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It's All About You !
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Monday, 15 February 2010

Ebay has become one of my very best friends

I officially became an Ebay addict back in october last year, i use it for just about anything and everything.
I am not gullable enough to think that everything is cheaper than some of my local stores and shops,but it does open things up to much wider variety and quantity.

The thing with ebay is that you have to weigh up if the cheap cost of something isnt over shadowed or becomes dearer once your postage and packaging fees go on,
remember when purchasing multiple items you can request a new total from the buyer that may combine postage fees or a discount for multiple items, that in itself could prove to be a big help and a real bargain.

I have used ebay for a multitude of different things , for e.g ...

Make up - a definate saving if you know where to look.

Organizational things for my home, many different items, always a bargain.

Junk Jewellry - not always cheaper than your local shops but there are a lot of unique pieces out there that folks are creating themselves and selling on at a reasonable price.

Silver mens fashion jewellry - a definate bargain.

Personal organizers and stationary products - a bargain if bought in bulk, a lot of funky stuff to be found.

String Door Curtains - not cheaper but my local store had sold out so it was handy to know i could still get them.

Curtain hooks with pincer grips on - for curtains with no tabs or holes for hanging.

My latest project - ribbon and arts and craft bits and pieces, very reasonable and great buys on bulk items.

These are just some of the things that i can think ive had off the top of my head, so the next time your wanting or needing a bargain, why not check out Ebay, you may be pleasently suprised :) x

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