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It's All About You !
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Sunday, 21 February 2010

Virtual make over

I have tried a few of these virtual make over sites in my time, generally when looking for a new hairstyle, however they were never really that good but they were fun.
Well tonight i happened across one by ivillage called "The Ultimate Virtual Makeover ", and i have to admit its really good.
Ok, the hair side of it could be better, but its getting there, but the make up section is fantastic.
It takes you step by step through each process of doing your make up, you choose what you would like to wear and how much, you can even move things around to suit your shape of face.
It offers several brands of make up to choose from for each step with the option to buy, as it stores what you have tried and what you have kept on your model for future preference.

Im not trying to coax anyone into buying anything, thats not what this post is about, its all about having fun and trying different looks without the expense, after all you can create similar looks with your own make up and store bought items.
So go ahead, have some fun and if your brave enough, share your pics with us too :) x

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