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Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Keeping Fit

What do you do to keep fit or to take a little exercise ?

Whilst im a little behind on starting my new year on a health kick due to my circumstances, i am keen to get into some kind of routine with both my diet and exercise.

As soon as im physically capable i will be using my wii daily if possible as a form of exercise, i have tried wii fit which is great fun as well as proving its use as a weightloss aid.
I was bought "wii fit plus" for xmas that i havent actually tried yet and i have just got my hands on "just dance" which i LOVE .

Most of you will have by now tried the wii in some capacity, well trust me, at 42 i just discoverd it as a great form of entertainment, hours of fun and laughter and fabulous exercise routines.

If you havent already tried the wii yet, i urge you to go try it out, i guarentee you wont be dissapointed, and by all means come back here and let me know what you think.

Also i had bought 3 dance keepfit dvd's just before xmas that i am yet to try out so il keep you posted as to how i get on when i get round to it.

Before my world turned upside down in october last year, i was going to my local gym via the local nurse, to a program called HEALTH START,and i loved every minute of it.
If your local health authority offer this and you have been out of sorts with your health and need a monitored boost back on the health ladder then id personally, definately reccomend it.

The program is made up of two parts, HEALTH START and HEALTH QUEST.
The first step is done over two or 3 days of the week and each session is two hours maximum and 1 hour minimum, you get to do aerobics for an hour (at your own pace), following an instructor, then an hour in the gym on the machines.
The next time, you get racket sports or swimming , followed by the machines in the gym for an hour, the first program lasts 3 months and then you move onto HEALTH QUEST.
HEALTH QUEST lasts for 3 months supervised but then you can go as often as you like after that and make your own choice of activities to suit your needs.

Like everything else, nothing is free, including this program, but if you go via the doctor or nurse you will get it at cut price. I was paying £2.50 per two hour session per day, i was going twice a week so that was £5.00 for 4 hours supervised exercise per week, not bad eh :).

As for healthy eating, that is something i need to seriously get my head back around, life has not been too kind lately and unfortunately i have been eating my anxiety after the death of my son.
Due to the differences in our finaces, i need to learn to eat healthly on a tight budget, so thats another new challenge for me to deal with before i get myself in order.

If anyone has any ideas as to how to make this a little easier and would like to share your advice and experiences, im always happy to hear from you.

Feel free to share recipees, meal ideas or anything to do with weightloss and fitness.
Thankyou X

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