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It's All About You !
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Sunday, 28 February 2010

Basic Home Organization

As with most of us, you probably have quite busy and hectic lives, leaving very little or limited amount of time for organization.
The simplest solution i have found is to choose a room, (the one that needs the most organization ) or the one that is seen most ,and make yourself a list of to do's.

Start off by allowing yourself 15 - 30 mins per job per day just so that it doesnt become tedious and start to feel like a chore, if you can manage more or compleate the task for that day with ease, then give yourself a pat on the back and plan what your going to do tommorow.

The hardest thing about organization is throwing things away, especially for any hoarders out there, so you need to set yourself some limits as to what to keep and how you will use it.

A simple tip is to set up three boxes, bags or tubs, label them " to keep " ," to share " and "to dump ".
Depending on what it is you are organizing youl soon get the hang of it, for example...
say it was clothes you were organizing from your wardrobe or drawers, make a rule of thumb that if you havent worn the item in the last year, your very unlikely to wear it again, so either pass it on to friends or a charity shop, recycle or bin it.

If its an item thats out of season, say for example , a jumper in summer time, either put them into storage for next winter or give it away or dump it, its that simple.

These rules apply to products to, for example, hair care, skin care and make up.
If its time your bathroom or bedroom dresser is due a good clean out and some organization, apply the same rules.

If you havent used it in 6 months, your very unlikely to and remember, these items have dates on too so be vigillant on what you keep and what you share, if they are out of date, dump them.
Just because you didnt like a product or it didnt suit your needs at the time, think on, a friend or a charity shop may be glad of them.

This is just a very basic look at how to get into and view the possibillities of organizing your home, there is a lot more to it such as how to store items, where to store them, where to purchase items for storage and ideas on storage, so bare with me and il do some more relevent posts on organization in the not to distant future .

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