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It's All About You !
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Monday, 22 February 2010

Been feeling pretty low of late

For over two weeks now i have been feeling really dizzy and sickly which has left me pretty lethargic and washed out.
I seem to have lost my mojo and it was starting to get me down so i went to see a g.p and he gave me something for the dizziness and took my blood pressure ect.
It turns out my b.p was pretty high and he wanted to keep a check on me so i had to go back after 3 days to be checked again.

Anyway, long story short, i do have high blood pressure which inevitabley means being on medication for the rest of my life, but just before my g.p wrote it off, he orderd me some tests just to make sure there isnt anything underlying that we are missing that may be causing the problems.

I was asked if i thought my symptoms might be a part of the stress ive been under due to loosing my son recently, well im sure its not helping, but i dont think that is what this is.

So i got the first lot of tablets changed as they didnt help at all, however these new ones are definately helping to keep the dizziness under control, now i just need to gain some energy back, im still so very tierd and achey.

Im busting a gut to get back into some healthy routine of exercise and healthy eating, but it seems il have to wait a lil longer ,but il keep you all posted when i start.
Fingers crossed i pick up real soon . x

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