dry patches, more lines, blotching , liver spots and broken blood vessels ect.
Our skin may loose some elesticity if its not looked after, so skin care is pretty important from quite a young age and is definately more so as we get older.

For us older ladies, id suggest trying some serums, those that lift and firm the skin, some favourites that have been reccomended are Visably Firm and Retinol Correxion by Roc.

It is reccomended that those of us in our 40's should use a night cream to help maintain some moisture in our skin and help prevent lines and wrinkles.

If you still enjoy wearing makeup, you may find it is kinder to your skin to use a primer as a base all over your face before applying anything,this will help fill in lines and wrinkles and will actually make pores appear smaller.

Diet and exercise play a big part in our skins condition, eating right and drinking plenty of water will keep your skin clear and hydrated.

If you have any tips you would like to share, please feel free to share them with us x

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  1. personally , i am almost 43 and have been blessed with pretty good skin that i acredit to my mothers genes and good old Oil Of Olay that i have used at least twice a day since i was around 20 yrs old.

    I havent moved onto their night cream as yet, although they do a multi tub, but its a lil pricey for me just now, so il stick with what works for the time being.

    as for priming my face, the only thing i use on my face before applying any makeup is my Oil Of Olay moisturiser.
    I then apply my foundation and after that i reach for my cream concealers.

    The concealer goes all over my eyes and underneath as a primer for my eye makeup and to cover dark circles, i also use it to cover any blemishes or red marks.

    This way still works well for my skin type and my overall look is pretty flawless, however if and when my skin starts to show signs of tiering, i will definately be up for trying something new.