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It's All About You !
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Monday, 22 February 2010

How Clean Is Your House ?

I have to admit i have become a big fan of Kim and Aggies " How Clean Is Your House " program.
No, before anyone asks i dont have clutter and grime problems lol, my fascination is with the great tips they give you on simple everyday natural ingrediants and items for cleaning and restoring things in your home.

I will be listing some items and ideas over time that i think are worth shareing and who knows, you may be pleasently suprised at just how simple the solutions can be to some of our worst cleaning nightmares.

Now i may not have tried everything i list, but i will say when i have tried something and how effective i found it to be, in the meantime, you try what i list at your own risk, i will not be responsible for anything that may go wrong.

Remember im only shareing these tips that i have seen and listed from the programe, so if you arnt sure, id suggest less is more for safety's sake :) x

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