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It's All About You !
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Friday, 12 February 2010

Time To Grab A Bargain

Two of my most favourite shops in my area are closing down after going into administration ( weep weep ).

Au Natural
Ethel Austins.

I cant believe Au Natural is closing down, its just one of the best home furnishings and home dressing stores i know of , thats within a reasonable budget anyway.

And Ethels, omg, fairly cheap clothing, along with some more pricey, but lots of cheap baby and toddler clothes and accessories, bags, shoes, make up and smellies, a real nik nak shop that i simply adored.

Id suggest that if you wish to bag a bargain at either of these two places id do it now, try to think ahead, you have around two weeks before closure unless its brought forward, so think of valentines day, any birthdays or occasions you may have coming up and if your lucky enough, bag up now for next xmas.

I just thought it might be worth giving you folks the nod if you have either of these two stores near you.
Happy Bargain Shopping :) x

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