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Thursday, 25 February 2010

Is there a god ?

I stopped believing in god when my son took fatally ill and died in january 2010, and since then my family and i have had nothing but bad luck and bad news, is it because i dont believe ?

I had been on the fence with my religious beliefs for a couple of years now, i was dareing to venture into the actual history of what our so called bible tells us is so and learned that their fact and historical facts didnt always tally.

Whether im a believer in god or not is neither here nor there, i know i am a good person and for the most part i am honest, loveing and careing and i believe that in itself is deserving of a little of the same back in the grand scale of things.
Only which ever que ive been standing in, my family and i keep getting overlooked and pushed to the back again.

I was going to be a nana in september, a real blessing after the passing of my son, only that joy has been taken from us also, after a scan showed the baby had no heart beat.
Can anyone explain to me what my family did to deserve all of this pain and anguish and how do i make it stop ?
Please dont try to convince me that trying to reconnect with god is the answer, although i am non judgemental of others beliefs it really wouldnt be the right answer just now.

I really hope that who ever or whatever is watching over you and yours that you are having much better luck than we have been getting these past few months.
Bless you all x

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